I know it’s waaaay too early to start talking about the release of my second book (we’re talking April!) but I just discovered that Sewing Green is now available on Amazon for pre-order. Besides, I HAD to share the cover. That’s my beautiful niece, Alice!

How she came to grace the cover was quite serendipitous. There was a last minute model cancellation and a resultant scramble. Rapid fire emails and phone calls ensued. Tenuous weather and rigid photo shoot schedules all somehow came together in the end. Alice was accommodating, professional and generous with her time. I’m so appreciative of her. And I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel to see her face on the cover of my book. It somehow makes the whole “book experience” more meaningful to me. I just love it. *sigh*

Ok, enough already with the proud Auntie routine. On to the give-away. Thank you for participating this week! The randomly-chosen winner is Alessia of beads and tricks! Congratulations, your new bug-a-loo buddies will be on their way out to you next week.

And speaking of bugs, your stories…oh your stories! I truly enjoyed them. They ran the gamut from gross to endearing. I suppose I should share a bug story, just to round things out. Let’s just say in college I had a lot of experience with roaches…ugh! Then there were the 17 year cicadas that tormented the city of Cincinnati one summer. I learned that if your screen has a hole in it, it’s not considered a screen.

If you didn’t win this week’s give-away, there’s always next week! Come back Monday 11/3 for another. Meanwhile, the BIG “buyer’s appreciation” give-away over in the shop goes through Thanksgiving. Check it out!