Pillows are a pretty easy and inexpensive way to change the decor in your home. Most of the time when I make a pillow, I sew the cover together leaving a small opening. I stuff a pillow form inside then hand sew the opening shut. This technique has served me well, but it’s not suitable for changing covers on your pillow forms. If you ‘re one for swapping out the covers with the seasons, for example, you’re better off with a pillow cover that either zips on and off or has an envelope back.

I made these using nice soft second-hand sweaters for the face of the pillows. They are all wool, but only the blue stripe and the fisherman cable have been felted. Really, you could use any kind of sweater or fabric, for that matter. Cut a square the same dimension as your pillow form (16″ x 16″ or whatever). If you use an unfelted sweater, overlock or zigzag the raw edges.

For the back of the pillow, cut another square out of an old flannel shirt, denim jacket, suit coat, dress shirt, suede vest, etc! Anything that already has some kind of placket or closure will work as your ready-made “envelope” closure for the back of your pillow.

You can center the placket, off set it, put it at a diagonal, however it works. Sew the pillow front to the pillow back, right sides together, around the entire perimeter. Turn right side out, stuff it with your pillow form, then button it back up. Done!

These pillows look nice, are comfortable and are meant to be used. You can have fun thrifting around for just the right front and back to put together. Or make them a little more meaningful by creating them out of a favorite garment that can no longer be worn. A while back I made one out of my son’s long outgrown cashmere fisherman sweater. He loves being able to *keep* his old sweater and to curl up with it on the couch.