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Hey! Be sure to check out The Martha Show on Thursday, January 31st.

I can’t wait to watch Martha make my Heart Felted Scarf project and hopefully give a shout out for my book! Visit the martha site for the show schedule in your area. You can see a little sneaky-peeky there too. Since this scarf is not a project included in the book, it’s a freebie!

And that (dare I say) is a good thing. ***Here is a link to the project! ***

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  • Suzanne

    That’s really cute. Thanks for your advice on choosing sweaters that are good for felting. I’m off to the Goodwill store today. Have a great day.

  • RID

    The scarf is so cute! Saludos

  • Laura

    cute, cute, cute….and I’m loving that striped felt…my mom gave my sister and me those matching sweater for XMas a few years ago…I’ve just got to steal my sister’s so I can have more striped felt!

  • dawnkristine

    Love it, thanks for sharing!

  • bettyninja

    Wow congrats on Martha making your project on her show. The scarf is such a great idea–it looks so wonderful

  • coffeechris

    Thanks for your great idea, I have two friends with Birthday’s on Valentine’s Day…you saved me…I actually just got some sweaters in pink tones from thrift store (they were the ones with 50% off tag). You are a “GOOD THING”! Congrads on another Martha Moment and Mention and for the Heartfelt Freebie.

  • charlotte

    how sweet! fingers crossed for tomorrow. how could she not mention it?

  • Lauren

    I take that show everyday so I can’t wait to see it.


    What a sweet scarf!

  • Mendy at Modern Charm

    Wow! How cute! My daughter is kinda crazy about anything with hearts… this would be a great Valentine’s day gifty. Once again, Betz, I come to your blog and my project list grows and grows!

    Congrats on Martha doing your project! That is awesome!!!

  • Natalie

    Have fun! I’m going to DVR it so I can watch! :)
    The scarf is so cute!!

  • downwritehappy

    How cute are you…
    I love the “good thing” comment
    and will definitely catch
    Martha…good for you!
    Enjoy your day,
    ~laura d.

  • Carolyn

    That is so exciting for you. The scarf is so pretty and fun. I’ll be tuning in!

  • Marlou

    oh WOW!!! this is really beautiful :)

  • babelfish

    How cute is this scarf?

  • ellena

    Love this scarf, another great project, to quote Mendy “my project list grows” also can’t wait to make this
    congratulations, on being on TV again. May many more appearances happen.

  • Betz White

    Just to be clear…I, that is little ol’ me, will NOT be on the show…just my scarf and my book.

    Little ol’ me will be watching from the recliner with a cup of coffee! :)

  • Susan

    Oooooh, I can’t wait! I will definitely watch. I heart your scarf!

  • Inspired Tokens

    This is toooooo cute! I am amazed at all the wonderful ideas and creations you come up with!

  • Melissa

    Oh gosh, that is super cute, i can’t wait to see it on the Martha show!

  • lindaharre

    I love “Good Things”……so say Martha lovers….tee..hee! Can’t wait to see the episode:D

  • Marcia

    Stunning scarf. Congrats on the Martha Show! Wow! You should be very proud.

  • Susan

    I KNEW it was you!!! I saw the preview for the show yesterday and told my MOM we HAD to watch it. then we watched to show and it wasn’t on….Ah-hah! It’s TODAY! Congratulations you SUPER_STAR!! The scarf is ADORABLE And so are you!

  • Marcia

    Just watched the Martha Show! Way to go! She gave you lots of credit and gifted the audience with your book! How proud I am of you. Congrats!
    I found the template on her website this morning.

  • Mendy at Modern Charm

    Just saw it!! So cool!

  • lisasweetpeas

    I just saw you on Martha,,,what fun! And, yes she had your book, that is a good thing!

    The scarf is so cute!


  • PamperingBeki

    Saw it and LOVED it!! Congrats to you. :) It’s an adorable scarf.

  • Kris

    Just saw the Martha segment. Amazing! Rock on sister!

  • Blogging Molly

    I was dreaming up a very similar project, but I like yours much better! Can’t wait to make one.

  • soapchix

    Martha, Martha, Martha!

    How fun to see her do something of yours!! I think I’d be jumping around a screaming if I was watching her talk about something I came up with (but I am a big nerd like that).

    Congrats! It was a great segment!

  • TamboinMO

    That is beyond darling!!! Gotta make one!

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