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I have been on a recent quest to rid the world of the plastic Easter egg! Ok, well, not completely, but I have been brainstorming alternatives. I mean, really, do we need to buy a bunch EVERY year? They are good for outside egg hunts and can be reused, but there are other alternatives for handing out treats, indoor decoration, etc.

What I came up with was this cute little woven basket that would be great for a little gift, favors, or something to put by each place setting at Easter dinner. How cute would these be with your guest’s names written on the handles? All it takes is 2 “dixie” cups, and a few common craft materials.

I practiced making these first with my 7 year old son, and he loved making them! Yesterday I tried them out on a group of 7’s and a few older kids during my son’s playdate. They all needed a bit of help with the weaving, but they had a good time with it. I wish I had remembered my camera, because they all turned out quite differently…very colorful and Eastery. Really sweet.

To view the tutorial, go to my Mini Easter Basket Flickr Slideshow. While in the slide show, click on “show info” to see the written step simultaneously with the photos. Be sure to pause the show as needed, and have fun with it. Please let me know if I omitted anything.

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  • Those are super cute! Great idea! I bet kids would be even more excited to get treats in little baskets they worked on themselves!

  • Ida

    Dear Betz-
    What a nice Easter craft! I will try it with my first-graders when we return to school from Spring Break. While I usually detest markers at school, it looks like we will need them so that we can get color on a curved surface. I think an even number of cuts for the “spokes” is important. Keep up the good work! Your blog is bookmarked in my computer now- I enjoy your work so much. ~Ida in KY.

  • virginie

    Good morning! It is a very good idea these Easter baskets! I am going to draw inspiration from it to make it with my children and in my job! Thank you for the tutorial! Good week…

  • RID

    It’s lovely!!!! Saludos desde Barcelona

  • Carrie P.

    Cute idea.

  • Cindy

    Very colorful!
    I’ve done something very similar with kraft color paper bowls and raffia. I didn’t cut the slits all the way to the top though, left the rim intact. Kids really seem to like weaving, I’ve had great experiences doing weaving crafts with different ages.


    Wow, that is so creative! Thanks for making that tutorial. I was just looking for an alternative to the plastic easter eggs!

  • Georgia

    Last year I had a bit of a brain wave with my easter egg hunt…I used brown paper lunch bags. If you kind of roll/scrunch them down they look very nest like. Then you can sit them in branches, under bushes etc and put little eggs in them. They looked really sweet. Pictures from last year on my blog:

  • KCQuilter

    How adorable!!! I wish I were still teaching second grade–I’d so make these with the kids. Maybe I’ll make some for the grown-up kids in my life! Thanks so much for your generousity in sharing craft ideas.

  • Cicada Studio

    I knew you’d come up with something awesome! I might give this a try with my young’un.

  • Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

    Aww! Very cute idea! A great project for the whole fam.

  • Ida

    Betz – Couldn’t find Dixie paper cups today at the grocery!! : ( Will look at a different store tomorrow! -Ida in KY

  • charlotte

    Love the simplicity here (paper coffee cups work too)…..inviting you to stop by and see my super easy egg project. Congratulations on your beautiful new book.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Betz,

    I too hate the commercial, chinese plastic crap that fills up the stores for every holiday. This year I found beautiful wicker baskets at the thrift store for my boys and am planning on dying them each a different color for a little pizzazz. Plus, after the egg hunt is over they will each have their own basket for storing all the little treasures life accumulates!! I love your new book and am looking forward to Montana spring to make some new skirts!!! Please send some sunshine to us up here, we’re in desperate need of melting! Cheers, Mariah in MT

  • Betz White

    Question: Where do I get the white cups?

    They are 3 oz dixie cups with graphics, not white. I couldn’t find plain, so I just colored over the little shell motifs (or dinosaurs or whatever!)

  • Girl About Asia

    it’s so cute. My easter baskets ( are way too fragile for such things…

  • Natalie

    I’m making them for my toddler in my class i love them thanks f

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