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Head on over to the online magazine Petite Purls to check out their new Spring 2010 green issue! You’ll find my Upcycled Water Bottle Sling project along with some fresh knitting and sewing projects, book reviews, an interview with Amanda Soule of Soulemama and more. You’ll see lots of familiar names and faces in this issue. Brandy and Allegra, the heart and soul of Petite Purls, have outdone themselves.

My project, the Upcycled Water Bottle Sling, is easily made from an outgrown pair of cargo pants. I can’t seem to part with these pants even after they have been long since outsized by growing legs! Besides, those pockets are too wonderful not to reuse.

Next nature hike this guy can tote his own water and have an extra pocket to stash tiny treasures. In fact, I found a special cherished pebble (from who-knows-when!) deep inside the pocket when I was making this project! For all of the How-To’s, pop on over to Petite Purls!

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  • Branchhomestead

    Love this! Thank you for another clever idea. Especiallly love the sentiment about the pebble it seems so familiar.

  • jaki

    That’s just my young man needs! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    …and I have to say I LOVE your rainbow pussy willow from a couple of posts ago!!

  • Rita Domingues

    What an original idea! I’m sure I’ll try it!

  • Jessabells

    Great idea!! I could see doing a back pack with a draw string at the top too. Great for hiking!

  • CMonsterC

    Great idea, great for hiking and camping


  • xt

    Betz, I love this. Sewing machine is out. Can’t wait for a break so I can make a couple of these. xo, xt

  • Heidi Ann

    That is such a terrific idea! Handy little bag!

  • Robyn - Coffee and Cotton

    Oh Thank you! I have sooo many pant legs saved from years of raising 6 boys. I have used them for many things but hadn’t thought of this. Again, thank you!!

  • Sharon

    How clever! Love that it is something for the males in the family…they come up short sometimes in the craft department! thank you betz for another fun inspiration.

  • Sara

    So neat! I made a very similar “purse” for my daughter out of a beloved pair of pants.

  • mayaluna

    As said multiple times: summer camp project coming up!

  • patricia

    Great idea and very much needed around here! Thanks!

  • Lone

    What a great idea.. Love it..


  • Anonymous

    Great idea! I’ve been looking for a cute waterbottle holder to sell at the flea market!

  • Antonella

    Wow, assolutamente geniale!!!

  • The Sitting Tree

    This is perfect for all those cargo pants nmy boys have with holes in the knees!! Thanks for sharing~

  • random Cindy

    Sweet about the pebble. My son does the same. My daughter collects acorns. They don’t always wash as well. I love to repurpose the cutoff legs of outgrown pants too! Those cargo pockets are perfect aren’t they? Love the lining, too bad my son won’t wear button up shirts. Maybe I’ll use one of his dad’s.

  • themsrevolution

    thanks for this idea! my boys are going to love these, and i know just the pants to “upcycle.”

  • Susan

    I LOVE this idea for my little man! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

    Made these last week for a hiking trip. Great tutorial! No questions or problems at all. Here’s a link to my project,

  • Brilliant! I’ve got tons of outgrown cargo pants to use for this project. I don’t want to give them away because they are too lovely.

  • A tai-tai

    Hello, I live in Spain and have a little blog in spanish, and I’m planning to translate my favorite tutorials and share them with my few readers, and of course yours is one of them, would you mind me to translate it and use your pictures? Of course I will explain it is yours, and add a link to your blog, and to the Little Purls entry. Regards and Happy New Year, Gloria

  • Betz White

    Hi Gloria,
    Yes, you can translate this for your blog with links back here, thanks for asking. Please send me a link to yours.

  • Kristy

    This is an ingenious idea! Love it!My boys would be proud to use this! Thanks for sharing!

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