Last week I finished some knitting. This is a scarf for the men in the house. (We’ve plenty of scarves, but most of them are pink and orange and girlie.) I love the blue and browns…and I just might wear it on occasion myself. It’s wool and silk from Brooks Farm that I picked up at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

Now I’m on to a honeycomb patterned hat and scarf for me. The teal-y yarn is wool and mohair from Kid Hollow Farm, dee-lish! The brown is stash yarn. Lots of brown in the stash for some reason…

The pattern is from Loop-d-loop by Teva Durham, fall Winter 2007. I hope when I am done with mine I look happier than that model wearing it. Maybe she has the brownie blues, too…or just the blues. Not me, though, I’m happy knittin’.

What’s on your needles? Anything?