This little garden has been a long time coming!

I had the idea to do a flower pot pincushion ages ago. I made up a prototype pot but got stuck on what should be growing out of it! That little pot sat on my drawing table for months. Maybe I should’ve watered it or something. Occassionally, as I was working on various other projects, I’d stick some little felty sprout of something in there. Nothing took. I sketched. I stared at it. Still nothing.

This week after a little spontaeous swap, and finding this tutorial, I decided it was time to take another stab at it. I think I’m still in the PD phase (that would be product development) but I’m getting there! I’m having fun trying different styles of flowers. (click on the pics to see big!)

This flower is basically the one I do for my felted brooches. I think it’s a little heavy looking. Maybe less petals next time. And stronger wire in the stem!

I like the pokey nature of this flower! I used sweater ribbing and snipped in between the rib lines.

This was an attempt at a tulip type flower. Maybe a tulip in Whoville. I like the stripey leaf!

Clearly the possibilites are endless! I’m going to keep experimenting…