Hey Chickie Babies! Yes, YOU, who’ve been asking sooo sweetly for me to create a PDF pattern of my Zippered Bird Pouches. Well, hal-ee-loo-ya, it’s finally finished!

This is one mega-pattern, I’m tellin’ ya. Five pages and 16 step-by-step photos to take you through it. I’ve hesitated to put this pattern out there because it took me a long time to develop it and get it just right. Plus it’s a little unconventional in terms of the process. Don’t come looking to me for the “text book” way to install a zipper or line a pouch. It’s my way, it works for me and I think it’ll work for you too!

The skill level required for the Zippered Bird Pouch is Advanced Beginner to Intermediate, due to the zipper and fiddly little what-nots. However, I have good news for you beginners! As a bonus, I’ve added an extra project to this PDF: a little Stuffed Birdie! Yes, because writing this up was already taking over my life, I thought, what’s a few extra weeks (ok, days) to create something anyone could make?

See the little fellas? Zip-less and flight-less, but no less adorable. Please stop by the shop and check them out! As always, let me know if you have questions.