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Things will be a little quiet in this space for the rest of the week…cuz we’re going to Disney World! Yay!

I thought I’d leave you with some holiday inspiration. Here’s another no-sew rosette idea for you, based on the Pomander Tutorial. I made this little Christmas tree using a styrofoam cone with a 2″ base, but an empty yarn cone might work as well.

I started with 3″ felted wool circles, just like the pomander. Roll, glue, pin…you get the idea. I used some 1 cm red felt balls to fill in some of the gaps. The “star” is just a felty pompom, but a shiny star ornament or a felt star on top would be great too.

The little brooch in the foreground is a 3″ rosette made from a 3″ circle and a tiny one made from a 2″ circle, glued to leaves and a pin back. Cute!

Do you remember this crazy wreath from last year? I’m planning to do a new little version, this time with the pomander rosettes.

Ok, do you have enough to work on? :) If you do make any of these, as always, I’d love to see them!

I’m off to pack (and look into why my blog has that weird stripey thing going on. Gah!). You know how I love to pack. And even though we are going to Disney WORLD, I have this song stuck in my head! (lyrics not appropriate for small ears)

Mickey, here we come!

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  • Karen Elizabeth

    Ooohh…the Christmas tree is a lovely idea! I think I’ll try it. I made two felted pomanders a couple weeks ago, and they turned out great. I also thought of trying the rosettes on a wreath. I bought a wreath, but I still haven’t made it yet. Thanks for your tutorials. I always enjoy your ideas.

  • [email protected]

    Have a great time! I’ll be linking to this wreath-I love it! SOO cozy!

  • Lorrie

    Have fun! Cute projects.


  • curious and curiouser...

    I love Disney – enjoy your vacation!
    We have season passes to Disneyland and every time I go I find something new I’d never noticed before – lovely.

  • Lauren

    I am so completely jealous! I love Disney World…

    Have a great time!!

  • Sofia

    What a great idea! thanks again for sharing all these sweet things!

  • lucykate crafts...

    i love the tree, fab!

    i have no idea what they stripy thing could be other than to say blogger has been doing some odd things lately. my favicon keeps disappearing, then coming back, then going again. i did read on one of the blogger forums that they are making some changes to their basic templates which is causing problems for those of us who have customised the html code.

    enjoy disney : )

  • RID

    Your work is always cute!!!!
    Have fun at Disney World…My two little daughters would be happy…
    Saludos desde Barcelona

  • Maria Amélia

    I loved the Christmas tree!!! Your ideas are very nice. Have fun at Disney.

  • Blakely

    Have fun at Disney! Great Wreath!

  • gingerbread stars

    More yummy felted ideas for Christmas! My mind is full of ideas and my hands are ready to go! Have a grand time on vacation! Thanks for your felty ideas- feeding my felty addiction:)

  • cheesefemme

    Funny, I thought the song in your head would be “It’s a Small World” (I bet it is now…ha ha ha!!!). Then you said it wasn’t appropriate for little ones. I laughed when I saw what song it was. I haven’t heard that in a long time. And what a stupid video! Doesn’t the lead singer’s hair drive you crazy! And they thought they were so cool and grunge-y! Love it.
    Kimmie in Fort Worth

  • Daniela

    I love them both!
    and now I only want to try to do the same!


  • Laurie

    Thanks for the great ideas. A friend just gave me two bags of felted wool sweater scraps. The tree and the wreath are perfect projects! Have fun in Disney World!

  • dottyspots

    The Christmas tree is fantastic!

    I hope you all have a wonderful time at Disney World.

  • Indigo Blue

    What a lovely idea!! We have booked to go to Disney Paris in February 2009 for my daughters birthday. Have fun.

  • Elizabeth

    you have the cutest ideas! i have to find some wool sweaters at my thrift shop of choice and try some of theses cute things you do!

    have fun on your trip!

  • Susan

    Oh, I love your Kleenex box! That is awesome.
    Have a great trip.

  • PamperingBeki

    Oh I am so jealous!!! I absolutely love anything Disney.

    Tell my boyfriend Mickey Hi for me. :)

  • Mary

    What great projects! I just love the flowers and think one in all white would look lovely as a wedding bouquet!

    A tip re: pomander tutorial from awhile back–instead of buying new styrofoam balls, look for those thread covered Christmas ornaments at thrift shops and yard sales. You usually can find a bag of them for a buck or two. Either clip the thread off or simply glue the rosettes right on!

    Have fun at Disney!!

  • Inspired Tokens

    Fabulous ideas! I love them both …the tree and the wreath. I need to find some time to get a few holiday crafty things made up. These would be fantastic. PS Love your kleenex box!

  • Herondina

    It´s very beautiful.

  • Jenn

    oh, cute tree!! I was thinking about that wreath the other day! I really want to make on this year. Have a fun trip!

  • Dotty

    I love the tree. You always have great ideas!

  • MaryMary

    This was so fabulously phenomenal, that I just made a Christmas wreath using your pomander tutorial and can’t wait to collect some more sweaters for a pomander. You creativenss is so very inspiring…and my house is much cuter at this moment because of it.

  • MaryMary

    Oops sorry– I just saw your request to see the photos. I posted it to my blog and linked over to your page. Thanks again!

  • cindygert

    Hi Betz,

    I was just at JoAnn’s and saw you on the cover of Craft magazine. How exciting that must be. Very cute ideas. Thanks for sharing. I have been looking for your tissue box but have yet to see it. It is beautiful by the way.


  • Rachel

    Seriously, I need to stop reading blogs of creative people, my list of crafts to make is getting a little ridiculous and grows by 2-3 projects everytime I open my computer. That being said, this wreathe, tree, pomander, everything is fantastic – I don’t have a stash of felted wool at home, but I do have a stash of (don’t get mad) acrylic felt from the craft store that is begging to get used up (mostly to make room for other craft stuff). I already bought my styrofoam balls to make pomanders (will send photos), I may have to save the wreath for next year to build up a stash of real felted wool… Thank you for all your wonderful projects and ideas!

  • Colleen

    Oh my goodness! I am overwhelmed and awed. You are my new craft hero! I’ve been experimenting with felting sweaters and re-using them. I had this idea for a while (ever since I adopted an accidentally felted sweater) but never got around to it until I found your “Warm Fuzzies” in the local craft store. Since then, I’ve made some trips to the local thrift store and have been happily felting my thrift finds. And now… as I scrolled through your blog, I found that you were the one that made the fused plastic bag tote that I absolutely love! I am heading over to Amazon to pre-order your new book. It’s a bit early, but it will be a fun “surprise” when it shows up on my doorstep in April.

  • ReGe

    The tree turned up so nice. Lovely things.

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