Ok, I’m not really into the “meme” thing (in fact, I don’t even really know what that means…) but i think I might be starting one. This was spurred on by a few recent comments I’ve received from people telling me I look like someone else. In fact, I have people telling me I look like someone they know all the time. Most times it’s an acquaintance of theirs, who I don’t know, so I’m left saying something like, “Oh, really? I guess I have a twin”. Then there are the celebrity look-a-like comments.

When I had short hair and Princess Diana ruled, I looked like her. (especially when I walked around wearing my tiara)

When the show Mad About You was popular, I looked like Helen Hunt.

Intermittently, (but rarely, as she is less likely to be in the media) I looked like Virginia Madsen…

And a few years ago, at my last job I had a co-worker who insisted on calling me SJP…Sarah Jessica Parker.

Got blonde hair? Interesting and/or prominent nose? Dead ringer…

This is one of my favorite things to ask other people. I think it’s so revealing to hear who people are told that they look like and how they feel about it.

So tell me, who’s your celebrity look-a-like?