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I’m going on a month long Blog Tour! Starting today I will be packing my virtual backpack for a hike around the world wide web. The following is a list of dates, events and topics being covered for the month of April. Grab some trail mix and join me on my trek, won’t you? (oh, and leave some space in your pack, I see some book give-aways on the list!)

Friday 4/3 – The Purl Bee – Review and signing announcement

Monday 4/6 – True Up – Q&A, book giveaway

Tuesday 4/7 – U-Handbag – Review, book giveaway

Wednesday 4/8 – Craftzine – Project excerpt, book giveaway and Q&A

Thursday 4/9 – This is love forever – Furoshiki, book giveaway

Friday 4/10 – Knotions – Thrift Shop Savvy for knits: book giveaway

Monday 4/13 – Craftypod – Review and book giveaway

Tuesday 4/14 – Crafting a Green World – Review and book giveaway

Wednesday 4/15 – Freshly Blended – Review and book giveaway

Thursday 4/16 – Etsy Storque – Announcement of Etsy Lab Tyvek Tote project

Friday 4/17 – Make Grow Gather – Q&A, book giveaway

Tuesday 4/21 – Handmade Philly – Review, Q and A, book giveaway

Wednesday 4/22 – Whip Up – Applique tips and tricks: book giveaway

Thursday 4/23 – Wardrobe Refashion – Thrift Shop Savvy for sewing: book giveaway

Monday 4/27 – Morsbags – Review and giveaway

Tuesday 4/28 – Heart Handmade – Inspiration and ideas, Book giveaway

Wednesday 4/29 – House on Hill Road – Organics for Baby, book giveaway

Thursday 4/30 – Craftsanity – Q & A, book giveaway

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Betz,
    I finally managed to source your book for our shop in Sydney and as soon as they arrived they all went out to staff. Despite being in the middle of a 3 day workshop with Sue Spargo I came home last night and poured over all the projects trying to think which one I could make last night. Ended up opting for a bit of a nap. LOVE the book as it has such a nice warm and inviting feel. Can’t wait to get at it. kathy doughty (Material Obsession)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry – I don’t get what you mean….maybe it will become clear next week….???

  • Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

    Busy woman! I read the first stop as a review and “singing” announcement and thought “dang, she sings too?” lol Have fun on the tour.

  • Kelly O.

    Hi Betz,
    didn’t know if this would interest you or your readers but chaletgirl is having a vintage sheet swap. yOu can check it out here


    Kelly O.
    skotten at distributel dot net

  • Mytutorlist.com

    Oh my goodness! What fun!

    I’ll be excited to read the posts and hopefully snag a book!

  • mimi k

    wow! busy, busy month!

  • Ann's Fashion Studio

    Your tour sounds interesting
    and fun :)

  • deli simplicity

    Thanks for introducing so many other blog on craft. It’s really amazing how all these crafter can make so many beautiful useful item.

    I loves your post on apron from old jeans. it’s simply beautiful.

    Can i check, what’s all this about review and books giveaway?

  • Betz White

    For reviews and give-aways:
    The blogs listed in this post are hosting give-aways of my book, doing reviews, etc. on the dates listed above. Visit each blog by clicking on the blog name by the date to find out more information.

  • deli simplicity

    Thanks Betz, now i understand. It would surely be great to own one of your book.

    May you have a happy trip.:)

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