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I’d like you to meet a few friends of mine…

Oh, Hello!
Mind if we join you?
The gang’s all here!

Last spring I was hired to design this lively group of Kleenex boxes for the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. You might remember that I did a box for them last year. This group is being sold exclusively at Target! (Oh, like I need another reason to go to Target! I have to go stalk my Kleenex boxes now! lol!)

With their style direction, I drew and cut and stitched and appliqued these pieces in felt. They photographed my finished artwork and had it reproduced on the cartons. It was a lot of work on a short short deadline, but I loved doing it! This is the kind of project I never turn down. In fact, I’d love to illustrate a kids book someday with felt applique. It’s been on my *someday* to do list!

I love the new wedge shaped packaging, don’t you? So fun to arrange. And how do they get all that Kleenex in there?

I don’t know the official in-store date on these. (This set came straight from the company) But if I know Target, they’ll have their Christmas stuff out in full force November 1st! :) Please alert me of any sightings!

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  • Heather Sitarzewski

    Love them! I’ll be on the lookout on my next Target excursion! =) Nice job!!

  • daisy janie

    These are so very cool! I love how detailed they are in design as well as in the photography. It really looks the box is made out of a sweater!!! Neato!

  • Michelle | Cicada Studio

    Ack! How great is this? In every way?! Congrats on being so wonderfully represented!

  • EdaMommy

    What fun! Congrats!

  • Jennifer

    How fun, great job!

  • patricia zapata

    They all look awesome Betz! Congratulations! :)

  • julie k

    These are fabulous! I’ll be on the lookout for them at our Target. Fantastic job, Betz!

  • Sunset97

    these are awesome….just asked my hubby to be on the lookout for them since he works at Target…:)

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness, what a ton of work for you.. They are so cute and am looking forward to looking around Target.

  • Catherine [email protected]

    What a fun project! I will definitely have to make a trip across the border for a box or two! Congratulations!

  • Catherine [email protected]

    Oh these are beautiful. What a fun project! Congratulations! I will definitely have to make a trip across the border for a box or two!

  • KarinNH

    These are fantastic–so cheerful! Can’t wait to find them at my local Target.

  • Ann's Fashion Studio

    Congratulations! They look great :)

  • Sandi Henderson

    Oh I happened to read this on my way TO target.

    I’ll keep an eye out!


  • Diane at Crafty Passions

    So darn cute!!!
    We don’t have target in Canada… sniff… sniff…… so sad……
    They are adorable !!

  • City Chic

    Super cute! I’m at Target atleast once a week plus my husband works there, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

  • flowrgirl1

    those are awesome! congrats on the work.

  • Heather - CROQZine.com - Dollarstorecrafts.com

    How precious – they’re all really great. Almost makes you want to get sick so you NEED to use tissue out of one of those adorable boxes.

  • Betz!! this is SO cool. I LOVE them!!! I need to make my monthly {bi-monthly} Target trip and I am absolutely getting these!!!

  • AmberDusick

    Cute, cute, cute! Love the way the felt images turned out, at first I thought you decorated with felt ONTO a kleenex box and I thought, “wow, that is crazy” LOL It looks so realistic! A kids book with felt images is a great idea, I’d love to see that.

  • Lorrie

    Oh, I wish we had Target in Canada – these are so cute. I love the triangle shaped package.


  • LindaSonia

    Wowee… your designs are terrific!! That box shape is really unusual. Can’t wait to get my hands on one. Good job!! LindaSonia

  • Miki

    These are just adorable!!! I found the ones you did last year & I can’t wait to find these!

  • Beth Gales

    So darling!

  • greetingarts

    Was just at Target two hours ago, and their Christmas T-shirts and other clothing is already out. Didn’t walk down the Kleenex aisle, but I wouldn’t be surprised if your totally great designs are there right now, or within the week for sure!

  • Lianna

    Beautiful and brilliant!!! Congratulations!

  • simplymodernmom.com

    That is super adorable. I will have to go out an purchase some now.

  • Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

    I love them! They are awesome! I don’t mind an excuse to go to Target….

  • CrimsonBruin

    Wow, congratulations! These are GREAT! They will be my Christmas gifts — I’m not kidding!

  • Abby

    Holy cow! These are so cool! Way to go!

  • suee

    these are so cool!! too bad i won’t find them here in Malaysia! :”(

  • Tola

    they are on the shelf in my Target.

  • Expats Again

    I’ll have to order these online and have them shipped to me in Munich. They are adorable.

  • Georgia

    Oh! I am STILL on the look out for your other box with the doves (which I love). Now, I will have to go to Target (oh no- said with great sarcasm) to see if I can see these ones! Gorgeous. I love the idea of you doing a children’s book.

  • Plays with Needles

    Bravo!!! Congrats — that triangle shape is awesome! And thank you for one more reason to go to Target!

  • Pam

    TOO cute! Can’t wait to find them at Target. I bought the triangular watermelon boxes of Kleenex there over the summer…so glad to see your designs on the winter ones :-)

  • Susan

    Fantastically awesome, Betz! Way to go! I love the boxes so much.

  • mkayteem on scs

    Hi Betz –
    I’m one of your faithful readers that never comments. But, today I just have to tell you how awesome these are. I so loved the design you did on the box last year. That Kimberly Clark Company was very smart hiring you again this year. They are beautiful!!! Congrats!!

  • Beth

    Those are the best kleenex boxes I have ever, ever seen! Beth

  • Lauren


    Those tissue boxes are simply gorgeous. It will be like having all of the holiday craft with none of the work in my house. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!


  • amelia

    I will not be using the tissues, the box is worth keeping intact!

  • Astrid

    OMG! I have to go search for those! It took me some time to find your design last year but I kept searching. You really have such lovely ideas and designs!

  • Jenean

    These are SO cute!! Absolutely adorable! Great work and congratulations!

  • SisterDG

    Wowee! Congratulations, Betz! They’re adorable. I’ll do a little Target-stalking, too.

  • Anna van Schurman

    I think a children’s book illustrated in felt would be wonderful! I hope to see it in the future.

  • Lauren Ashley

    So gorgeous and festive.
    You should do Christmas cards!
    And the Children’s book-def. a must!

  • Claire Hurd Design

    These are fantastic – I love them! Such fun and beautifully reproduced on to the packaging.

  • Joy

    They are ridiculously gorgeous! Can’t wait to grab some when I go to Target. :)

  • Melissa Haworth

    Great job on the boxes! I’m sure you’ve seen this but my daughter has this book http://www.amazon.com/How-Big-Pig-Clare-Beaton/dp/184148959X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1256840240&sr=8-1 illustrated with stitched felt and I love looking at the detail–reminds me of your work :)

  • mayaluna

    Love it! That was quite a lot of work on a short deadline… you never cease to amaze me! My kids are going to love these, too! Might have to bring them and let them choose.

  • Sharon

    Well-done Betz! I love them! What a great opportunity for you. I can’t wait to get some…like you said…we all need another reason to go to Target don’t we!

  • Elisa

    Wow – those are so amazing! I love your blog…will have to come back to check out more. :-)

    Congratulations on the Target deal!

  • Cathy

    That is adorable. I found your last year’s design while out shopping with my sister. Now, mind you, she is not the creative type and she couldn’t understand the need to have that particular kleenex box. Even she had to admit they were cute. I’ll be on the lookout for those cuties!

  • Whosies

    i’ve been alerted and am now on the lookout of the cutest kleenex boxes EVER!!! yikes- :)

  • Amanda Pedro

    oh oh oh, I LOOOOVE them! ALL!! So inspirational.
    and how exciting to have so many!

  • Bug Bug Studio

    CUTE! …was just at Target and bought x-mas decorations today!

  • Monsoon

    Oh sure, last year i just had to buy one box…now 4 boxes…next year will it be 16? Seriously, they are adorable…I want that elf on a shopping tote bag so i can take him with him all season…Cute cute.

  • A Time for Stitching

    You’re so clever. The designs are gorgeous and all the characters have their own little personalities. I’m sure they’ll fly off the shelves.

  • Vickie Howell

    These are great, Betz! Congratulations!

  • abbie

    Oh so cute…I love the little mufflers up over the noses. Congrats on such a great project!

  • jenny b harris

    Oh my goodness! I must head to Target right now!!!

  • Eva

    I saw them yesterday in Target. Super cute!

  • Emy

    Hi there. I saw your kleenex boxes today at my local Target in Frederick, MD. They’re even cuter in person!!! :)

  • happy zombie

    I love them – love the designs, colors… even the shapes! Congratulations!

  • Jen

    How insanely cool! Ah-choo to you! :)

  • Lindsey

    Stop it! What a grand success! I am so proud of you. Can I ask, do projects like these just find you at this point, or do you still have to do a lot of work in marketing yourself?

  • Betz White

    Hi Lindsey,
    Thanks! I originally was asked to do a box last year (linked to it in the post) by a former co-worker/designer/friend that worked at Kimberly Clark. It’s not any sort of licensing arrangement, just a freelance job. They liked last year’s so they asked me to do more this year.

    And yes, I still have to market myself. :)

  • Anonymous

    The Target in Amherst, NY (suburb of Buffalo, NY – so Canadians, come on over) has them. I think Kleenex started the triangle shape in the summer with citrus/watermelon/summer stripe. The designs are really cute and they look wonderful in person. You did such a great job.


    I bought two boxes today! Lovely!

  • Lori

    I Love these! I actually just picked up a box tonight I decided on the trees but all of them are soooooo cute!

  • Matt, Jen, Addison, & Gavin

    So cute, and I just spotted them at our Target here in Holland, MI! Congrats!

  • Cathe Holden

    These felt designs take me back to books of my childhood, when paper cut-outs were often used for the illustrations. Your felt work is completely magnificent, and could NOT be sweeter. My most fav is the single snowman, arms raised, and the 3 trees.

    It will be so fun to find these in Target soon! Way2Go!

  • Organizing Mommy

    I’m so impressed! And you’ll never believe it: my Mom saw “Sewing Green” in the fabric store and bought it for me (and claims that she didn’t know I wanted it!)

    How can that be? it’s been the ONE thing I’ve wanted all fall!! Can’t wait to make the booties!

  • soilmama

    Bought 3 boxes today here in NoCal. The shelf looked pretty cleaned out already! Great job!

  • Ann Martin

    Really, really cute! Congratulations, Betz. I’m betting you’ll get to do more for next year.

  • Kimm Branch

    love these congratulations. can’t wait to go get mine. maybe tomorrow.

  • Mindful Momma

    I can’t believe you’re getting me in the Christmas spirit already!! I want one for every room! :)

  • Sarah

    I saw these yesterday at our Target in Newport News, VA and got the tree version. I was so excited to see something for sale by someone I “know”.

  • Anonymous

    I saw them! They are in Target stores in Georgia. Love them. By the way, there weren’t many left… they were already picked over!


  • Jeanne

    These are really darling! I haven’t seen them at my Target yet, but you can be sure I’ll be on the lookout!
    Love the shape too!

  • Becky

    Just bought four at the Target in Rockville, Md. Are you near there? They had plenty. Love them!

  • Melissa Crowe

    Felt-illustration is on my dream-plan list, too. LOVE your kleenex boxes!

  • Jennifer

    I just picked up the Elves and Trees last night. They are soooo cool!!! I’m really excited to put them out and brag to people how I follow your awesome blog! These aren’t just any box of Kleenex! :-)

  • Jennifer

    I wanted to tell you what an utter thrill it was for me to find and purchase these at Target! My son and husband both adore them, and didn’t give me the grief I might have expected for buying Christmas tissues (in the “is there nothing you won’t decorate for Christmas?!” vein). These just turned out beautifully and I hope they lead to more big commercial work for you.

  • Betz White

    Thank you Jennifer!

  • Pam

    Finally made it to Target today and picked up some of these…too cute! Helped put me in the Christmas spirit just putting them out :-)

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