In my quest for summer activities to entertain the boys I started reminiscing about a foam making toy I had as a kid. It was sort of shaped like a big plastic lolly pop with terry cloth on one side. You dunked it in water, put a little bubble soap on it and then blew into a tube. It didn’t make regular soap bubbles, it made long foamy snakes. I remember how much I played with that thing and knew my boys would enjoy a toy like that. I really wanted to find one!

My usual Google search yielded no results…I don’t even know what that toy was called and I don’t think it was particularly popular at the time. So, I decided to try to make one, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. Finally after a few brainstorms, I came up with a super easy way to make your own! It doesn’t look anything like my childhood toy, but it works great!

Plastic water bottle, empty
Scrap of terry cloth, such as an old wash cloth
Rubber band
Xacto knife
Bubble or dish soap
Small plate or flat lid

1) Using an Xacto knife, carefully cut the bottom off of a small water bottle.
2) Cover the bottom opening with a scrap of terry cloth and secure tightly with a rubber band.
3) Dampen terry cloth with a little water

4) Pour bubble or dish soap onto a plate and dip terry cloth end into soap.
5) Blow gently into top of bottle — have fun!

My kids had a blast with this outside, but it’d probably be fun in the bathtub as well. They decorated all of the outdoor furniture with foam and gave each other foam “hairstyles”. When you’re all done playing, hose everything and every body off!

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