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Announcing my NEW online workshop: October 12th to November 6th!

Join me this fall for my first-ever online workshop! No matter where you live we can gather together online to make wonderful felted wool projects for your holiday décor and gift giving. I’ll be teaching and working with you along the way through a combination of blog posts, downloadable PDF’s, and videos posted weekly, where participants can communicate with each other and with me. Projects will include ornaments, home décor and small gifts, designed especially for this workshop and are not available in my books or anywhere else!

Felt + Stitch Holiday is jam-packed with ideas, techniques and projects you can start making right away. Inspired by my book, Warm Fuzzies, this workshop will focus on small projects made with felted wool sweaters and/or craft felt. You will learn the basics of working with felt, a variety of applique and embellishment techniques, experiment with needle felting methods and more. Each week I will post wonderful holiday projects for you to make applying these techniques. I will share with you tricks of the trade. Even if you have never worked with felted wool before, you’ll complete this workshop feeling like a pro! You might also feel a bit like Santa with all of the gifts and décor you’ll create.

The 4-week workshop begins October 12 and runs through November 6. The c
ost of the workshop is $40. Once registered, participants will receive a password (via email) granting access to a special blog page created just for the workshop. Each Monday I will demonstrate a technique. On Wednesdays I will post a project for you to make using that technique.In addition to the workshop blog, there will be a private Flickr group where you can share your photos each week, ask questions and take part in discussions. Feel free to take the course at your own pace on your own time! All workshop content will be available to participants through the end of the year.

Registration opens today! Visit my shop for more details and tosign up now!

I’m really excited about this and I hope you are too! If you have questions you’ll most likely find the answers in the workshop listing info. If you think of something else, please feel free to ask!

***EDIT 10/2/09: The Workshop is now SOLD OUT! Thank you! To find out about future workshops, sign up for my email newsletter here.***
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  • jess gonacha swift

    this sounds amazing!!

  • Leslie

    Oh yay!! Since you won’t come back to Wisconsin to hang with me personally, this is the next best thing!! :) Can’t wait!

  • Kate

    This looks like so much fun….can’t wait to get started!! I LOVE your blog!

  • mayaluna

    Looks fantastic! I’m going to go shout about it!

  • Terriaw

    I think this is such a cool idea! I commend you for it! I always struggle with making holiday projects early enough so maybe this will give me inspiration and a push.

  • Bridget

    Hooray, this will be perfect for me! I just signed up, and can’t wait to get started.

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

    This sounds awesome! I’m signing up right now!

  • Plays with Needles

    Hi Betz! I just posted a link to your workshop on my blog. I was wondering…are all the workshop projects from the book or is there new material as well?

  • Marisa and Creative Thursday

    EEEEEE!! Congratulations Betz!! It looks wonderful!! not to mention it looks like SO much fun!

  • Betz White

    Plays with Needles,
    ALL NEW! None of the workshop projects are from my books or anywhere else!

  • Ann

    This looks amazing, but as I am about to move house, go on holiday and it is mid term, I will skip this one, but hope very much there will be others as I would really like to join you all. Have fun

  • Gail

    Ooh, really looking forward to this. I have a big pile of felted sweaters at the ready…

  • Adélie

    Just signed up :-).

  • flowrgirl1

    Thats sounds so fun!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Betz. Just wondering what skill level this is for. It sounds like fun! THanks. PJ

  • Betz White

    Hi Anonymous,
    I would say the skill level is maybe advanced beginner? None of it is too tricky, but I suggest knowing how to do basic machine and/or hand stitching.
    Hope that helps!

  • Kate


    DO you think you could temp us with a sneak preview of some of the projects?

    And can all of the projects be made with craft felt? I don’t have a stash of wool sweaters, it might put my marriage at risk if I tried to start one.

    Great idea! I hope you will consider doing one for Easter/Spring as well.

    Best Wishes for a creative day!

  • Betz White

    Hi Kate,
    Most of the projects will be able to be done in either craft felt or felted wool sweaters. Some will be better suited for one or the other, but in general both will do!

    I will try to do a sneak peek…I need to tempt without giving it away! :)

  • house on hill road

    i’m really looking forward to this, betz!

  • Gemma

    Wow! This sounds fabulous! What a fun way to kick off autumn :)

  • Zom!

    This is such a lovely idea! Is there a class size limit? I won’t be able to sign up until very near the due-date. Hope there will still be a spot!

  • MerryWA

    I live in a small country town in Australia, and we have very limited access to classes etc, so this sounds great. It might even make a good preesie for a friend!! I look forward to it.

  • thepowerofme

    wow! this is so awesome.

  • Kookababy

    I love your book warm fuzzies! Excited to see more.

  • Karen L R

    I gave you a shout out today!

    thanks for your fun ideas!

  • Lauren

    will there be a materials list included at the beginning of the workshop? I am just worried that every week I will be going out searching for materials to get done on time.
    Thanks for doing this, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Betz White

    Yes, I will be sending out a materials list asap. Less than 10 spaces are available in the class!

  • Jen T

    Any chance you can do another one since this one is sold out?? Please?

  • sarah

    Yah… maybe another workshop??? I jsut found the link on soulemama’s page and I”m too late!
    just wishing…

  • Anonymous

    Oh darn, I was too late! What a wonderful idea!! I hope you’ll be doing more workshops in the future. :D

  • MerryWA

    I hope with the sell-out success of your first workshop, that there will be another one. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the lucky ones & will be a bit more organised next time!

  • Betz White

    Yes! More workshops in the future! Stayed tuned by subscribing to my email newsletter at

  • Lana

    Oh Pooo! I was out of town working and just now able to get to the computer to sign up. How many are in a class and will you be doing another soon? Maybe I will get lucky and win the spot.
    Blessings, Lana, Scottsboro, AL

  • Pattygloria

    I really hope I can get a spot in any of your online workshops. I live very far from you but I will love to participate and learn some techniques online. Could be possible to have access to the videos?

  • Heidi

    oh, no…..I just read your announcement last week and now wanted to sign in….it’s sold out. :-(

    please let me know if there is still room for me, or when you teach us again!

    love your books and site!
    heidi (the netherlands)

  • LaraMGA

    I just find out that your workshop is already booked. Please let us know when will you open one again. This would have been perfect for me. Luv your stuff. (Dominican Republic)

  • martha

    Sold Out?! Drats…found out too late…

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, I missed it. Let me know if (when) you do this again!


  • stacey's sweeties

    I just started teaching myself to use wool, and felt sweaters. Definately my fav. new craft FOREVER!!!!I ran across you and your class on line and was so bummed I had just missed it. But you have offered a second and I get to take it. The possibilities are endless especially when you have someone as talented as you guiding the way:) Thanks

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