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With the kids home all summer we’ve been having a lot of discussions about what it means to share. Apparently it’s a lesson that requires continual reinforcement. I could go into how our ability to share effects our relationships, the environment, the economy, politics…but I’ll refrain. In our home we’re just keepin’ it at the Lego level for now.

But online, sharing abounds! My buddy Susan shared a link on her blog yesterday to this tutorial from Indie House for a perfect box pouch. I just had to give it a go with my Lawn Chair print canvas. It’s easily made with scraps!

Very small (finished size: about 5″ x 3″ x 2″) very boxy and very fast to make. (I think Ill add a little tab in each end seam next time to hold onto while zipping.)

I’ve gotten a few questions about this sweet little bucket bag, made up in my Wood Pile print canvas. The pattern is from the lovely Maya of maya*made, who I was so lucky to meet in person at Squam this past June! Her pattern is available in her etsy shop. Check out her work, she makes amazing things out of coffee sacks!

In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to let you know that Ive set up a special Flickr group for my Family Cottage fabric collection. I’d love LOVE to see anything that you’ve made using my fabrics. So if you’re intersted, feel free to post your photos in the group!

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  • mammafelice

    They are so cute!
    Thanks a lot for sharing…

  • Kate

    Hi Betz – thanks for the very cute project ideas. I’m a fairly new sewer and am going to take a shot at the box pouch (as a dop kit for my dad). I have a quick question if you have a sec – how would you go about adding the tab you mentioned? It seems really useful, but it’s beyond my meager skills to work it out. Thanks in advance!

  • Betz White

    Hi Kate!
    First of all I’d make the whole project bigger if you are making as a dop kit. I’d add the tab btwn step 6 and 7. Fold a little pc of twill tape and insert it between the layers of the zipper and the bottom seam. When you stitch across (step 7) it’ll secure the tab(s). It’ll be a little bulky but it should work!

  • Kate

    Betz, that makes perfect sense! Thanks for the advice!

  • Michelle | Cicada Studio

    What a tidy little bag. So cute, especially in this perfectly suited fabric.

  • Christine

    That Lawn Chair print canvas is a perfect pattern. I can almost feel the different strips.

    How do you sew so quickly? I’m jumping on the sewing machine now..maybe I can get this done soon.


  • technogoddess

    I made a box bag the other day to hold my crochet hooks… and I came to the same conclusion about the tabs!

    Loving the new fabrics. Thanks for the continuing inspiration!

  • Bella Crafts

    Love the fabric on the boxy pouch! I do want to sew one up.

  • zoesimm

    gorgeous projects….and just my size! With summer so fleeting here in Maine, I have a tough time rationalizing being inside playing while my gardens/lawn/beach beckon. thanks for the inspiration. Hope you’ll be back up this way in the future

  • Stacey

    Adorable project ideas. The lawn chair print is to die for!

  • Wendy

    Adorable bag. I love that fabric! I always envy people who sew!

  • Deb

    Thanks for posting that link! I had made a few of these and then lost the pattern; so I was looking for it. They are so cute, quick, and easy.

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