Say that 3 times fast!:)

I’m in a constant search for affordable cake stands. I use them at craft fairs to display my cupcake pincushions. Recently, on a Goodwill Hunting trip I came up empty, yet again, in my quest for a cake stand. But hmmm… what about these cute little parfait cups and these nice glass dishes? Could they be brought together in a sturdy yet inconspicuous way?

I bought 4 plates and 4 parfaits, each under a dollar to give it a try. I consulted with my handy hubby who assured me that clear caulk or silicone would do the trick!

snip the tip and apply sparingly around the rim

wait, is this stuff clear? it looks like toothpaste…don’t worry, it’ll dry clear

invert and carefully center on bottom of plate

use a moistened swab to clean up excess

wait patiently forever, or until they are completely dry. Mine took a good 36 hours.

Beauteous! Here are my 2 favorites. They can be used separately or stacked as a double tier.