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What glorious weather this weekend! Finally, the cool breath of fall is upon us. The leaves are reluctantly changing ever-so-slightly after an overly dry summer. I’m expecting a rather crispy show of foliage this year due to the drought.

We spent some time with friends exploring the woods. The boys and I discovered a treasure trove of acorns at the base of this little foot bridge. They collected the “nuts” and I gathered the “caps”. These are the best little acorn caps…so cup-like and sturdy. They had craft project written all over them.

When we got home I pulled out my supply of felt balls and glue. Here is the result! Not sure yet how I will use them. Maybe as an addition to my Oak leaf Ornaments. Maybe as part of a brooch somehow. I borrowed a tiny drill bit from my husband and made a little hole in the top to thread a piece of yarn through. Maybe they will each be a little ornament all by themselves.

Check out the double-cappers!

I also did a little foraging at home in my studio. Came across this felt squirrely I designed a few years ago for a little girls sweater. (Brief backstory: When I first left full time work in the apparel industry, I did a bit of freelance. I submitted my textile and apparel artwork to a design studio in New York that represented me. This little critter didn’t sell, which is why I have it here to show you!)

I used a vintage doily for her tail and acorn. I thought it was cute, but when it didn’t sell, as sometimes things don’t, I was told that squirrels aren’t “girl”. You know, just like how cats are girls and dogs are boys, right? That’s the apparel industry for you. Don’t even get me started on color!

Oh, look…and I found some more circles! Guess I’ve always had a thing for them…

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  • Jenn Maruska

    Betz – I looooove those little acorns! How cute! They would be adorable little ornaments. You are so clever!

  • KT

    I love the squirrel with the doily tail. I wouldn’t give up on him (or her). Your creativity always encourages and inspires me and makes me smile.

  • Sara Mincy

    Those little acorns are adorable!!!

  • Katy

    YOu obviously have the same ideas about girls and boys as me. My boy wears a lot of pink (he’s a red head – pink’s a perfect colour) and I can’t tell you the amount of times my daughter was called a boy when she was little! I think it’s a gorgeous sweater, and I’d have bought it (because squirrels are FAB!)

  • TamboinMO

    Betz,Those acorns have me wanting to pull out my felting needles and get busy making some of those…how kewl!

  • Pike Creek Coffee

    LOVE the acorns!! What size felt balls did you use? I’m thinking these would look so cute in a wooden bowl as an autumn centerpiece!

  • Coco

    Those little acorns are so cute!! I love them :)

  • Betz White

    Hi PCC,
    I used mostly size 2cm felt ball. Guess it depends on the size acorns you find. These were pretty big I thought!

  • MimiK

    This must be my lucky day- I was looking for wool felt beads this morning and didn’t come up with anything good… and then- Voila! Thanks! And your acorns are adorable!

  • Bev and Ollie "O"

    the acorns are fab! I just love them, I would certainly wear them as a brooch if it helps with ideas!

  • Blair

    what a perfect fall post to sit down to with afternoon coffee. such a cute sweater, I guess it was just ahead of its time, right?

  • Sharon

    Those are the cutest little acorns. What a great craft to do. You are soooo clever.

  • Teresa

    Lovin the acorns, but that squirrel is adorable! What creativity!


  • Susan

    I am totally doing that acorn and felt ball thing. That is too cute. I see a teacher gift in the making. Thanks for sharing that. What is it about fall that is so appealing? I love your squirrel with the doily tail-go figure!

  • cruststation

    I love what you did to the acorns, what an awesome idea, they are SOo cute!! I am thinking jewellery pieces and brooches, but I’m sure you’ll come up with something exciting.

  • Sandy

    Those acorns are really awesome! I think they would be great as danglers from a chandelier or in front of a window, maybe with small beads / crystals on the strings to catch the light?

  • sparkle jars

    What a glorious blog! I just discovered it! Your work is beautiful.

  • Jox

    wow, I’m off to look for acorns and what better excuse to make some felt balls!

  • amandajean

    LOVE those little acorns!

  • Candace

    Oh my, I love that sweater to pieces. I have a thing for squirels. I think that it is adorable….I would love for my duaghter to have a shirt that cute.

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