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Ok, I’m trying to get in the spirit here and make a few Christmas ornaments. Ever since I got a stash of felt balls, I’ve been wanting to make a little pea pod for the green ones.

No elaborate tutorial for you this time, this one’s easy: Three felt balls, string together like a little snowman. Cut a felt scrap (I used a felted sweater) for the pod. It’s basically the shape of an elipse with points. Wrap up the “snowman” like a pig in a blanket and whip stitch between the peas. Add a bow and a loop and you’re done!

I know, peas are not really what you think of at Christmas time. Kind of an odd ornament. But how else could I use the phrase, “PEAS on earth, Good WOOL towards men”???

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  • Bonney

    Pretty darn cute!! Did you make your felt balls?

  • Betz White

    nope, didn’t make the felt balls this time. See my cutie-pie post for links to felt ball tutorials

  • sue b

    oh too punny!

  • Funky Finds


  • Tink

    Oh my!! I just love that. Too cute!

    Question if you don’t mind…where do you purchase your felt balls? I have made my own, but I just don’t have the skill/patience to make a bunch the same size. I was curious.

  • KCQuilter

    Oh, so so cute!! Love the puns, too. And, like Tink, I’d love to know where to purchase felt balls too.

  • Betz White

    These I got at a shop in Mnpls. More recently I bought some online at I’m on the lookout for other good places to buy felt balls, so if anyone knows of some, let me know!

  • Sarah

    groan! Actually – bonus points for the punniness.

    Perhaps peas are not a traditional Christmas decoration, but I was actually just looking for a pea-in-the-pod, bun-in-the-oven type ornament for an expectant mom.

    I think I’ll be making my own from now on. Too cute!

  • lamplight designs

    That is so darn cute! Veggie love!

  • bekka

    gorgeous! what a clever idea. thanks for sharing your how tos, i’m off in serach of felted balls!

  • gray la gran

    witty and pretty! ha ! ha !

  • sonja poor

    Loved the ornament, loved the photography, and LOVED the pun!

  • natasha

    i have been drawing pods a lot, too, so i thought this was unbearably cute!

    i am backed up on my blogreading, but a late congrats on your new baby(book)wooo hooo!

  • myra


  • cruststation

    lol I love your statement! Peas on Earth indeed, it’s so much fun to have unique ornaments, have fun with them.

  • janet

    Oh, I don’t know about that – I’ve seen lots of veggie-shaped glass ornaments in catalogs. I think I even have some tomatoes somewhere. I think your peas are really cute!

    I have a bunch of round vintage green buttons that look just like peas and you’ve inspired me to make some fabric pods to hold them. I feel a pillow design coming on :)

  • peaknits

    PEAS on Earth – too cute for a holiday card. Between your felted peas and Susan B. Anderson’s knitted ones – I see a theme forming!:) Excellent!

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