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This weekend I prepped for my workshops and art fair coming up. I was playing around with my vintage sheet stash, serger, and my sewing machine’s new hemmer foot when I had a brainstorm. Reusable gift bags! I’m pretty sure you’ve heard me talk about furoshiki before as an eco-friendly gift wrap. (if not, take a peek here!) I love the idea of furoshiki (the Japanese word for traditional wrapping cloths) but sometimes have trouble making the wraps and knots look as put-together as I would like.

So I made the simplest little bags possible: cut rectangle, hem, fold, serge/seam! When you get to the side seam, pop a folded length of ribbon in there for a tie. It’s easier and faster than a drawcord. You can even skip the hemming step if you’re able to cut the rectangle along the existing hem of a sheet.

Cute! I’m making these as gift bags for my cupcake pincushions I’m selling next weekend. I also whipped up sets of 3 bags for sale: small, medium and large. If I have any left over after the show, I’ll be sure to offer them in my shop next week.

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  • Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly)

    Love pincushions! These are so cute! The bags are lovely!

  • The Worsted Witch

    So sweet!

  • KGLO

    too cute!

  • Paige

    These are so cute. I’m going to give them a try. Thank you for sharing

  • water works

    I love this idea and it’s super simple. I don’t have lovely vintage sheets, but I do have a huge stash of extra fabric swatches lying around…no specific project, don’t match much else…but super for little gift bags.

  • BJ Lantz

    Brilliant! I just received a load of fabric samples of my designs and some of them will make great gift bags! Thanks for the quick & easy idea!

    p.s. I listened to your interview on CraftSanity and really enjoyed it. I know absolutely nothing about felting, but tuned in anyway. I found your professional journey interesting & inspiring – you go, girl!

  • theycallmecurlysue

    What a cute idea and those pincushions are too cute. For a fun twist, you should make some ACTUAL cupcakes and try to make them look as close to the pincushion variety as possible. Then eat it!

  • Betz White

    To make your own Cupcake Pincushions, see my book, Warm Fuzzies!

  • Debbie

    I made gift bags from fabric samples this past Christmas — I loved them, but I have a nagging feeling the folks I gave the gifts to probably threw them away anyway. I’ll do it again this year (got lots of samples left) but will this time attach a tag to the bags with ideas on how to reuse them (including give them back to me if they don’t want them).

  • Glenda

    Okay, that is totally genius to sew the ribbon into the side seams!! Tucking that idea away for future use.

  • Betz White

    Hi Debbie,
    Oh that’s a sad thought, but I like your solution! I saw some “green” reusable fabric gift bags at Target and they were uuuu-gly! So special and affordable to make them yourself.

  • QuirkyDolls

    I would be so annoyed if my friends threw them away! I found some large reusable bags two Christmases ago and I love them. Light weight felt so they won’t last forever but really pretty.

  • water works

    These are addictive! I made two while waiting for my daughter to finish her bath. That’s my 10 minutes of sewing time each day…bath time! Thanks again for the idea.

  • Carolyn

    I love them. What a great idea!

  • amelia

    Ohh how I wish I was going to the retreat….I have both books ready to do some 4-H projects with my girls this summer!!!!!!

    Have a safe airplane ride and enjoy your weekend…it will be wonderful.

  • TheTatums

    Wow — I can’t believe I missed the giveaway for your book. I am really wanting it. I even went to the store to buy it last week & they were out. I guess I’ll just have to order it. Love these little bags!

  • Ulrike

    Oh, this is a really good idea! I will try it next time.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Tiff

    I made this for my son’s classmates on Valentine’s. THey were filled with goodies. The kids loved them!

  • Whimsical Road

    I love the pillow case florals… I can never quite find anything at the fabric store that comes close. The pillowcase makers corner the market on that stuff, lol.

  • aforestfrolic

    Lovely idea and love the vintage sheets!

    Jamie :)

  • Romero

    Hermoso trabajo!!!!

  • liz

    i love the bags that you make to put them in. i have an old thrifted sheet that i don’t think i’d make into something that i’d actually wear, so i’m glad to see i can do something else w/ it that’s cute.

  • Ida

    Cute, Betz! I’ve been making wine bottle bags for several years that sell at a local shop. Sewing the ribbon into the seam is great for the quick wrap at the wine cellar!

  • erin

    I love those cupcake pincushions. They are too adorable!!

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