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This little garden has been a long time coming!

I had the idea to do a flower pot pincushion ages ago. I made up a prototype pot but got stuck on what should be growing out of it! That little pot sat on my drawing table for months. Maybe I should’ve watered it or something. Occassionally, as I was working on various other projects, I’d stick some little felty sprout of something in there. Nothing took. I sketched. I stared at it. Still nothing.

This week after a little spontaeous swap, and finding this tutorial, I decided it was time to take another stab at it. I think I’m still in the PD phase (that would be product development) but I’m getting there! I’m having fun trying different styles of flowers. (click on the pics to see big!)

This flower is basically the one I do for my felted brooches. I think it’s a little heavy looking. Maybe less petals next time. And stronger wire in the stem!

I like the pokey nature of this flower! I used sweater ribbing and snipped in between the rib lines.

This was an attempt at a tulip type flower. Maybe a tulip in Whoville. I like the stripey leaf!

Clearly the possibilites are endless! I’m going to keep experimenting…

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  • Jan

    Eeek! Cute overload!

  • KT

    I love them, they are so cute.

  • Lynn in Tucson

    I like the tone-on-tone brown “dirt” and the way the ribbing make the lip of the pot. They’re charming!

  • Thimbleanna

    Too Bloomin’ Cute!!! Love, Love the way you shaped the pot!

  • Rebecca

    My favorite is definately the tulip! But I like them all. :)

  • chelle

    Oooh- I like the tulip!!

  • Di

    These are fab! I love the pots and the flowers! I wouldn’t think they needed any more development but I’m not the maker (and I know I can be quite a perfectionist when it’s stuff I am making!!)

  • kristin

    these are bloomin’ wonderful!! keep them coming :)

  • kristina

    Love those, Betz! You are so darn creative, girl!

  • pasha

    Very nice! I like the ‘tulipy’ one. It is not too heavy and has an interesting shape. I have made a couple of your cupcake pincushions for my sewing room and love them (tho yours are much nicer). In fact I have a huge pile of thrifted and felted sweaters due to finding your blog! The only problem is, all I see when I look at them is cupcakes–a girl can only have so many pincushions.

  • peaknits

    What a great new creation! Can’t wait to see more as the “product develops”:)

  • Jenn Maruska

    Oh, I love them! A great new idea – simple and perfect, like the cupcakes : )

    I esp. like the tulip flower – lots of room for variations there : )

  • stickchick

    Very cute!! Looks like you are on the right track!! Can’t wait to see your finished product, all your work is FABUlous!

  • Kim

    I love the Whoville flower! I can’t wait until they are ready. What a great idea!

  • Heidi

    Actually, the tulip is my favorite! I really love it! You are such an inspiration. Thanks!

  • Bridget

    Fantastic! I like them all, but the tulip-y one particularly appeals to me.

  • Christina

    I love those! I especially like the tulip one. Good luck – can’t wait to see these in your shop!

  • Carola

    How about a cactus that you can also put the pins in?

  • fromthepines

    Just my opinion here, take no offence please. I love the idea! The pot is great. I would leave the front decoration, but I think the pins in the “dirt” make it look too much like your cupcakes and not many pots have sparkles! lol. I would leave the dirt all brown and twirly, that looks cool. I agree with you that the flower is too big – what about 2 or more sprigs and make different types of flowers like low violets or a tall gerbera daisy? Just in purportion to the pot. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • linda

    OMGosh… these are A D O R A B L E!!!! I want one! :-) LindaSonia

  • Anonymous

    They’re all gorgeous, but I like the tulip best. Pamela.

  • Lorrie

    So creative and cute. They’re all wonderful.

  • DivaDeb

    OH Betz these are DARLING!!!!
    Now I know why I just couldn’t get those darned tissue paper flowers out of my head – it’s exactly the right thing to have sent to you!
    Serendipity’s a wonderful thing….

  • Rid

    Hello! It’s great. Really! Saludos desde BCN


    everytime visit your blog is so fantastic!!!thanks for showing your wonderful flower pincushion!!!really nice..ciao from Italy!!

  • Heidi

    Very cute! You have done it again! :)

  • deb

    you are amazing! too too cute.

  • cruststation

    Experiment? I love them all! You’re forever creative as usual and that tutorial is great!

  • julie

    Oh they’re gorgeous – they may have taken a while to bloom but it was definitely worth the wait!

  • nicci

    Dear Betz, I haven’t commented before, but I just want to tell you how beautiful and joyful I think your work is! I have just been inspired to make my own cupcake pincushion and now I think I’m addicted to sweater recycling. Thank you for your fabulous designs!

  • Thien-Kim aka Kim

    I really like the pokey flower one. It just appeals to me!

  • Mendy

    Completely adorable!

  • Julia

    I like the tulip looking one the best.

  • Stephanie

    Love Love Love them! Did I mention I love them?

  • Amy

    Betz – these are adorable! You amaze me! :)

  • Jami

    I’d love to have you consider submitting for the new Stampington & Company publication, All Things String. Artwork is not due until next year but please keep me in mind. I’m looking for the freshest, funkiest takes on knitting, crocheting, macramé, embroidery, etc.
    You’re super talented and I love to have you mull it over. Thanks so much!!

    Jami Petersen
    Managing Editor

  • Craftybernie

    My favourite is the Tulip one – it’s gotta be the ‘Whoville’ feel and that stripey leaf is too cute!

  • Maria Jové


    so pretty

    maria drom Spain

  • QuirkyDolls

    Great addition! – stay light I think, like the tulip.

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