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Announcing a new feature on my blog: Holiday Hints for Handmade Gifts!

Throughout the next month, I will be posting a selection of projects to make for the people on your list. Giving a handmade gift is like sharing a little bit of yourself with the ones you love. :)

Today’s Holiday Hint theme: Scarves! So easy to personalize, and they always fit!

Don’t let the name of this fool you, the Boyfriend Scarf is great for anyone. It is simply constructed by stitching long strips of felted wool sweaters together. Pattern available in my book, Warm Fuzzies.

The Tween Hooded Scarf, also from Warm Fuzzies, is for those big kids that are “too cool for school” or maybe “too stubborn to wear a coat”. It’s basically a felted wool hood with an attached scarf. I would’ve loved this to wear ice skating when I was a kid!

One last Warm Fuzzies scarf: the Shibori Scarf. Are you familiar with Shibori Felting? It’s a really fun technique that adds amazing bobbly texture to an otherwise flat felted knit.

The Foliage Scarf, from Sewing Green cover fame, is a great felted wool scrap user-upper. Making a brown, orange and red autumn version is on my list!

Last year I whipped up this Scarflette when I found myself wearing a scarf in our chilly house and was tired of it dragging in my soup. :) The simple how-tos are in this post from last January. (free!)

My Felted Heart Scarf, originally made for a Martha Stewart Show valentine feature, is still a favorite of mine. And, lucky for you, the free video instructions are still available on her website!

I mentioned the Spot-On scarf last month when it was featured in the Fall ’09 issue of Stitch Magazine complete with instructions!

And finally, an oldie but goodie and freebie: The Winter Floral Shibori Scarf. I designed this for way back in Winter ’06 for a feature called Frankenknits.

Phew! Eight scarves…is that enough variety to give you some ideas? I hope so! Stayed tuned for more Holiday Hints coming your way next week!

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  • blair

    I love all of these so much, but I’ve always wanted to try your shibori one in particular.

  • debi

    Hi, I just found you from twitter! Your scarves are really wonderful and so creative! Can’t wait to read more of your posts, thank you! debi

  • Jennifer

    Those are all beautiful, wishing I had better sources for felted wool.

  • Hollie

    i love giving handmade gifts for the holidays.. they are so much more personal!

  • Anonymous

    That’s great! thank you for your wonderful hints! I tried the thriftstore you recommended and it’s awesome & truely HUGE.
    Thanks, Betz!

  • mayaluna

    Wow! You are the queen of felted scarves! I’ve had the shibori one on my list (for me) since I bought Warm Fuzzies.

  • Kelly O.

    great post!

  • Heather - -

    Betz White, you rule! :)

  • Hashi

    Thanks for all the scarfy goodness!

  • Clasheen

    Great post!

  • Lianna

    Betz, I wanted to tell you that I LOVE my Warm Fuzzies book. I have not been very creative for a very long time, since before my son was born almost five years ago. But your book has really inspired me.

    I have Sewing Green on my Christmas wish list. :)

    Anyway, the scarves are wonderful! And I especially love your new Spot On scarf with your organic fabric. Gorgeous!!!♥

  • Jenn Doll

    I love your work! I am currently trying to track down your books at the local library! (it’s not easy!)

    Thanks for such awesome patterns & unique iteas!!

  • Rae Ann

    My, what darling scarves! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  • Marija

    Lovely!! I especially like the Tween Hooded Scarf. WOW!!
    I’m hoping to make this one pretty soon.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  • Rachel Carlson

    ahhhhh scarves. i ♥ them all. all different shapes, sizes, colors, warm fuzzienesses. thanks for the inspiration. i’ve been struggling with finding wool sweaters to felt. argh. i’m learning to be more resourceful because of it. i’ve resorted to using felt so far. warm hugs!

  • daisy janie

    You’ve totally inspired me!!! Love all of these, and I love scarves for *me*! I saw your spot-on scarf today when I was in B&N! What a terrific feature. Thanks for sharing B.

  • Lana

    OOOh! I am gonna love this new edition to your already fantastic blog! I have both of your books…LOVE them…and now I am going to get them out and get started on one of these really awesome scarves! Lana

  • Bird learning to fly...

    Loving the ideas, especially the tween headed scraf. My son is only 4 but thinks he’s “too cool for school” already, and refuses to wear a coat even when its freezing out!

    I might try this one and see if we can reach a compromise…fingers crossed!

    Thanks for the ideas and tuts!
    p.s. I have put your blog on my blogroll, hope this ok? it’s here:

  • A Time for Stitching

    Your scarf ideas are great. All so different and yet similar. They will make great presents – I wish someone I know would see this post and make one for ME.

  • Foy

    I love the scarflette. I too find myself wearing my scarf in the house and dragging it threw the sink or dinner. I generally wear it backwards, but I can see the advantage of a scarflette! Excellent idea.

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