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This past week I totally lucked out and caught wind of new stock available from yarntini. Ever since Susan introduced me to this yarn I have been dying to get my hands on some. This stuff gets snapped up fast and now I know why. Yummy to look at and yummy to touch. Is it wrong to snuggle a skein of yarn? I bet Susan does it. I mean, look at it. It’s adorable!

Just as I was finishing up the last “Mom’s Day Special” cupcake orders to go in the mail, my yarntini package showed up. Aren’t they delicious together? Neapolitan goodness. As I send so many of my own handmade creations into the world, it’s nice to be the recipient sometimes – even if they are gifts from myself!

Steel yourself for more cuteness. These amazing woodland pins are from Pinks and Needles and they came with their own little coordinating pincushion pot.

I know!

(You might ask why I would buy myself a pincushion, since I am surrounded by them. Well, I can’t actually use one of my cupcake pincushions while I am making more cupcake pincushions. That would get mighty confusing on the ol’ sewing table wouldn’t it?)

Ahh, I sure needed these little pick-me-ups. Last week was a bugger for me, trying to stick a fork in that pesky manuscript. The bulk of it has been tamed but there are a few lingering odds and ends I hope to take care of by mid-week!

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  • lucykate crafts...

    i’m not surprised to see your new pincushion, firstly because it’s lovely, and secondly, i always find the last person i have chance to make something for, is myself. i suspect thats true for many makers and crafters!

  • Heidi Ann

    Hi Betz,What a wonderful blog!… and all your creations are just the most charming! The yarn is lovely & your adorable cupcake pincushions look good enough to eat! It all is a “feast for the eyes”!….Heidi :)

  • fiona

    so glad you spoiled yourself!yummy colours, i feel like iceream!

  • Susan

    That pin cushion bowl and those pins are to die for.

    Glad you are trying out a little yarntini…I am kinda jealous of that fresh skein.

    And, fyi, I snuggle yarn all of the time:)

  • AndreaLea

    Hi Betz-
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and am compelled to de-lurk to ask a silly question.
    Your bows are always so neat and straight. What’s your secret to tying a nice bow?
    Thanks for keeping such a nice blog!

  • babelfish

    I love the yarn, the colours are perfect for your cupcakes. The pincushion is so cute!

  • Keely

    Wow! Your yarn creations are incredible… and look sweet and delicious! I can’t believe how real they look (yum!)! You are very creative! I’ve enjoyed your blog and I’ll be back to visit soon!

    Aeron Chair Guide

  • Rebecca

    you sure had a yummy day!! first the neopoliton yarn and then the yummy pin cushion in the pudding pot….pure sweetness…

  • Wendy

    Those pins are so cute!

  • Gigi Minor

    Thanks Betz for the pic of Happy Forest Friends pin cushion! I’m glad they have all found a happy home : )

  • Suzanne Vaughan

    I love the colours of that yarn. Neopolitan is one of my childhood memories and the colours are just so fab together!

  • Ginger

    What a wonderful blog you have. Wanted to tell you on my blog your the link bolg of the day on mine.Please keep up the awesome! blogging your doing.

  • Tracy

    I finally tried one of your adorable projects. My 13 year old dd was very pleased with her results!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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