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Last weekend lied to me. (sometimes weekends are like that) It’s not Fall here in Maryland. High 80’s is not Fall. I will have to take matters into my own hands. I will do it myself. I will make my own Autumn.

I’ve been sprinkling the felted acorns all around the house to see where they might bring us a little autumnal cheer.

A little here, a little there….

Now for some foliage. I dug out some felted sweater scraps and free handed some oak leaves.

I was thinking along the lines of a garland with leaves and acorns hanging from it. Blair did one last year and it was so pretty. I strung a few leaves onto some hemp cord. I thought it had a nice stem look going on. Hmmm…then I had another idea.

I got out the drill. It’s hard to see in this photo, but I drilled two tiny holes in the acorn cap on either side of the stem.

I laced the cord down through the cap from the top, back up, then tied a half knot by the stem. Then using a tapestry needle I re-threaded the leaves back onto the cord and knotted the ends together.

A little glue, a few felt balls…viola!

Now…if I could only make enough to rake up and jump in! :)

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  • lucykate crafts...

    the leaves and acorns are so cute! love them!

  • abbyjane

    These are a really lovely way to keep autumn around all year. Super!

  • The Wooden Spool

    those are tooo cute! Simple charming, Betz!

  • "Betz Fan" :-)

    Love ’em!!! Would you ever considering tossing a few into your etsy shop?

  • Bumbershootska

    absolutely marvelous!!!!

  • Steph

    Gorgeous! I just felted my first sweaters in similar colors…I think you may have just inspired my first felted project! Thanks!

  • Cheryl

    Hi- Left Illinois for Maryland 11 years ago and Maryland has no fall season, I’m sorry to say. It will be very short, and then into winter. Similarly, there’s a short spring too.
    I moved back to Illinois this year, and I’m loving the fall.
    I LOVE the little leaf ornaments! And the acorns too.

  • Betz White

    Oh no! Don’t tell me that…I might have to wallow in candy corn again, and we wouldn’t want that.

  • happy zombie

    Your little acorns are just too cute!

  • Diane


  • Blair

    If anyone could do something special and new with these, its you. Love the added acorns!

  • Lorrie

    I love the leaves and acorns!

  • Brandy

    Well golly! Isn’t that clever and cool! Never would have thought of drilling holes in acorn caps. Your creative mind astounds me!

  • Thaina

    They are wonderful! Unfortunately we don’t have these acorns here in Brazil… I can’t even try myself some of them. =P
    Think I’ll have to be satisfied with Brazilian nuts!

  • TamboinMO

    I love the idea of the garland….hmmm….perhaps I’ll go make some now!!!
    Thanks for always being an inspiration…I’m sure you have no idea just how many people you inspire!

  • RID

    OHHH!!! I like them very much. So cute! Saludos desde Barcelona.

  • Jenni-Raie

    i love those – all of them. they are so very beautiful! you can do ANYTHING with a sweater!

  • Sharon

    Those are adorable. You are so very talented. I wish I had half of our talent.

  • Katy

    I love those acorns soooo much! (and no – the 80s is most definately NOT fall!)

  • Michaela

    I have been hunting in all the charity shops near to us for wool jumpers that I can felt – they all seem to be machine-washable wool now! It’s getting to the stage when I’ll have to knit a jumper just so I can felt it to make some of your lovely things. I need some acorns! Your site gives me so much inspiration, I love it.

  • [email protected]

    They’re fantastic. I found my first proper-looking acorns of the autumn yesterday – beautiful glossy brown with lovely little caps; none of this green under-ripe acorn rubbish! – and thought of you. Inspiring stuff.

  • lb

    Hi Betz,
    I am a fellow felter, by default, when I was at art school i put a piece of my knitting in the washing machine and my brother turned the temp up and it felted, and my final degree show/ collection was born! Your work is beautiful and has rekindled my passion. I am from Scotland and use a knitting machine and felt lambswool or shetland wool, but I put my machine away at the beginning of the year sick of felting, but I think I am going to set it up again. Can I add you as a link to my blog please,
    Your acorns are fab, and good luck with the book I am going to pre order a copy now from Amazon.

  • Denise

    Where in Maryland are you? I used to live in Padadena MD for about 6 years (1998-2004) although I am origanally from England, and I loved the Fall there. I’m now in Austin, and we still have 90 degree weather :(
    Love your acorns, so cute. I have a purse to felt this week!

  • cruststation

    They are wonderful Betz, I love that you took on the task to create autumn in your home. Great job! So many possibilities…

  • Bejeweled

    Your little felted acorns are too cute!

  • Cindy Mitlo

    LOVE those acorns (I love anything with acorns and those are about the cutest I’ve ever seen!). I live in nearby Northern Virginia (well, I’m not sure where in MD you live) but don’t worry, this year is not indicative of our normally lovely fall season. Spring is beautiful, too, except when it gets too hot too fast and all the spring flowers melt. Summer is another story.

  • A. & J.

    Very cute. They look very cozy too.

  • Netter

    I I just stumbled on your site. I had to comment on your felt acorns…they are so cute!

  • Vickie

    I am really late with this comment put I just had to say these acorns are great!

  • kirie

    Those leaves and acorns are beautiful. I’ve been so inspired by your lovely work!

  • Desiree Fawn

    So cute — I would love to decorate my home with these!


  • solomi558

    seems like I will have to wait for autumn for the acorn caps, but by that time I will have found a wool sweater or two for your projects

  • Jennifer DeDonato

    Super cute!

  • Siayla

    These are great! Just wanted to let you know I posted a link here to your tutorial :)

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