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Ok, that was fun! As much as I had a blast with the first Martha Show Experience, sitting in my living room watching HER demonstrate how to make my project (now with video!) was just my speed. (Especially these days. Most times I feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off and the thought of flitting off to NYC on a moments notice was almost too much.)

The show is “taped live” in front of a studio audience. Some days, like yesterday, the show airs live. I am in the EST zone, same as New York where the show is done. So for me, I was truly watching it real time! The absolute BEST part was at the end of the segment when Martha looked right at me (er, the camera…but I have a really big TV, she was practically standing in my living room!) and said, “Thank you , Betz…”

Oooh! Goosebumps, I tell ya.

I also updated the shop yesterday with more Cupcake Pincushions and…finally more Cup O’ Joe Pincushions…Martha showed this little valentiny cutie reminiscing from last year’s show.

If you’re interested, order soon as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Last ship date will be February 8th…

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  • knitsteel

    That’s wonderful! I can feel your happiness from here.
    I love the pincushions.

  • Yummers!

    That was a cute story! I just checked out the How-to on her site and she thanked you again. And I thank you too as I sat all morning finishing up a heart decoration with your book open to embroidery stitches. I’m glad you included those for late bloomers like me.

    Stop at my blog and see what I made with my first felted wool. Love, love, your book!


    That’s so cool! I’m so happy for you! It’s great that she actually thanked you on the show as well.

    The cup o’ joe pincushions look fantastic!

  • anna maria

    Oh yea, that sounds like a Martha appearance I can handle :)
    fun fun xo,AM

  • erika~ the inspired mama

    how exciting!! and the cupcakes are absolutely delicious :) so cute!!

  • meg

    you and martha are pretty tight these days. I am embarassed that I am so jealous. The scarf is fantastic and I can’t wait to get my hands on the book!

  • dawnkristine

    So glad you are still “star-struck” I think you are amazing yourself, and Martha’s show would not be so wonderful without contributors like you! I look forward to every post, and I wish you were still in WI like me! lol Can’t wait to pick up the book!

  • Betzie

    Hi! Just happened here from another blog…wow, how neat about Martha!!! That is too fun and you must have been so excited! I would have been!!!!
    Now get this, my hubby has called me “BETZ” for ages…since High School, and all my friends and family call me “Betzie”…AND guess what else? I live in Maryland! LOL Could we be lost sisters? I also have blonde hair, but I’m older than you…oh well. Anyway, come visit my blog too…I have a giveaway ending on Feb. 14th. Happy felting!!! Love love LOVE that scarf and your cups!

  • Claudia~L

    I DVR-d Martha, and just saw it today. The project looks great. Thanks for sharing another one of your wonderful ideas.

  • liquid paper

    finally, wached the show (DVR too!) and i didn’t realize that your project was the featured craft for that day. i was so happy for you — well done!

  • Blair

    that would be my preferred way to be on the Martha Show, as talkative as I can be, I’m sure I would be nervous out of my wits standing beside her! I LOVE that scarf, you are so clever!

  • Susan

    I loved the “Thank you, Betz” at the end from Martha. I got shivers, too. Good work and cute scarf!

  • The Jen

    This is my first time on your blog, and holy smokes a celebrity! Great work and what lovely felted coffee cups. Inspired. ~jen~

  • Lauren

    I watched the show and it was great. How exciting for you. And the scarf is really cute.
    Congrats again.

  • alittlemoore

    Thanks for the link! I was bummed I missed the Martha show when it was on. I showed my daughter and she said she wanted one for her birthday, so I guess I better get to felting and comply with her request!

  • Katy

    fantastic – how cool is that? I’m off to etsy…….this year for valentine’s I’m getting me a pin cushion ;)

  • Estercity
  • Betz White

    thanks Estercity.

    The instructional diagram is incorrect as well!

  • soapchix

    Seriously, I think I would have fallen over at the end…a thanks from Martha!

    I’m so glad you are getting a shout out for all your cute and inspiring projects! :)

  • babelfish

    I can feel your excitement, how wonderful that Martha is trying out your creations (and gave you credit). Fantastic new cupcake pincushions as always, so adorable for Valentines.

  • Anna

    That’s so awesome for you. TWO segments already! Well done. Love all of your projects.

  • Snippety Gibbet

    I love your color pallette. Everything looks downright fattening!

  • Gédane

    j’aimerai mettre un lien sur mon blog vers le votre car j’adore vraiment ce que vous faites et puis je prendre une photo???
    I would like to put a link to my blog to yours because I really love what you do and then I take a picture?

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