Ok, that was fun! As much as I had a blast with the first Martha Show Experience, sitting in my living room watching HER demonstrate how to make my project (now with video!) was just my speed. (Especially these days. Most times I feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off and the thought of flitting off to NYC on a moments notice was almost too much.)

The show is “taped live” in front of a studio audience. Some days, like yesterday, the show airs live. I am in the EST zone, same as New York where the show is done. So for me, I was truly watching it real time! The absolute BEST part was at the end of the segment when Martha looked right at me (er, the camera…but I have a really big TV, she was practically standing in my living room!) and said, “Thank you , Betz…”

Oooh! Goosebumps, I tell ya.

I also updated the shop yesterday with more Cupcake Pincushions and…finally more Cup O’ Joe Pincushions…Martha showed this little valentiny cutie reminiscing from last year’s show.

If you’re interested, order soon as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Last ship date will be February 8th…