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What’s better than a coupla’ new friends in your life? Especially when they are sweet, fun loving and always there for you. :) Meet my new critter friends, Squeak and Spike! The pdf pattern for making your very own is now ready in my etsy shop.

There’s a Mama size and a Baby size. The pattern has complete directions for creating both critters, the mouse and the hedgie. I used felted wool sweaters to create these, but any cuddly fabric would work, such as fleece, velour, sherpa, etc.

How cute would these be for Valentine gifts? Make them in bright colors, pink and red, or natural grays and browns with little pink ears.

Aww, they’re holding tails! Theirs are made with felted i-cord but there are so many options: a braid of yarn, a thick crocheted chain, upholstery cording or a strip of thick sweater felt. Their eyes are beads and their noses are felt balls.

Hello, Hedgies! Spike and his mama ought to be on cute overload. My son is completely in love with them and has already adopted them into his menagerie of stuffed animals.

And surprise…each critter has a little felt heart on their tums, that’s just how loving they are. *mwah*!

Can you tell we are having a major cute-fest over here? Reminds me of my days designing for the kids apparel industry. I loved when our samples came in from the sample room. Little baby garments all hanging together on a rack. We’d pick them up and dance them around to our own squeals of delight. Yeah, it could be a little nauseating, but when you make baby clothes, it’s all about the cute.

If you’re all about cute, I hope you’ll check out the new pattern. And remember, just one month until Valentines Day! :)

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  • The Cupcake Goddess

    These are darling! I love them! So so cute and perfect gifts.

  • Julie

    love them! I just ordered the pattern!

  • Alexandra Alcantara

    The most adorable creatures! I’m heading straight to your shop!!! woo hoooo!!my

  • _marguerite_

    Cute overload for sure!! I love the colour combo on mama squeak! These would be so sweet for one of my little nieces or nephew, and I have a feeling my cat and dog would each appreciate a little stuffie toy. How cat proof do you think squeak is?

    Best part, is that you recycled old sweaters to make these, i love upcycling stuff. You’re such an inspiration!

  • Michelle Engel Bencsko


  • Alexa

    OMG BETZ!!!!

    The hoglets are sooo cute! This pattern couldn’t have come at a better time! I just adopted a baby hedgie (my second one, named Snowflake) and have been looking for a cute hedgehog stuffie pattern so that I could make some to use at my wedding. Trust me when I say that this is THE BEST one out there.

    Now I have to go into sweater thrifting overdrive. My wedding is in April, I’ll be sure to show you pic of all the completed ones (I’ll need about 20…)


  • patricia

    Sooo cute!

  • Mrs. Darnell

    Too cute!

  • Pamela

    Gorgeous – already been and ordered my pattern.

  • Claire

    These are so incredibly cute! I can’t wait to make them. I’m off to get the pattern right now.

  • mimi k

    adorable! Good luck with your new pattern!

  • Jamie

    Who knew mice could be so darn cute.

  • Tiffany

    Super cute! Will have to purchase the pattern.

  • Carole B.

    These are so cute!

  • Rainy Daisy

    oh my. As someone I know might say, they are so cute, I could barf rainbows! hehe. The heart on the bellies is the pièce de résistance, the absolute epitome of CUTE.

  • Judy in Indiana

    OMG So Adorable! My kids will die if they see these. I will be making them soon for sure. Valentine’s Day is a great idea for giving these to the boys.

  • Brianna Soloski

    Those are very cute!

  • Diane

    Those hedgehogs are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  • Miaou

    oh those are just GORGEOUS!! The candy-striped mouse with the cabling details is just the best!

  • My name is Wendy . . .

    Hi there Betz,
    I’ve ‘tagged’ you for a 7 RED things game … hope you will play …?
    I love your blog & hope to get my hands on your book soon!
    Come & visit!

  • babelfish

    The hedgehogs are super-cute!

  • Jen

    Oh Betz, these are charming. Have you ever worked with alpaca felt? I’ve asked before but no response. I am working on producing alpaca felt… would love to know if you have had experience with it. These little creatures are marvelous. I wish I could make all of them today. Thanks for your response.

  • Betz White

    Hi Jen,
    Sorry! I don’t remember seeing your question. Do you mean felted alpaca sweaters? Yes, I’ve worked with them. I seem to recall them felting really well. If you mean flat felt made from alpaca, then no, I haven’t seen that.

    Hope this helps!

  • Sharon

    The little Hedggie is so precious! The other little one too, but I have a special feeling for the little hedggie…so cute and such talent!

  • ginny

    my smallest girl has a thing for hedgehogs and like your son, would also fall completely in love with these. they are super cute! i also know she would love to sew one.
    warmest wishes
    p.s. love your work!

  • K

    But they’re sold out? Can you really sell out a PDF download? We LOVE these. So sad.

  • Betz White

    Hi K,
    Please visit my etsy shop, they are not sold out. (The link in the post expired but it’s updated now.)

  • henzy

    oh they are so fabulously cute

  • Farmgirl Susan

    These are just too cute! Love the tummy hearts. Thanks for the smile – and for creating such wonderful critters! :)

  • Pam

    These are adorable – love the tummy hearts. My little one has been having a hard time at school lately. I just might have to make him a little mouse as a lunchbox buddy.

  • Anne

    Les hérissons sont trop beaux !

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