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On July 5th, Target’s “seasonal” section was packed with Back To School supplies. On August 1st, our local Michael’s craft store was full of Halloween decorations. I know retail always pushes the seasons, but it gives me HIVES!

On the other hand, when it comes to MAKING gifts for the holidays, a little planning ahead never hurts. That’s the lead in for the new issue of Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection “Holiday Crafts” issue! It’s on newsstands now (cuz, you need the time to make the stuff!)…

Pag 100 has a project from yours truly… Cupcake Ornaments! A variation on my classic Cupcake Pincushion (they’re constructed differently) these mini versions have a jingle bell “cherry” and loop on top for hanging on the tree.

If thinking about Christmas ornaments now in August is making you itch, take a Claritin and check out the crafts in the magazine for Halloween and Thanksgiving…

Oh, one more thing. You’ll notice some other familiar bloggers made the pages, Cassi Griffin of Bella Dia, Blair Stocker of Wise Craft, and Jenn Docherty, to name a few!

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  • Threeundertwo

    I love those cupcakes! The Halloween in July stuff drives me crazy, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s never to early to start planning Christmas crafts.

  • One Shabby Chick

    Oh my goodness – those cupcakes are adorable! I have to get that magazine! i love Christmas ornaments :-)


  • blair

    I was really excited to be hanging out with you and your cupcakes in this issue. I am envisioning a cupcake ornament tree this holiday!

  • Cassi

    Your ornaments are adorable! The jingle bell as a cherry top makes me smile and I can’t wait to make some for our tree and maybe a few as gift toppers! Thanks for the link love too :)

  • Dawn Elizableth

    So cute and what a great idea!

  • Anonymous

    I just picked up my copy and saw that you were in their with the some of my other favorite blogs.Your little cupcake ornaments are so cute.Can’t wait to get some sweaters and felt them.

  • suesue

    just what i need! my first granddaughter is having her first bday december 5 and the theme is cupcakes. i’ll have to go get this and make a tree of them for her. thanks so much, suesue

  • Simone

    I wish I could get this mag in the UK!

  • Sue

    I can accept the Halloween & fall items being out, but our Hobby Lobby had a couple of isles of CHRISTMAS stuff out. C’mon, that’s just not right.
    I just bought that magazine the other day and saw those cute cupcakes, nice!

  • Miaou

    Fab cupcakes! I love the coloured bells.

    You get so much better craft magazines in the states … sigh …

  • pinkstilettos

    These are the cutest cupcakes. I am huge fan of anything cupcake. So Cute! Love them!

  • peacenluv78

    i love the idea!

  • Susan

    That’s awesome, Betz! Way to go.

  • lindaharre

    Absolutely ADORABLE!

  • Little Paper Dog

    Congrats … that’s so exciting :)
    Love the little bells on top.

  • Annie

    I saw this magazine at Borders on Saturday night and had to have it. I’m going to go get busy now and try out those cupcakes. How cute!!
    (reading comments…yes, a cupcake tree would be fun!)

  • marykayknits

    Hi Betz, I ran right out to get the magazine and am looking forward to making the darling cupcake ornaments. Do you have a source for the colored jingle bells as I haven’t found them in the 5/8 inch size. Thanks so much.

  • Betz White

    Hi Marykayknits,
    I purchased the colored jingle bells last year at Michaels crafts in the Christmas isle.

  • Betz White

    Ha! I said Christmas Isle…(is that the same as the land of the misfit toys?)

    I meant Christmas aisle :)

  • TerriW

    I just picked up this magazine yesterday, and I can confirm that these cupcake ornaments really ARE adorable. I love that little cherry bell on top. I am feeling the urge to start making Christmas ornaments and gifts, so I agree it’s that season again.

  • michelle

    I just bought that magazine today! So excited to make some cuppy cakes!

  • Penguin & Fish

    wow, so cute. It’d be great to have a whole tree with only cupcakes on it.

  • Carolyn

    I’m loving the bells! You’re so creative. Where do you come up with such great ideas? :)

  • Mom2fur

    Congratulations on being published! Those cupcake ornaments are precious. I’ve never seen anything like them.
    BTW, last year I walked into the garden center of K-Mart in search of some last-minute summer thing or other. This was August, mind you. Not a watering can or pair of garden gloves in sight, but I sure could have had my pick of fake-o Christmas trees! Who the heck buys ready-made holiday stuff four months ahead of time?

  • cwasia

    MMM…they are so yummy!

  • everrocks

    the same day I read this post, I happened to see the magazine in the grocery store, so I picked it up! Never too early to start crafting for Christmas! :)

  • s.

    oh i can handle christmas in august!! yay! these are so cute. i LOVE the bells on top. that is a darling touch! :)

  • Lina

    Hello, I have stuff featured in there too (advent calendars and birdies) which I’m thrilled about as its my first time ever being published!!

  • Sue McGettigan

    Oh CUTE!!! Love the cupcakes with the bells on – totally adorable :)

  • Priscilla

    hello and a massive BOOOHOOOOO, I am in the Uk and mad on cupcakes…so when I cam across this….well just wonderful…so I rushed down to my local borders…no magazine…I could of cried!!! So how can I get the instructions on how to build the adorable cupcakes!
    Please help…
    Priscilla …sleepless in the UK and very sad.

  • SummerSadie

    I actually got this magazine a week or so ago, and had no idea how many bloggers I recognized in it. Congrats!

  • Scott Moon

    Very cute!!!

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