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It’s rainy and gray here this week…a nice moody intro to fall. Not so great for photography, but I wanted to get this fun tutorial to you this week!

I’ve had a doodle of this project in my sketchbook for ages. When I was developing projects for Sewing Green, I came up with a sling concept made simply from 2 neckties. Well, like a handful of ideas for the book, the sketch never made it into a 3-D project…that is until now! Last week between workshops, I grabbed 2 neckties and stitched them up…it worked! Rarely has something so simple turned out so cool. (95% of the time the “brilliant idea” in my head just somehow doesn’t translate into reality.)

2 neckties, same width and degree of taper (this is important!)
Needle and thread
Sewing machine, optional

1) Line up the neckties in opposite directions, as shown. Measure 14 inches from the corner of one tie point to the corner of the other point. Mark with a pin.

2) Pin edges of ties together, overlapping each one slightly over the other about 1/8-1/4″ total. *It is important that both ties are the same width and degree of taper for these 14 inches!* Use a wide zigzag to stitch down the center, or stitch by hand. Note: Many ties are cut on the bias, therefore the fabric may give when sewing the length of the tie. Be sure not to stretch as you sew.

3) Turn wrong side up and fold the ties back on themselves.

4) Line up the outside edges and pin. (If your ties are different widths or sewn woodgie, the sides will not line up!) Straight stitch the sides.

5) Now all you need to do is decide how long you want the straps and tie the skinny ends. If you’d prefer a neater look, cut off the ends at the desired length and stitch together.

My ties were each about 3 1/4″ wide at the widest point, making the sling just right to carry my camera or a water bottle. These are really easy to make and so much fun. They were a hit last week at the workshops. One girl even made a double-wide. I’ve got a nice stash of neck ties…I may whip up a few of these for my etsy shop this weekend!

Have fun and let me know if you try this! (and no raiding the hub’s tie collection!)

EDIT: For more necktie fun, check out a Flickr group and blog I came across with some great ideas!

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  • charlotte

    quite brilliant, indeed!

  • Chrissy

    You truly amaze me with your cleverness….too cool!

  • [email protected]

    Oh this is SO cute! Love it! I’ll be linking to this!

  • Blakely

    What a cool idea, and a great green gift idea.

  • Leslie

    Oh my gosh! Those are soooooo cool! Time to go raid the ties in my husband’s stash! Thanks for the GREAT idea!

  • Jennifer

    Simple and clever.

  • Susan

    So fun! What a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing, as always.

  • Heather

    i had this huge bag of ties that a friend gave me about 8 years ago when she moved. unfortunately, i didn’t keep them when i moved. i hate it when i remember stuff i got rid of then find some fabulous use for them but i guess you can’t keep everything all the time.

  • Diane

    This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I’ve been looking for to carry my cell phone and other items. My disability prevents me from holding and carrying these essentials, and having a bag around my neck or waist can be uncomfortable. You can be sure, I’ll try this out. THANKS!

  • woof nanny

    I added this tutorial to the sidebar of my neckties blog. Thank you so much.

  • Laurie

    What a concept! Great idea!!!

  • candeelady/quirkydolls

    Very clever and of course yard sales are a great resource for old ties if you don’t live with one of the man types who has a stash of ties. The blog by woof nanny has some amazing and CRAZY ideas!

  • Lana

    I LOVE this idea and have made FOUR already! They are seeewww cute. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Lana, Scottsboro,AL

  • Karen

    great tutorial!

  • castingontrouble

    Fabulous idea, esp for a bottle holder – I’d want to use all the boyf’s new ties – such cool colours and patterns these days.

  • Suzie Sews

    I love this, it will be a great way for my ‘little people’ to carry around there water bottle…they are forever dropping them or are left rolling around the car…Thanks Betz:-)

  • Anonymous

    these are perfect for taking plastic baggies and little treats when I walk my dog- thanks
    [email protected]

  • Stephanie

    This is fantastically simple!! I made one for my daughter for school and now I have to make 2 more for my son and husband… oh and me!!! Now to find more ties… hehe

  • Shean

    I love this being new to sewing this was so easy to make, your tutorial was so easy to follow too. I can’t wait to make more.

  • michellejohnnie

    Novel idea! I’ve never seen this. I linked!

  • Amy

    I love this idea! I have already made three of them from ties I bought for 25 cents each at the thrift shop. My son likes them, my daughters drag them around, and my husband even had nice things to say. Thanks for a sew-easy project!

  • Che Birba

    Hi, I’m Laura from Italy! I have a blog and I’d wrote a post where is cited also your blog:


    I’d like to invite you to visite my italian blog, bye bye Laura!

  • Anonymous

    Great idea!! I just made my first this evening. My husband was somewhat of a ‘clothes horse’. He entered into the presence of the Lord of Feb 4th this year and I have quite a few neckties. I’m making one each for my two daughters and three daughters-in-law as gifts/remembrances of Dad, with plenty others left to make something else. THANK YOU!!

  • replica bags

    Are the integral parts of the fashion statement, of any woman.

  • Candace

    I am SO doing this for Cub Scout Day Camp this summer.

  • Kathleen Babbitt

    I’m planning to teach children to sew in the next few months. In this economy we are going to upcycle from too small or unwanted items from their family. this would be a great gift idea after they make one for themselves! thanks so much for sharing. Hope you don’t mind me sharing ! thanks kathleen

  • Donna J. Messner

    Am a new sewer but just made one. So cute. Took me a few times to get the lengths right. Thank you for sharing. Going to try a 4 tie one like the other gal. Just have to go to Good will and get some more.

  • Donna J. Messner

    Forgot to ask what material to put inside to keep it from getting so wet. I walk about 5 to 7 miles a day and take water with me. Donna

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