This weekend I prepped for my workshops and art fair coming up. I was playing around with my vintage sheet stash, serger, and my sewing machine’s new hemmer foot when I had a brainstorm. Reusable gift bags! I’m pretty sure you’ve heard me talk about furoshiki before as an eco-friendly gift wrap. (if not, take a peek here!) I love the idea of furoshiki (the Japanese word for traditional wrapping cloths) but sometimes have trouble making the wraps and knots look as put-together as I would like.

So I made the simplest little bags possible: cut rectangle, hem, fold, serge/seam! When you get to the side seam, pop a folded length of ribbon in there for a tie. It’s easier and faster than a drawcord. You can even skip the hemming step if you’re able to cut the rectangle along the existing hem of a sheet.

Cute! I’m making these as gift bags for my cupcake pincushions I’m selling next weekend. I also whipped up sets of 3 bags for sale: small, medium and large. If I have any left over after the show, I’ll be sure to offer them in my shop next week.