I’ve got a little treat for you today…a tutorial for making a felted wool pomander! (Remember these little rosettes? I’ve been staring at them trying to envision them in a project. I was thinking how cute they would look all bunched up close together.) I’ve used felted wool sweater scraps, but I think it would also look nice with wool craft felt and other fabrics. Great for ornaments and holiday decor! Cute. Plus easy. Nice combo.

[Edit: Due to a blog platform update, the link to the tutorial slideshow no longer works. However, the tutorial step-by-step photos are still available here on Flickr.]

A note about my process: I tutorialize on the fly…that is, I photograph new projects as I make them for the very first time…just in case they turn out! The problem is that sometimes I come up with different solutions from what you see photographed. Um, yeah. Sorry.

For example, take the styrofoam ball. I had a few laying around, so that’s what I used for the center of the pomander. But Oh. Em. Gee. Have you priced Styrofoam balls lately? Way too pricey for what they are. So I came up with a few options for the center. Wrapping up fabric scraps and yarn into a ball works really well, especially if the fabric is a stretchy knit. Another option would be to wet felt or needle felt some scrap roving into a ball (see brown fuzzball above). Since the center is completely covered, no one will see what’s inside. It’ll be our little secret. *wink*

Oh yeah, and one more tip to add to the tutorial. After you glue the rosettes to the ball, remove the holding pins s-l-o-w-l-y after the glue is dry, twisting them with your fingers if they are reluctant. Alternately, you could just use your decorative pins to secure the rosettes, but I didn’t think of that since I was making the whole thing up as I went along…you know.

Whaddya think, are you going to try it? Should I make up a few for my etsy shop too? No promises…just thinkin’. I didn’t even know what a pomander was until I was trying to figure out what to call this. Thank goodness for google…

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