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I can’t believe exactly one year ago today, the first Betz White cupcake pincushion was made!

It all started one afternoon when I was home with the smallest of The Small Ones, who was 3 years old at the time. It was time for his nap. I had read a story or two, then snuggled next to him waiting for him to fall asleep. As he drifted off, my mind began to wander and daydream. For some reason I started to think about the pile of rib cuffs cut from all of the sweaters I had felted. Images of felt and ribbing swirled around in my head until suddenly I thought of it…cupcakes! I’ll make cupcakes with my scraps and cuffs! Zzzzzzzz…then I conked.

About 20 minutes later, I woke up. I snuck downstairs while the Small One slept. Darn, I thought. I remembered cupcakes…but how exactly did I intend to make them? Once I was fully vertical and rational, my pre-slumber brainstorm seemed a bit ambiguous.

I fumbled through a few prototypes. I took photos and emailed them to one of my sister-in-laws. “Am I bonkers?”, I asked. “Do they look like sock balls?” She replied with a resounding, “CUTE!” and the rest is history…

It’s funny. Later that same afternoon, I emailed a friend the cupcake pincushion photo. I had written in the subject line, “Sweet Treats”. Fast forward one year to today…I just found out that “Sweet Treats” will be the title of my upcoming book on felting! Life is just full of coincidences…

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  • cruststation

    What a wonderful story, I love stories of inspiration reading how a business come to be and everything including the coincidences falling into place makes the most beautiful sweet treats ever!

  • ruthie

    oh! happy birthday, cupcakes! they are so cute! inspirational story too.

  • Roz

    Great story. I love serendipity!

  • sunshine

    Happy birthday to the cup cakes. Very cute as always and cute story to boot.

  • Susan B. Anderson

    Hi Betz!

    I had to laugh, because a section in my book is called, “Sweet Treats!” I am excited for you, that is such a cute title. I also did an homage to your Christmas Peas on my blog, so take a look.

    I would love to get together, so let’s reschedule that after Thanksgiving. Things are ok on my front! I will email you soon.

  • deb

    what a wonderful story!

    just found your blog from inspireco. Your work is gorgeous.. look forward to exploring when I have more time. :)

  • Sarah

    Great blog Betz! Love your cupcakes, so cute.

  • trish

    You are so creative. I love the story behind the inspiration of the cupcakes. Good luck on your new book.

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