display dish play

Say that 3 times fast!:)

I’m in a constant search for affordable cake stands. I use them at craft fairs to display my cupcake pincushions. Recently, on a Goodwill Hunting trip I came up empty, yet again, in my quest for a cake stand. But hmmm… what about these cute little parfait cups and these nice glass dishes? Could they be brought together in a sturdy yet inconspicuous way?

I bought 4 plates and 4 parfaits, each under a dollar to give it a try. I consulted with my handy hubby who assured me that clear caulk or silicone would do the trick!

snip the tip and apply sparingly around the rim

wait, is this stuff clear? it looks like toothpaste…don’t worry, it’ll dry clear

invert and carefully center on bottom of plate

use a moistened swab to clean up excess

wait patiently forever, or until they are completely dry. Mine took a good 36 hours.

Beauteous! Here are my 2 favorites. They can be used separately or stacked as a double tier.


  • what a terrific idea! and now you have very unique display stands. love it!

  • Christy

    That is the last straw for me. I am quitting this job and moving on to something clever, creative, and FUN! Thank you, you have just changed my life!!

  • Bravo! What a gorgeous piece.

  • Great!! And so easy!

  • I have *so* wanted to do this since I saw it done (only with candle holders instead of parfait glasses) in some magazine or other… but do my local thrifts ever have glass plates? No, of course not…

  • go betz go betz! i love this idea. and there is so much stuff you could do with it, especially with thriftstore finds. you could use a smooth clear plate with glass paint on the back, or…oh gosh, there are so many options! i have to make one! the one cake dish i have is from my mom and ugly ugly.

  • Wow, this cake-stand is prettier than those in the shops, well done on being creative with materials. I love turning things into something they were not meant for other purposes, it gives an element of surprise.

  • This is clever, clever! I will have to try this if I can find those perfect pieces! Thank you!

  • What a wonderful idea! I’ve got to try that. Thank you for sharing your idea :-)

  • I love this!

  • Oh yay! I’m doing this with disco-plastic dishes from Crate and Barrel. I couldn’t find any cake stands I liked so I decided to make my own.

  • you are bloody brilliant! what gorgeous results. thank you so much for sharing!

  • love it. you know you could use those cheap votives from the hardware store that are used in light fixtures too. that could be cool. i might have to give this a try.

  • You are brilliant! I love this! My mom is always complaining about not having a cake plate… voila! I can make her one as a gift and it will look so nice!

    I was thinking, you could even decorate them with some glass beads. I was wondering if I could find some holiday themed beads to use for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter! She might get 3 cake plates!

    Thank you! :)

  • Anonymous

    For the holidays, my book group exchanges small, often handmade gifts. As a former caterer, I am always looking for cake stands (and horrified by retail prices). After browsing your site, I scoured our local St. Vinnie’s and Goodwill for weeks and made six of your dishes. They were a huge hit! Thanks for the great idea!


  • cool! Really great!

  • Debo

    I saw your post and ran out to find the pieces I needed. I have to “glue” them together today. Wonderful idea!!!!!!

  • wow what a FANTASTIC idea!
    i NEED to make one NOW!!!!
    i think i’ll fill my sundae glass up with something before i glue it though . . . . mmmm . . . marbles? no those sweet yellow easter chicks!!

  • Genius!!! I’m so going to do this. Thanks for the idea.

  • Thanks, I have lots of vases and platters that I can use for this.


  • What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing. Finally a way to bring home all that glass I see at the Salvation Army and use it.

  • Fabu idea. How very creative.

  • I just made a cake and was complaining about not having a cake stand. Well I’m already going to the flea market today, and I’m adding this to the list. Great tutorial. Thanks!! Next time I bake, I’ll have a stand.

  • I almost bought a brand new cake plate the other day (to give a birthday cake its due) but couldn’t find anything that I liked. Not only do I love this idea–I actually have the materials to make one right now! Thanks.

  • Junior Baker

    Oh my goodness! This is quite perfect for my [kind of] step siblings` birthday cake! Aha! I`ll have to drop by the thrift store tomarrow, and pick some up in time for saturday! Yay Hooray for Betz!

  • Anonymous

    That is fantastic. I can’t wait to try it. I’d be wary of using champagne glasses as one of your commenters suggested, as they are fragile and would be a pain to wash! but i would love to see variations on the theme…


  • This is such a great idea, thanks for posting it. The cake stands are rarer than hens teeth here and cost a fortune so this is exactly what I need!

  • Wow, you’re a clever one!! I can’t wait to try this!

  • nice stand you made. i love it.
    i too have been making plate stands for gifts. they are small plates and small martini glasses upside down. they make great pieces for dressers or bathroom counters to place jewelry, etc.
    always hunting for unique pieces.

  • Sema

    Hi.I’m from in Türkiye.Very nice .I like it.Byy

  • Good idea :)

  • bethak

    Thanks for the great idea! I have been looking for unique cake platters for my wedding reception. We’re having an assortment of desserts. This is the perfect, low cost solution. THANK YOU!!!

  • muy bonito todo

  • Anonymous

    This is such a great idea!! I have been looing at cake stands for a cheesecake display I plan on having and the cake stands I have been looking at are way to expensive!! I owe this post u put up soooomuch!! Thanks for posting!!!

  • When I got married, we had 9 inch cakes as each table’s centerpiece. 24 cake stands were ridiculously expensive, so my mom bought 24 clear glass plates and 24 clear glass bowls from a glass/home/candle outlet near us. for $1/plate and $.50/bowl, that made $1.50 cake stands. Classy, too!

  • Great idea…..getting the creative juices flowing …. watch out bric-a-brac section of the local op-shoppe