Earth Day, Every Day

April 22nd is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Earth Day was designed to inspire awareness and appreciation of the earth’s environment. Shouldn’t every day be Earth Day?

In honor of Mother Earth and her day, I am giving away a Sample Set of my Indian Summer Collection, printed on 100% organic cotton sateen.

Even more exciting? I’ve teamed up with 11 other fabulous like-minded organic fabric designers for a blog-hop give-away! All of us believe so strongly in the importance of choosing fabrics made with organic cotton vs. conventionally grown cotton, we want to shout it from the mountaintops!

So what are you waiting for?! To enter my give-away, leave a comment on this post. In your comment, answer this question: What kinds of projects would you most like to use organic fabrics for: Baby items? Home Decor? Clothing for yourself? Please, let me know! Contest closes at 10:00am EST Monday, April 26, 2010.

Now, click yourself over to the other eco-fabulous (and generous!) fabric folks for more give-aways!

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Cottage Industrialist
Daisy Janie
Harmony Art
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Swanky Swell
Umbrella Prints

Happy Earth Day!

***Comments closed, thank you !!!***


  • right now, it will be for me… I need it for my moral and for myself.
    thank you

  • Oh fun. Organic fabric for baby items definitely — bibs, loveys, blankets, clothes…

  • Oh, I’m thinking summery sleeveless shirts for my daughter and myself.

  • Wow Betz I would LOVE to win this, I have been so enjoying the fabric I bought from you earlier in the year.
    If I won I think I would make clothing for myself -the thought of organic cotton next to your skin is a much nice one than ordinary old cotton.

  • Oh fun. Organic fabric for baby items definitely — bibs, loveys, blankets, clothes…

  • those colors are lovely! I would use organic fabrics mostly for baby products as I have a 10 mo. old grandson and another grandchild on the way in August!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  • WOW! What a fabulous giveaway! If I won, I would be making up some accent pieces for my kitchen! I’m loving organic fabrics for home decor! CHEERS!

  • I would most like to make something for one of my sweet girls to wear using these bright and gorgeous prints!
    Thanks for the chance to win, loads of fun! :)

  • Absolutely beautiful fabrics. I would make some type of bag, or maybe some summer curtains or an apron.

  • Nice! I would like to create animal shape pillows. I have two dachshunds (Odie and Picasso) at home and they are my inspiration ;)

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    – Julia

  • I would use them to dress up this vintage, khaki wrap skirt I’ve had for a few years. It needs something “extra” and these patterns would be great!

  • Fantastic giveaway! The indian summer fabrics are my favourite out of all your ranges. I’m just starting out in quilting so would love to use them to make a picnic mat – ideal for the indian summer we are supposed to be looking forward to in the UK!

  • I would make a quilt to wrap myself, or one of my kids, up in.


  • Thank you for the giveaway! I would use organic fabrics for pillow covers for the bed, duvet covers/bed quilts, and definitely baby things.

  • kim

    oooh….baby items for sure….maybe some fabric balls or a nice doll….

  • I’d love to use these fabrics to make some cute bags!

    jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

  • Beautiful prints! I think I would make some new pillow covers!


  • quilt, quilt, quilt!

  • I think I’d have to make a quilt with them.. with some organic cotton batting.. How clean/green would that be!

  • SO excited. I love your prints!
    I would most like to make clothes for myself, my daughter and nieces.


  • Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. I would use the fabrics for some fantastic covers for my kitchen appliances!

  • If I won I would make a hat for my daughter, maybe some bibs for baby to be but I also think the fabric would look adorable on some old camp stools I have

  • I’d like to use organic fabrics for everything, of course, but right now I’d some cottony summer clothes for myself, since that’s what I’m most short of right now!


  • I’d most likely use organic cotton for myself, since I mostly sew for myself.

  • Ana

    If I win, I will save your fabric for kids’s clothes. I hope I do!!

  • I would like to use your fabrics for a fabulous summer purse. My fingers are crossed.

  • clothes for my children and homewares, who wouldn’t want to look that those great fabrics all day!

  • Oh, I am so a quilt girl though definately not an expert! I think the next job on my project list is a skirt for me. Thanks for organising this great give-away!

  • Awesome, who doesn’t like the wonderful fabric you make!?!

    I’d probably use it to make some brooches or tea wallets or loyalty card wallets – the options are endless. :)

  • I’d use them for home decor. Lots of cutains, window treatments, pillows, etc. Pillows are the most likely candidates.

  • love! i would totally make a bag or some pillows!

  • I would love to make some clothing for myself with these great fabrics…..that way I could spread the word if I wore them out or to work.

  • I have been wanting to make an organic baby quilt for a while :)

  • I love making baby items from organic fabrics….they are all so beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • The colors in the fabric are just screaming out summer time! I would just love to create something with it using crochet or knitting. I think it would make an adorable summer time top or maybe an eye catching table runner. Keep up the creativity!

  • ooohhh … so pretty. I would be all over the home decor projects with your lovelies! I so hope you pick me :)

  • I would love to make a new set of placemats and napkins for Spring!

  • I’m tempted to answer that I’d love to make pillows for our sun porch but I have 2 new grandchildren so I’d probably make some wonderful baby clothes!

  • Anonymous

    I second “Tish” above — quilts, quilts, quilts …
    miss_sarah_e_brown (at) yahoo (dot) ca

  • What lovely colors you have in that collection at the top of this page! I would love to make a quilt out of some of your yummy organic fabric!

  • I’m remembering these reversible wraparound skirts with buttons that my mom made me when I was a kid…loved them…that’s what I have in mind, but on my own sewing maching now!

  • What a fantastic idea! And a great way to spread the word and share lovely things. There is always something to do with such beautiful fabrics.


  • Oh, pick me, pick me!
    How lovely they would be!
    A quilt, a bag, a jacket…
    it would fill me with such glee!

  • I would most likely make either a baby quilt or a tote bag with these fabrics.

  • Clothes for my daughter, a baby gift, or a quilt. Beautiful fabric!

  • I would love to make my granddaughter a lovely hat and for me a tote bag….

    Lovely fabrics..

  • I am loving all the earth day festivities, i would like to make reusable snack packs to carry healthy natural snack in for school and with any luck a tunic so i can carry the greatness of this fabric where ever i go.

  • Oh I love your prints there yummy! What a great giveaway too!

  • I think clothing for babies and children. Organic is certainly good for everything – keep ’em coming!

  • I’m looking for the perfect fabrics for a pair of floor cushions I’d like to make because my husband likes to sit on the floor.

  • Oh, all of the above! I don’t think that its the finished product that determines whether or not the fabric used is ecofriendly, but rather the fact that I’m trying to make a difference. That said, I’d love to use big pieces of organic cotton to sew into flowy skirts or cute dresses for myself. I also think bags would be super fun to make from smaller pieces. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • These would make a super cute bag.

  • b3a

    What a great fabrics. I’d like to use it for my 2 y.o girl clothes.

  • Perhaps not very original, but I would make napkins because I love to set a nice table and I can never have too large of a collection of napkins!

  • Oh, I have been wanting to make a sun hat from an amy butler pattern. Or perhaps some fabric balls for indoor volleyball, etc. But of course these colors would look great in a fun beach bag as well. Oh, the choices…

  • I love to make baby items with organic fabrics!

  • Your fabric is so beautiful! Happy Earth Day! I am on a pillow kick and would love to make some from your fabric.


  • Anonymous

    A beautiful shoulder bag for browsing antique shops and markets would be my vision for these beautiful fabrics. x

  • I am determined to make my first quilt this year. after my purse. and wallet. and sunglass holder. and cell phone holder. and apron…..

  • Happy Earth Day. I would do baby quilts.

  • I am knee deep in home improvements so I would use it for home decor!

  • home decor would be my focus – pillows in my living room :)


  • Soooo pretty!

    I’ve been knitting with organic yarn, but giving away the results…it would be exciting to sew something with organic fabric – for myself! :)

  • I would love to have some of the material to make curtains and pillows for my craft room! The colors are so delicious, fun, and fresh, just perfect for a room that is designed to inspire creativity!

  • I’d use it for my quilting! I do all hand-sewing, so having sumptious organic cottons to hold while stitching makes a big difference!

  • Love these fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway. I’d definitely make some kids stuff, and I’m also thinking these colors would look great in my kitchen.

  • I’d probably make some baby items, like a fabric ball or other small toys!

  • I would probably use them for clothes or totes. (: Or possibly an apron. Happy Earth Day! :D

  • Erin

    What a great giveaway! I’d likely use this for a cute patchwork bag.

  • Of course, I like organic fabrics for baby/toddler quilts and clothing, but the one project for me that requires organic fabric is pillow cases. I make a lot of them and the thought of laying my head on and inhaling formaldehyde and chemicals while sleeping is nightmarish (pun intended).

  • I would most like to use organic cotton for baby items.

  • I would make some gorgeous skirts for my little girls.

  • lovin’ the indian summer collection patterns and colors! Sateen – yay! I think they would make lovely purse linings and organic lavender sachets with any extra fabric. Yay, Earth Day!

  • Your fabrics are so pretty! I’d make some sort of purse, probably quilted. Thanks for the beautiful give-a-way!

  • Your fabrics are so beautiful, I’d definitely make some interesting home goods with them!

  • such gorgeous + rich colours in your fabrics, i love them! i have been wanting to start a new line of organic baby goodies for my shop, that’s where they’d go!

  • Hi, I would love to win this great prize. At the moment I’m into making bags & my daughter is just learning how to sew, so I’m sure she would love to help out!!

  • I would love to try a quilt w/ organic fabric. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  • I like using organic cottons for myself – clothing, bedding, etc. I like knowing that i’m exposed to fewer chemicals!

  • A quilt for a baby gift for a sweet little girl!

  • home decor,banners, little stuffed cutie pies!!

  • I would love to make a skirt with your fabrics. Looks so fun!

  • I love the colors! I would use it for quilting, something for my toddler, home decor and/or bags.

    Thanks for caring about the environment!

  • I would love to make some pillows or cover my corkboard for my designs area of my studio! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Your fabrics are beautiful!

  • Ria

    I would say home decor, because my baby is now 13, and I’m so clueless when it comes to sewing. Your books have really been wonderful, and I’m no longer totally undone when I see a pillow, lol. Thanks! :) My hubby thinks you are great because I’m finally using the sewing machine I had to have 20 years ago!

  • Yeah! I love this give away ya all are having! I woud love to make beautiful reusable lunch bags w/ my fat quarters.


  • Nicki C K

    Awesome! I LOVE all of your prints and LOVE that they are eco-friendly! I’m thinking I would make a matching mother daughter outfit for sure and maybe a tie for the hubs, so we can all look great for our summer family photos. Thanks for the chance to win this very generous giveaway. I’m not a blogger, yet. Or I would definitely blog about your giveaway. Just a dedicated reader. ;-)
    [email protected]

  • Awesome giveaway! I can’t wait to click around and see the others too. I am expecting in August and can’t wait to use some organic cottons on my little one to-be!

  • Oooo, home decor! More delicious fabrics to quilt with!

  • This is a fabulous giveaway! I love your Indian Summer fabrics. I’d use your organic fabrics for feminine,flirty and eco-friendly clothing for ME.

  • I love using organic products for baby items. They’re so soft, and there are great patterns available. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Sue

    oh my, I would be making quilts, baby products and kids clothing with these beautiful fabrics. The chemical element is always a concern for me.

  • Either a few bags OR some home decor items! Thanks for the chance!

  • this collection is beautiful. I can really see your fabrics being used for baby, there are not enough gender neutral and cheerful colours out there for babies and toddlers

  • Sam

    Oh Happy Day. A wild wide ankle skirt.

  • Sound awesome and the fabrics look great.

  • I think the organic fabrics would be lovely in a quilt. :)

  • I’m interested in organic fabric to make baby and kids clothing.
    Thanks a lot!

  • I am thinking a tote made from this fabric would be great – save the earth – use reuseable totes,

  • Count me in. I’d probably make a home decor item or a new bag for myself.

  • muy lindos estampados!!!…y FEliz Dia!!!

  • Your fabrics are gorgeous! I would probably use organics mostly for babies and children.


  • I have never used organic cotton fabric before so I would love to win this giveaway and give it a try! I’m thinking of making bags and pouches with them and maybe coasters?the fabric design are all so beautiful.

  • Ooh! I’m so excited to go check out the other shops, too. I definitely want to learn to sew, to make little things for myself to wear. I rarely find such awesome and inspiring prints at the store. But I would also love to make some matching things for my best friend’s newborn baby girl. I want to make her everything!

  • I write a wedding blog and am making a conscious effort to make my wedding eco-friendly and trying to reduce our carbon footprint.

    P.S. I love this giveaway!!

  • beautiful- please count me in!

  • I love to use it for my daughter!

  • Organic cotton, a must for projects for my grandchildren and anything for babies. Let’s not pollute the next generation!

  • I would make grocery bags out of them. I can never have enough you know and they’d be so stylish in these fabrics. Thanks.

  • being pregnant I would love to make cute baby things. Thanks for the great giveaway, and Happy Earth Day!

  • I would love to use these gorgeous fabrics for baby #3! :)

  • I would love to make a quilt! Love the fabric.

  • They are beautiful. I see some cute tote bags or a bag of some type. But they are so lovely that a quilt would be fabulous too.

  • These are beautiful! I like to use organics for baby things, but every now and then I like to treat myself.

  • If I won, I’d be adding these beautiful fabrics in my recycled military uniform bag designs.

  • I love your organic fabrics. I would SO love to put these to use on things for my children. Happy earth day.

  • I’d like to use organic cotton for everything I make. I’d use your Indian Summer collection in a lovely baby quilt!

  • Organic fabrics seem to have such a nice feel and quality to them – I’d love to make a skirt and sundress for myself from them!

  • Oh my. Um..a purse, a baby blanket, hats, baby shoes, little girl skirt or dress, pillow cases, fabric birds…anything a beautifully folded piece of fabric can dream up. Something worthy, something lasting, something you can show the world, something useful and soft. Please come to my home. I’ll use you. Wisely. :)

  • I make teapot and mug cozies, admittedly the fabric I use hasn’t been sustainable or organic to date (shame) but that is changing shortly! Some of these bright prints would look great in teapot cozies!

  • Thank you for the giveaway…I would love to make some fun pillows for my window seat. Beautiful fabrics!

  • Baby items *and* decor – some new covers for the big floor pillows in the Infant Room in our small child care program. Good for the babies, and sweet on our eyes!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • I’d love to use organic fabrics for baby items. My brother and his wife are having a baby this fall and it’d be great to have organic homemade baby items for them!

  • I love taking the pesticides out of crafting! Most of the fabric I would like to use for pillows (bright colored ones to go with our single colored bed -boring-) and the scraps I would save for a quilt.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Awesome! My son has sensitive skin, so I love making/buying him clothes with organic cotton.

  • I would make baby quilts with the fabric. Good point, Earty day should be the norm.

  • i love it! i think i would make a sipper pouch or maybe a few bibs for my brothers new baby!

  • sb

    This is so generous! I’d live to make me a skirt, then go to town making baby things. (I’m a sucker for simple baby dresses and pants in bright patterns.)

  • I would certainly use it for baby items. I’m sewing for a baby due August 5th :)

  • Amy

    I would use organic fabrics for anything that spends a lot of time next to the skin — so clothing for people of all ages and quilts. These are really lovely. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would most like to use organic fabrics for home decor and quilting. I’m glad to see that more organic options are appearing in the fabric world.

  • I would love to make something for myself with these gorgeous fabrics! A cute summer skirt, or maybe an apron :) Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • Jen

    People love giveaways! Wow! I would love to win but wanted to let you know I am about to get heavy into felt. I purchased a felt loom and am embarking on a felt journey. Hoping to make alpaca felt. I made my own felt bag for Earth Day. I sure do love working with felt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I would make a make up brush bag & some little pillows for my face.

  • I would love to make a skirt!

  • Baby items? Home decor? Clothing for myself? Yes, yes and yes!!! I love the idea of using organic cottons.

  • I would totally make myself some flirty but work-appropriate skirts. I want to show the world how chic it is to go organic!


  • With 7 girls there’s always some sort of a sewing project going on at our house. I’d use the fabric to make some peasant style dresses for my 6 month old.

  • Oh how wonderful! I would make a bag or maybe a tunic for myself. Anything would look fabulous and fun with those fabrics!

  • So bright and colourful and lovely!


  • I would love to make more purses, tote bags and handbags. I love the rich, intense colors of your fabrics.

  • pollyD

    I am a quilter who would love to go organic and show it with a nice springy quilt using those lusciuos colors!! I don’t buy much fabric as I’ve saved so much from old projects, but would love to start using your color range as my keepers tend to be browns and greens. Those oranges and purples just POP!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  • Beautiful fabrics. I love the colors. I’d make great little bags to use for my kids lunches and some clothes for my friend’s little girl and maybe even some extra wonderful dog collars for our pooches and…

  • I am not 100% sure what I would make. I have never used organic material before. I would though try to make me something with it. I like to make a few things for me.

  • What gorgeous fabrics. I would love to make pretty bags and headbands for my friends!

  • What could be better than ethical, organic purses and bags?

  • I really love home decor and your fabric collection will be perfect for my bookbinding projects.

  • I can see myself using your beautiful fabric for home decor. The colors would work well in my home! Fingers crossed that I win!


  • Definitely something for the kids, they fit perfectly for my project. Thanks for sharing with us your ideas.

  • Amanda N.

    Thank you for this opportunity. After staring intently at your beautiful fabric, I thought a “Mother Earth” raggedy doll would love a dress from these! A little green organic yarn hair could top it off!

  • OOh so many choices. but definitely a dress for my daughter and maybe coordinating shorts for my son.

  • Definitely some home decor kind of stuff – maybe my first little quilt?

  • The flowery fabric I would use for a skirt. Part of the other for a mini quilt and left-overs for fabric baskets.

  • Janiebird

    First I would just drool over the fabric and then I would make pillow cases with crocheted edgings. Beautiful!

  • Great giveaway! Beautiful fabrics! Please count me in! I would love to make quilts for kids.

  • I’d love to enter if only because I never seem to be able to find much lovely fabric where I live.

  • Hi Betz,
    I read your blog every day, but am embarrassed to say that I have never left you a comment.
    I love your organic cotton prints and would like to make some quilted tote bags or handbags with them.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  • Tam

    OMG! With such rich deep colors I would have to go to my roots and make a fab article of clothing to sport all summer long!!!!1

  • Happy earth day!
    I’d most like to wrap my wee ones in beautiful organic fabric. They and the earth deserve only the very best and gentlest

  • hola! me encataria ganar el concurso! ya que en mi pais no se consiguen telas de algodon con lindos diceños! ni hablar de que sea organico!!!
    ami me encanta hacer cosas para decorar la casa! asique con tus telas haria almohadones para mis sillones y mantas para la cama!
    te agradezco la posibilidad de tener tus telas! son geniales!!! ojala tenga suerte!
    un beso
    la chio de cordoba argentina

  • I would love to do some totes for myself please!


  • Sue Bee

    I would love to use organic cotton in home. Some really comfy scatter cushions on the sofa. Yummy!

  • I would definitely make something for a friend’s baby. She is due in July and will receive tons of presents from us.

  • I would make a skirt for me and a romper for my little one. Oh….that would be sweet *dreams*

  • I would love to wear a dress of this beautiful organic cottons. And of course one for my niece. :-)

  • Meg

    First of all I have to say that all these fabrics are so lovely! I would probably use them for something practical — like coin pouches or passport cases :) I’m sure they would look great in these colours!

    Thank you for the chance! Happy Earth Day!

  • beautiful colors. I would like to use for Home Decor and pretty bags.
    I like your blog very much.
    greatings Ulrike

  • Cat

    I love using organic cotton – and most of my sewing is for my kids!

  • The fabric is beautiful! I would make myself a summer bag. Thanks for the giveaway and happy earth day to all!

  • Beautiful AND organic fabric, what a wonderful treat! I would certainly made home decor, that way I could look at it all the time. Patchwork, pillows, everything. Bags! Clothing for myself. I would love to hand sew pockets and details using this lovely fabric.

  • What a fantastic giveaway, I’ve never used organic fabric before, even though I know I should. I think they would be fabulous for making into one of my bags….I’d love to design an eco range. thanks for the inspiration and fab prize.

    Emma :D

  • hi there,
    love your fabrics and your felty designs,
    love organic fabric…and loving the giveaway!
    what would i use organic fabric for? in an ideal world…EVERYTHING!

    happy earth day!

  • Definetely baby items. I love a cute little skirt made of great fabric (and with a clean conscience).

  • I agree that earth day should be every day!!
    I would make cushions for my daughter – she loves purple.
    Teresa x

  • We’re moving In July so I’d stash it till then and make some cute things for around our new place. Or i’d just piece it together and make myself a skirt.

  • Baby items!!!!I love the idea of using organic cottons.Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • Wow, fantastic fabric. I am thinking it would be good to make some lovely cushions for my new house. Best wishes.

  • Thanks for that great giveaway! I guess I would try to include your fabric in some of my textile jewels, or perhaps use some as appliques on bags? Anyway, I suppose I would wait until I find the best project for it!

  • Zie

    Thank you! It’s so lovely! I’m thinking at least some of it would be lovely as a summery skirt

  • My first impulse (and, I bet, every mom’s) is to say baby items. All the best for baby, of course. But then, I think the answer is really everything, at least for me, organic is less about what it does for the wearer, and more about what it does to the planet. Which, in the end, is still about making things better for baby.
    Specifically, the lovely fabric you’re giving away would make a great bag. Or I might re-upholster some seats.
    Thanks for the chance, and for all the inspiring blog posts!

  • What a great giveaway! I would love to make myself something to wear with them or maybe something for my sisters baby when it arrives in summer!

  • Earth Day is going to hurt my wallet I can see it. Such wonderful designs, cant believe I have found you before now.

  • Lovely fabrics! I love them!!!!

  • Your fabric is gorgeous! I found you via Ink & Spindle. I would use it to make bunting and pillows for a child’s room…and maybe some toys too.

    elissa at iinet dot net dot au

  • Well I try to use organic, eco-friendly or repurposed fabric for all of the above. But seeing as I never seem to have the time to sew anything for myself, I would absolutely love to take time and make myself a skirt from your gorgeous fabric!

  • Happy Earth Day to you,
    Happy Earth Day to you,
    Happy Earth Day dear planet,
    Happy Earth Day to you!

    Do I have to choose? I think I’d love to use organic fabrics for clothing and home decor stuff!

  • Well, I have no babies so I can be selfish and say any organic material I get gets sewn into clothing for me – skirts and dresses mostly at the moment as I’m trying to get ready for summer!

  • What gorgeous fabrics, and what a brilliant idea!

    I would incorporate those fabrics into a quilt, letting those colours shine big and bright when I’m curled inside the quilt on a cold grey day. :)

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhh…What a fabulous giveaway! I would love to win this great prize…Happy Earth Day

  • i love the idea of rejuvinating old found/handed down/thrifted/second-handed furniture with a fresh new organic fabric reupholstering – makes it all the more worthwhile for the environment. of course, i have yet to learn how to do this but that can happen, or i can pay someone else who is much more talented to do it for me!

    thanks for the great giveaway opportunity

  • I would use this fabric in a lovely quilt with all organic materials used. I have recently joined the quilting/sewing world so this is so exciting!

  • Janeohio

    Much as it would look beautiful in my home – I would have to choose me. There is nothing like the feel of organic cotton on your skin. Also – skin being the largest organ – why place pesticide laced fabric next to it.

  • Homewares I think! Something nice for the kitchen.

  • what a great way to celebrate earth day! fingers crossed…

  • becky

    I need some summer skirts and some really funky curtains

  • I love making clothing, bags, pillows, quilts, wall art, napkins…you name it and I love to make it.

    Happy Earth Day!

  • Happy Earth day!
    I would use the fabrics for children’s clothes and possibliy for home decor. Thank you for the opportunity :) !!!

  • I would love to make some cushions for our new apartment!

  • I would make pillow cases to decorate my bedroom.
    Thanks for the chance. Those fabrics are beautiful!

  • Happy Earth Day to you too! Lately I’ve been making small project bags for my knitting friends. . .that would be a great use of your sample stack, I think! For most of my projects I’ve been using scraps and discards. . .not organic cotton, but certainly Earth friendly!

  • For my sweet girl and for all home items.

  • Make something? I would just have to stare at it for a long time first and pet it a while before I could even THINK about cutting it! Lovely!

  • First, let me tell you how gorgeous your fabrics are! As for sewing, quilt, probably. I haven’t sewn garments since high school, but I think I’d love to tackle a cute top or two. Plus, I have a new baby cousin due in May. Choices!

  • id most like to use organic fabrics in baby quilts. thanks for achance.

  • What beautiful fabrics! I think I would use them in my house as I spruce it up for spring.

  • I think that I would most like to use organic fabric for baby items and also for some gifts for people that I know who are especially environmentally conscious.

  • What a great idea. I love the versatility of your designs! I’m thinking home decor these days.

  • Love the fabrics! Since my daughter is a toddler and I love making stuff for her, I would go all out and probably try to make a dress that is too hard for me to make…but alas it would get finished! Then, when people ask who made it, I could tell them I did, and not only did I make it but the fabric is ORGANIC!

  • I would use it to make a quilt for my daughter going off to college! Happy Earth Day!

  • Pretty, pretty! New pillow covers for my couch have been on my to-do list for a loooonnnngg time. These fabrics would be perfect!

  • Happy Earth Day!!!
    my answer is: Baby items and Clothing / Home Decor

  • Such a beautiful celebration of Earth Day! I would make some kitchen items- Beautiful colors to brighten a space in the house where we spend so much time as a family. And an everyday reminder through the year of what earth Day stands for! Thank you for this! Fiona

  • gorgeous fabrics! I like organic cotton for clothing and I really need to make myself some new summer shorts and dresses. Some new pillow cases would be great too.

  • Happy Earth Day! I would use the fabric for home decor…we are getting ready to have to move to a new state and new house! Thanks!!!

  • Meredith

    Hmmm… I think I’d like to make some new pillows for my family room, that’s what I’d make. Love your prints!

  • I would use organic fabric for baby items. I just recently found a pattern for a cute changing pad that I want to try out. Happy Earth Day!

    singer.jen at gmail dot com

  • Baby items for sure. Babies are so protected in our bodies for so long that is seems a shame not to wrap them in organic or natural fibers when they join us on the outside.

  • Those colors (goldenrod! bittersweet! peacock!) — and their names — are lovely. I’ve been wanting to try making clothes using cotton sateen.

  • I can see my three little girls in coordinating summer dresses…oh, how lovely it would be!!! I just think these fabrics are SCRUM-YUMMY!

  • wonderful fabric! For me, I would likely use it to make quilts – not sure if it would be a charity quilt but most likely cause I try to get at least 10 a year to donate to local charities for women and children…

  • Mareike23

    Having sensitive skin I would definetly use the lovely fabric for myself – but all around me my friends are having babies – so I could use the scraps for making little welcome gifts

  • Hi, I’d make knitting accessories like sock project bags and needle holders, etc. :) Your fabric is lovely.

  • Vera

    Happy Earth day! I would make myself a summer bag. thanks for the great giveaway

  • Miscellaneous projects that I’ve been wanting to do… a tote bag for myself, lunch bags for the family, organizational pouches for the house. I’d love to decorate my life with these fabrics – they’re GORGEOUS! Thanks for the very generous offer!

  • baby definately…but also for me…it’s good to think…to try and incorporate a little more “organic” into your life each day… thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would use your fabric for myself…I have 2 old deckchairs that need refurbishing, one of them was a big garbage day find, and they would look fabulous decked out (pardon the pun) in some of your fabric.

  • That fabric is fantastic! I’ve been into making fabric totes for myself and others lately. So much better than those darn plastic bags. I’ve also got a couple toys lined up to make for my son, I just haven’t had the opportunity to find the right fabric. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

    ~Rae Lynne

  • Hi Betz, I would use that gorgeous fabric for anything and everything!!!

  • What gorgeous fabric. I would use it to try and make my kiddies some clothes or toys I think.

  • I need to make some pillow cases and a new apron. Lovely lovely lovely!

  • Definitely home decor…”springing” up the place!

  • everything. I would like to make everything from clothes to curtains to kitchen towels from organic cottons. such cute patterns of yours! here I go hopping away!

  • Thanks for the contest!

    Until I can finesse my sewing skills, I’ll go with home decor and clothes, specifically PJ pants, summer skirts, and cloth napkin sets.

    Lovely prints!

  • With this lovely so soft fabric, I would do
    fun colorful summer pants for my son
    Pillow cases for us 3
    A cute and simple tank top for me
    matching shorts for Daddy and his boy
    a little dress,
    and a changing mat for baby cousin
    and if there’s some left, a beach bag that I’ll tug under my arm throughout summer vacation
    : )
    Thank you for the inspiration !

  • lara

    Spring play clothes for my kids! The patterns are beautiful and inspiring!

  • I would love to make an all organic quilt. I haven’t bought any organic fabric yet & would love to try it out! :) Beautiful fabrics!!

  • Beautiful organics to wear close to my skin!
    Thank you for this giveaway!
    I hope I win!

  • EMR

    Your designs are sooo pretty. My granddaughter has just turned 4 and a young friend just had a baby girl, so I would use it in projects for them.

  • Just discovered you through this contest! I’d love to make some of the items from your Books for our family reunion auction!

  • Pillows seem ideal, a wonderful way to quickly spruce up a room for a new look. ~H

  • Your fabric is beautiful! And what a generous giveaway!

    I would love to use these fabrics for a cozy picnic quilt :)

  • I work at a Quaker school that has great interest in environmental sustainability, in fact, I’m in charge of maintaining our membership in a lot of the sustainability initiatives that we have joined. I also happen to love sewing, of which numerous kids are familiar. Instead of just recycling old clothes to refashion into new ones, I’d love to be able to create several outfits to show the kids that “crunchy” doesn’t have to equal drab and that sustainable doesn’t have to mean old and pilly!

  • Love, love, love the fabrics….I’m already picking out a project. :)

  • I love designing children’s clothing, so it would have to be for baby items.

  • so pretty! hmm..maybe some new summer clothes or maybe to decorate my new apartment!! :)

  • I have never used organic fabrics, so I’m really excited for the chance to win some! I would make a dress for my daughter and a “green” bag!


  • stuff for my little boys!!! gifts for my mom!

  • I love the idea of organic fabric for baby things – especially clothes. Home decor would be interesting too, as would quilts. Sounds like I want three different weights of fabric!

  • Michele

    Such beautiful fabrics!! I would make something for my girls. Then if there is a little left I think a funky new camera strap cover is in order!!

    [email protected]

  • Jen

    Another vote for summer skirts. I love the fabrics!

  • To maximise these lovely fabric i’d definitely makes clothes for my two girls, pyjama pants for myself and a lap quilt or even pillow cases, since our skin will be rubbing against them a lot – perfect!!

  • I would love to make something for my daughter! and if there’s some left over something for me- the fabrics are lovely!

  • I would love to incorporate your fabrics into my newest book ‘stitched frolics’.

  • i would use them for baby items and home decor, mostly. but i’m always willing to try new things!

  • clothing for my kiddos and shopping bags! these fabrics are gorgeous!! thanks for the opportunity! ;)

  • Those prints would make a great quilt. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • I think organic fabrics definitely lend themselves to baby items – not just clothes, but blankets & slings and all the accessories that teeny babies are constantly surrounded by.

    That said, I’d love to make a simple a-line skirt for myself out of any of these fabrics.

  • I would most likely use the fabrics for baby items for my son, though I would love to use them for all of the above :D

  • I would use the fabrics to make clothes for myself and my boys. Great giveaway thanks for the chance to win.

  • Yay! Happy Earth Day!
    I would use organic fabric for kids clothes. :)

  • What a great giveaway!! These would be lovely in a quilt! Or as pillowcases, or maybe something for me, or something for my daughter…. or all the above!!

    Thanks, and Happy Earth Day!

  • I like to use organics for everything, quilts, bags, clothing…

  • I love sateen fabric and organic is even better! I would use for home dec.

  • What *wouldn’t* I use organic fabrics for? Since I make a lot of bags, I’d probably turn these into bags, too, but I can also see myself quilting with them. :)

  • Happy Earth Day! I would love to use organic coton for kids’ toys! I’d probably be tempted to make something for myself out of it as well, though :)

  • OMG the colors are gorgeous! and they match my newly painted bedroom! oh inspiration I have found you….I would love to make some girl burp cloths and bibs but also a bandana for me!

  • Betz ~ I thought I left a comment yesterday, but can’t see it on the list. Please delete this if I am already entered – don’t want to cheat, ya know.

    I like to use organic cotton fabrics to make clothing for my children ages 8 – 13, as those sizes are difficult to find.

    With your beautiful Indian Summer Fabrics, I would use them for a quilt. :-)

    Thank you!


  • Fantastic fabrics! I love to make a cute purse out of them!

  • I would probably use this for a bag for me and I’m sure, something for my girls.

  • Beautiful fabrics. Baby clothes, quilts and the like I think

  • Wow! These fabrics are absolutely gorgeous! I have several friends who are expecting little ones in the coming months, so I would definitely use the organic fabrics to make baby clothes as gifts. I am also hoping to open my very own Etsy shop soon, so I would also probably use some of the fabric to make things for the shop, (cute bags, pillow covers etc). Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • WOW Betz I need to win this!!! Here in my country there are not fabrics like those!!
    In this moment I have some projects for my baby and for my self, but it’s hard to found the right fabric.
    Thank you so much for this giveaway!! You are so generous :D

    Love and Peace

  • Wow, so much I can think of! Clothes for the kids, purses and giving it away to my sewing students. Probably the best would be a dress for my daughter, Bat Mitzvah time. Thanks again for the great posts, Robbie

  • Absolutely would use in clothing for myself or in quilting. You have some exciting fabrics!

  • I LOVE your fabrics! I mostly sew for my two girls. I would love to make us all matching skirts with these lovely fabrics! Maybe a matching bag..

  • I would use the fabric for kids clothes, home decor, purses, and maybe my clothes. It’s beautiful

  • Mirjam

    Your’re so right: every day is Earth Day! Likewise should organic fabric be used everywhere. In the very least for baby and close to the skin items.

    Great initiative, thank you!

    mirjamvdb at telfort dot nl

  • A pillow would be my way to snuggle up to a cozy fabric with soothing colors.

  • Maya in Eugene

    This would be gorgeous for a new picnic/park blanket. With picnic blankets, not only do we lie down on top of them after filling up on a great meal, but our food often ends up directly on the blanket – what a better use for your organic fabric! Not to mention our level of style will be immediately elevated!

  • Jennifer

    So far,I can really only sew rectangles, so I would likely make pillows or little zipper pouches or a quilt for an outside nap! maybe a picnic/nap quilt…that’s it.

  • Organic fabrics for the baby… for sure. Thanks!

  • I would make little girl skirts and shoes to match, and then probably a hair bow to go with the unique outfit.

  • Well, right now I’m on a sewing clothing for myself kick, so I’d have to go with that.

  • I have a journal of project ideas! I would use such beautiful fabric to make lots of things, fabric flower pins for myself, friends and family, to make darling items for my first neice,that will be born in the next couple of months! and home decor items, I have some pillows that could use some snazzy details!!!


  • Well, I believe fabric so scrumptious would have to be shared so part would be for coming birthday presents (kids and adults), part would be for some of the crazy new necklace/scarfs things I’m trying to invent and part would be for me to stare at unbelievably because I rarely win these things and because that’s what beautiful patterns are for right?

  • Thanks for doing this giveaway! I would use organic fabrics on dresses for my girls or pillows for my home. [email protected]

  • Sun hats!

  • I would think I would use these fabrics for home dec. they are so colorful. linda gerig

  • I would certainly put that fabric to good use, in a quilt! I have plans for a wonky log cabin quilt so I need a good variety of fabrics to play around with!

  • clothing!! the fabrics are wonderful!

  • To be honest, I’m not sure how I’d use it. There are so many things I want to sew! If I had to guess, I’d say it might end up in a quilt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I like using organics for anything that will be worn on the body. And especially for children’s clothing.

  • i’d use them for quilts…. and then they would be used and last for a looooong time. But then the fabrics pictured are so beautiful…. maybe a dress?

  • Well, my friend group has started having babies, so organic fabric would be most appropriate for wrapping those little bodies up for some snuggles!

  • I would make a 60’s style tunic for my job as gardener and horticultural therapist at a community garden in the UK.

  • i would make some fun pillows for my couch!

  • Happy Earth Day! I would love to use the fabric to recover my dining room chair seats.

  • beautiful! i would use them for home decor or to sew gifts for friends :]

  • I would make some baby toys or maybe some little girl hats! What beautiful fabric. Maybe I would make some lavender eye pillows. Oh I could think of tons of different ideas.

  • You have beautiful fabric! The possiblities are endless… clothes, pillows, aprons.

  • I’m not sure? Baby items or home decor probably.

  • joh

    Happy earth day!, I always view fabric and wood as twin sisters..each coming from the same source.. so I would have to use your beautiful fabrics to cover a beautiful old wooden chair…….
    Thanks so much

  • I’m looking for great fabric to make an over-the-shoulder bag to keep my arms free while I’m chasing around my one year old boy outside!

  • Thanks for the give-a-way. I would use that fabric in home decor and utility pieces (totes, pouches, etc.)

  • Hi! I think I would make duvet covers for the kids beds.

  • OMG your summer fabrics would be perfect for a patchwork skirt or a quilted blanket for the cooler summer evenings.

    Thank you so much for participating in this blog-hop! What a fantastic idea.

  • i think i might use your fabric for the kitchen
    or it would look great as a doll quilt and set for my kids doll bed

  • I’m super into home decor, namely decorative pillows right now! I’d love to win!

  • would be sew lovely to make things for bitty Clare….our new granddaughter!!!!

  • I would love to make some lovely baby things for my new little miss! What a lovely giveaway!

  • Hi! I love the bright, bright, bright. Makes me happy. I would make a tote bag for my Mom and maybe a lap quilt for one of the many weddings and showers that seem to be happening this summer.

  • I’d make some burp cloths for a dear friend’s shower and some tea towels for my sister! Thanks!

  • I am needing some new things, so for me!

  • I would try to make baby stuff – but I’m also thinking about beautiful bean bags for tossing!

  • I think Organic Cottons would make the perfect fabrics for baby quilts to go along with the bamboo batting I recently purchased.

  • I’d like most to use organic fabrics for my toddler son.

  • I love to make apparel (for children and adults), children’s toys, quilts, and bags. As much as I can, I try to use organic materials when I make these!

  • Such pretty fabrics! I’d love to use these to make some bright new summer clothes for myself!

  • Happy Earth Day! Love Love Love the fabric. I would love to make some pillows for my bedroom!

  • mjb

    I think organics are great for baby items.

  • Joan

    As I said on this morning’s facebook post, I take pleasure in this planet every day. I would start my second hand-pieced and quilted quilt. It should take about ten years, like the last one did.

  • Both my home and for my little girl. My grandmother made clothing for me when I was a small and I still remember how special it made me feel to know she had made something just for me.

  • I think an organic quilt would be super lovely and I thank you for the chance to start building my collection of organic materials just for that purpose!

    – donna
    (kindredcrafters (at) gmail (dot) com)

  • Hi! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win some beautiful fabric! I’m a quilter and would love to add to my stash. Happy Earth Day, Momma Earth!

  • Happy Earth Day! I would love to make some skirts for myself :)

  • I would love to use these beautiful fabrics for baby items. My son is due in July and I have many projects in progress for him! Thank you!

  • So so beautiful. I would love to make some quilted cushions :-D
    Thanks for the great chance to win some organic fabric!


  • lovely fabrics! i’d use them for clothes for my kiddies, if i were so lucky as to have them

  • Such happy summer fabrics! I’d love to make soft cottony quilts for my grandchildren, something just big enough to snuggle under and carry wherever you go. For me a nice quilted tote bag.

  • I would love, love, love to have these fabrics for some home decor projects I have in mind…pillows, table runner, etc.

  • I’m a quilter, through and through. That’s what I’d be using those beautiful fabrics for.

  • Hooray for Earth Day! I would probably make some home decor items (pillows) or maybe some reusable bags.

  • I’d use organic fabrics for anything and everything! As for the cotton sateen, I’d use small pieces probably in quilting, or a larger piece maybe for a spring coat for my daughter.

  • I’d defintely use them for baby/children’s items–maybe pjs or dresses/shirts!

  • kia

    I will use the fabric for baby items. I have a little one due in June and have been having fun with kimono tops and accessories.

  • clothing! I would use the fabric to make some baby hats for my daughter and a few of her baby friends!
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    [email protected]

  • I’d love to use your gorgeous fabrics to make clutches and wristlets!

  • I love all your creativity! I would use organic fabrics mostly for clothing and/or quilting.

  • I hope to make pretty cloth lunch bags, to encourage me to bring my own lunch to work!

  • I love the browns in purples in this collection!

    Happy Earth Day!

  • i love to use organic fabrics in purses and bags. they always get comments from people and it gives me a chance to say “i made it myself with fabulous organic fabric!”

  • I’m dying to try and make baskets, so I think I would try that

  • Betz, your fabrics are beautiful. I would use them to sew summer sundresses for my niece’s little girl. All children deserve beautiful clothing made with organic printed fabric! Joan

  • Happy Earth Day! And thanks for participating in such a great giveaway!
    I’d want to use your fabrics for clothing… for myself and my child!

  • I would like to make clothing for my kids. I think using organic fabric would be really nice for their skin, my son is super sensitive.

  • I need of colorful organic cottons for the patchwork blanket I’ll made fot little Iva

  • These fabrics would be perfect for summer clothes for my friends’ new baby girl!

  • I would love more home decor projects! You’ve got such great creative ideas that I can’t wait to get going on more projects for my new place!

  • I would love to make some new curtains, or some bags (to take to the farmers market!)

  • Kid clothes! And thanks for participating in the Earth Day give away.

  • Beautiful colours, I’d make summer dresses for my girls

  • i think it would be great for a baby quilt!

  • nice soft pillow cases!

  • Hello! I LOVE ALL of these prints!! Oh my! I would make a diaper bag and some super cute matching baby items! What a giveaway!! I am such a fan! XO! Yea for Earth Day!

  • These are so beautiful, it can be challenging to find such beauty in organics, I would love to stitch these up into a quilt.

  • If I won, I’d be very selfish and make clothing for ME! ;-)

  • Isa

    Yes every day should be earth day!!
    And I would like to be able to use organic fabric in all my sewing!
    So my answer is all of the above :-)

  • Wow what beautiful prints! First time seeing your work and it’s gorgeous! I love to use organic cotton whenever I can – of course it’s a must for baby items!

  • I’m no good when it comes to sewing, so if I won, I’d give the fabric to my mom. Not only would it make for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, but I know she’d have a lot of fun making purses, baby items, home decor, and whatever else she chose!

  • I would make some purses and a few handpands!

  • Ali

    Pillow cases for little and big people!

  • Beautiful!

    I’m super into patchwork quilting, so these would be a welcome addition!

  • Pretty little dresses for my pretty little girl Lily.

  • i love the colors in this collection. i am sooo happy to see more and more designs using organic fabric as the toll that conventional cotton takes on the earth has been a concern for me as well. thank you!!!

    i would love to use the fabric for garments for myself, quilts, and other home decor projects. :) beautiful!!!

  • thanks for the chance !

    I’d use them to make clothes of, for me my mum and sisters.
    and maybe some home-decorating things :—D

  • I think I’d make something for my kitchen. I just love the colors. So very pretty. Thanks for the chance.

  • I would like to make re-useable shopping bags to stop plastic bags from harming the environment and wildlife. Your fabrics are lovely and when people see me walking out of the grocery store with my beautiful shopping bags they are bound to think about making some for themselves!

  • Tatjana

    Organic cotten makes every project better! I love the way it feels. Thank you for the fabulous giveaway opportunity.

  • I would use it for a summer dress for my self or my sister and a baby item for a friends baby shower.

  • Happy Earth Day!
    I would make little pouches and dawnstring bags. Unfortunately I am not very good at sewing, I can only do small project but I would like so much to improve and sew me a dress! Have a nice day! ^__^

  • I’d love to use these in my next quilting project. Thank you, and Happy Earth Day!

  • Sam

    I would love to recover some pillows in these!

  • I wish I could get my hands on organic fabrics for everything I sew! There isn’t any available at my local fabric stores. Yours is so colorful! I would use for small quilts or lining in a tote bag.

  • We’re pregnant with our first child and I would love to make some fabulous items made of organic cotton for this little one. Thanks for the give-away! Here’s my email: [email protected]

  • My public magnet school for the arts closed all classes this afternoon to engage the 1000+ student body in writing and designing advertisements to save the Earth and hear speeches given by local activists. This is a great way for such a talented group of designers to celebrate Mother Nature. Thanks!

  • Beautiful fabrics! I would make quilts for my family!

  • I would use the fabric to make a lovely summer bag and some pretty hair clips out of the scraps !

  • Beautiful designs. I’m think baby stuff and maybe an apron gift ;o) Happy Earth Day!

  • Outdoor decor — for the hammock/yard. Also clothing and accessories for myself.


  • I like organic cotton for my babies, quilts, clothes, burp rags

  • I can’t think of anything more fun to win than some of your beautiful organic fabric (other than the HGTV Dream House maybe!) Anyway, my daughter is getting married soon and I would make fun favors to give her bridesmaids–maybe little purses, cosmetic bags, fabric flowers, I can think of all kinds of things!

  • I would love to use organic fabric for clothing or accessories for myself but knowing me I’ll probably make doll clothes, I guess they can have organic too.

  • Anonymous

    I would LOVE to use your fabrics! YEA Mother Earth!!

  • What beautiful rich looking fabrics. When I thing of organic, I think of baby first.

  • this is just lovely – i will use it as a quilt for a soon to be born baby.

  • Usually I use them to sew for my kiddos, but if I won I just might make something for myself!

  • I’d use every inch for may.tree.ark

  • So pretty! I would make something decorative, so everyone could admire.

  • Oh, I’d use these for fun home decor projects!

  • thanks for being green!

  • forzalibro

    i have a thing about hats, and what better to put on your head – or your friends’ of children’s heads – than some thing natural and handmade with love

  • Right now I am shopping for cool fabrics to reupholster some cool dining chairs I recently bought on craigslist. Your fabrics would look amazing on my chairs. Fingers crossed that the winner is me! x Alison

  • I would most like to use organic fabrics for items for my kids. The colors are more soothing, and I just feel better about it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Hello!
    Gorgeous, lovely fabrics! I’m new to your blog and am very excited to have stumbled upon it on Earth Day of all days!
    I would use this fabric to put a fresh, eco-friendly spin on this great vintage summer dress pattern I have on hand :)

  • forzalibro

    i have to say that i would use this range for me, specifically to use on Matisse-style appliqué on a plain off-white organic cotton duvet cover and pillowcases!

  • Definitely baby items and clothing for me. I have been wanting to make the transition to organic fabrics for a long time!

  • These are so lovely! I would love to make clothes with all organics. I would use these smaller pieces for little bags and baby toys!

  • Now that my son is in college, it’s me time. I want this fabric for a pretty new outfit for myself.

  • roccagal

    -i would so luv to win those beeutiful fabrics!-what for-for me and my girls to rest our heads upon as we dream our lovely dreams on our soft cottony pillowcases!
    [email protected]

  • I love these prints. I would definitely try some home goods with them.

  • oh the possibilities! I would use this lovely fabric for toddler summer clothes. Thanks for the giveaway! Yay for organic!

  • I would love to use these for baby projects. I love the idea of giving baby the best start possible!

  • I would love to make small heart pillows as my grandmother once did.
    I love the idea of organic grandmother would too.

  • Oh, such lovely fabric. I’d make a quilt. A quilt. A quilt!!!!

  • What lovely fabric. I’d make a quilt. A Quilt. A QUILT.

  • Happy Mothers Day – Earth!
    I love organic cottons for Childrens clothes, and your designs are just yummy!
    Thx for sharing

  • Lovely fabric. A quilt! –Julia

  • I would love to use this fabric line to brighten up my home! I would make couch pillows and maybe some placemats and napkins.

  • I love this fabric! Home decor or bags would look great in this fabric. Thanks for the chance to win a sample.

  • Woo Hoo! I hope I win!!!

  • Happy Earth Day! Thank you so much for offering your fabric for such a special day.

  • Thank you for the opportunity to win such lovely fabrics.
    I would probably make something for my twin girls.
    Happy Earth day!

  • I would like to start making some more things for myself-I think I need to let my creativity flow a little. :)

  • J

    Thanks for the giveaway. Celebrating earth day by staying inside…lighting and thunder and torrential rain here in the high plains of CO! Wish I had some of your yummy fabric…would make some new pillow covers for the couch.

  • OH sooo beautiful!! those fabrics…I would most like to use my organics for my handwork. I love the idea of spending hours and hours holding those the organics in my busy hands.
    Crossing my fingers.
    ~anna fogg in md
    [email protected]

  • i would probably want to make a quilt, but would have to wait until inspiration hit.

  • I love to use great organics fabrics to make clothing for myself and others. My clothes are another form of art and a way I express myself. There’s something about being stripped down to the raw elements. Nothing additional added or taken away, just..character.

  • Clothes, mostly for my daughter. Thanks for an amazing giveway.

  • absolutely gorgeous! i’d love to make some cushion covers or perhaps a fun summer dress….i’m in love!

  • susan

    Beautiful fabrics! I make quilts entirely by hand. It brings me peace and some calm in my busy world full of children. I would love to make a quilt for my 11 year old daughter from your fabrics.

  • Baby/Child items for sure. My DD could use a new sling for her soon to be born third child.

  • I would use your lovely organic fabric to make some placemats and napkins for my naked d/r table! Probably some kind of patchworky something so I could use little bits and make lots of pretties!

  • Anonymous

    I think it would have to be clothes for me.

  • As I’m just learning to sew, at first I would use fabrics to make clothing for myself. And once I master some basic techniques, I would make clothes for my 16-month-old daughter (ok, maybe my husband would get a shirt or two).

  • Clothing for my 2.5 yr old niece. The purest things should be for her!

  • Pillows! I am in pillow mode, buckwheat hull pillows and cases for everyone I know… And quilts. This would make AMAZING quilts. Thanks! Leslie

  • Hilda

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway offer! I would use the fabric for quilting – my addiction – something to decorate the house organically. Beautiful designs !!

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to make skirts for myself. Kim G.

  • I would use them for a picnic blanket! or to recover chairs. maybe a good beach bag. or a yoga mat bag! lots of possibilities. Happy earth day!

  • Buckwheat pillows and cases for everyone! And maybe a quilt for my littlest one. Thaks, Leslie

  • i think i’d be making some clothes for me. :)
    i love these fabrics! just beautiful! thank you.

  • Thanks for a great giveaway. I would use them for next year’s birthday gifts. I am contemplating reusable lunch/snack bags or crayon rolls! I love your blog and your fabrics.

  • I would use this fabric to make dinosaur softies for my little brother!

  • little baby niece needs some new summer dresses!

  • I would probably make a quilt and a little handbag. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Definitely baby items!!! I always try to choose organic clothes for my babies!!! Love your new line…. the colors are great!!!

  • I would most like to use organic fabrics in the baby quilts I make! And maybe a skirt for myself too would be nice :)

  • Clothing for me or home decor. Happy Earth Day!

  • We are moving in to a new place, and I would love to use these beautiful, organic fabrics to cover up an UGLY wall and create a new headboard.

  • Thank you for the giveaway! I’d love to make a messenger bag for myself and a summer dress for my 5-year-old.

  • Happy Earth Day!
    I would make myself a skirt. Also clothes for my one and two year old grandgirls.

  • A quilt, of course!

  • I have two nieces I would make something summery for. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I am definitely seeing a wrap skirt or sundress for my grand daughter and myself, with floppy sun hats to match.

  • I love your patterns! They’re so happy and lovely! I love organics for children- fun pants, aprons, and hats. Children are so new and precious- it seems only fitting they should wear something natural.
    Thanks for the give away and for your blog. I love reading about your projects and ideas.

  • LAMP SHADES! I can not wait to see the light relfected through the amazing colors and prints! No only question what spectacular base to match?

  • happy earth day
    i love the cute fabrics for bags and aprons and lil stuffies

  • Oh, I think I’d have to make matching clothes for me and my daughter!

  • Baby Quilts!! It is what I tend to make anyway . . . but they would be even better with organic fabrics. Thanks so much!

  • I live on a farm where conservation is key to sustainable agriculture and making a living. Every day is Earth Day for us. I would use the fabric for home dec or clothing for my grandnieces.

  • OOh gorgeous fabrics. I would first make a cute little bunch of summer dresses for my Granddaughter. Then if I still had more to use it would be a new purse for me or a gift for a good friend who just became a Grandma.

  • What a great way to celebrate Mother Earth! My husband and I sold all of our furniture when we moved from LA to Chicago. We move into our new apartment on May 1st…finally. Instead of buying all brand new, I really want to decorate with as many repurposed pieces of furniture as possible. Hopefully, this fabric will be used to turn something old into something new.

  • Lovely fabrics! I’d like to use more organics in home decor projects. Thank for the chance to win.

  • Hello from Argentina!
    I love the project to home decor!!!
    Is very beautifull your blog!

  • I’d like to make clothing for me (and possibly other people), because it wears out faster than home items.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  • Probably make a quilt, or skirt, or pillows. Anything, the fabric is beautiful!

  • I’m a quilter so I would definitely use your great fabrics in quilts!

  • i would love to make appliques for onesies and kitchen towels with your beautiful fabric.

  • I’d make something for myself or a child in my life. Very little feels as good as organic cotton!

  • I never make anything for myself, so I it’s time to change that!

  • All for me. There’s usually a lot of baby sewing happening around here, but I don’t think I could share your prints. :)

  • I would use the fabric for home decor and quilts. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’m really only making quilts, patchwork cards and wall hangings these days- so that’s what I’d love to have fabric for.

  • Happy Earth Day!

    Great giveaway and beautiful fabric. I make handbags!

  • I’m into baby quilts, aprons, totes, and market bags and could find many uses for these beautiful fabrics.

  • Oooh! How exciting! Happy earth day! I would like make a cute sundress for my little girl.

  • Pat

    I’d love to do a tote bag and soft toys for my 4 month old grandson! thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Baby items for sure! I have a newborn and I am always looking for eco friendly materials for items like hooded bath towels, travel change pad, blankets, etc.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Your lovely fabric would make a great start for the nursery full of organic products I am starting for my niece! Can you think of a better way to welcome a new life?

  • Hi,
    I would make some reusable shopping bags or home decor pillows.

  • Joy

    If I won your beautiful fabric I would make myself a new skirt!

  • great fabric! I’d like to make a cushioned love heart for my mum on her birthday :)

  • Joy

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  • i would use the fabrics for baby stuff, it looks beautiful. thank you for the opportunity

  • Anonymous

    Hi, your fabrics are so beautiful. If I were selected I think I would make a quilt for my 7 year old daughter. Thanks, Beth

  • I think it would make a fabulously adorable skirt for my three year old but I’d also love it for decorating our new house…..or maybe a cute hobo bag for me!!

  • Happy Earth Day, everyone! Purses. Purses, purses, purses. I am a total purse hound!! Also, summer skirts, as I am severely lacking. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • beautiful! i’m getting really into quilting, so i’m going to go with that as my answer.

  • It’s time to make something for Mama. Perhaps a patchwork skirt?

  • I would make a pretty organic quilt :)

  • I’m looking to make some patchwork curtains in my new home. Happy E.D!

  • Pillows! I’d make lots!

  • I have an 18 month old grandson–so I would sew clothes for him and or maybe make some pillowcases for myself? also…

  • I would use it for bags. It’s so cute.

  • Gay

    I make lots of bags. I’m usually quite conservative with my fabric choices, so these designs would really expand my horizons (and I love cotton sateen).

  • I love to sew! These fabulous fabrics would likely turn into dresses for my daughters, funky jeans for me, purses for my friends, etc. Lovely!

  • K80

    I’m moving in with a new roommate to a new apartment soon. The fabric would be *perfect* for new decor items to make the space feel fresh and fabulous!

  • How fun! I have two good friends getting married soon, and I am looking for wonderful fabric to make them things for their homes. Maybe placemats, napkins, tea cozies, or something fun to celebrate their new life together!

  • Baby items primarily :o)

  • For baby items and maybe home decor.

  • I would love to use these fabrics for clothing for my daughers. It is lovely!

  • Hopefully organic fabric will become more available for everything, but it seems most appropriate for children’s items.

  • Wow, these colors and patterns are stunning, thanks for the chance to win your great fabric! I am using all my fabric lately for quilts, and these will make lovely additions!

  • I’d take out those pinking shears, snip a little, add buttons, and hopefully brighten someones day with a homemade card. Wish I may, wish I might!

  • I would use the fabrics for baby clothes or toys!!

  • starbate

    I heart earth day. Cushions… THAT’S what I’d love to make with your gorgeous prints.

  • Your gorgeous fabrics would be used to make some cutie-pie baby items. 2 colleagues who work with me at our local food bank are expecting and so I’m in nesting mode by proxy.

  • I love having organic fabrics for baby items….clothes, blankets, etc.

  • Definately I would use this lovely fabric for making a bag or a fabric basket!

  • LDM

    I would use the fabric for my babes and to make gifts for friends. I love showing people that being green is chic!

  • Thanks for the giveaway, would love to make cute dresses for my lovely nieces!

  • I just began sewing in January and finished my first quilt top tonight! I’m so addicted to fabrics and yours are wonderful! My project list is endless, so the fabrics could be used for more quilting or a new project. Maybe a bag, pillowcases or something for one of my girl friends’ babies!

  • tote bags, pillows, or art for the walls

  • I like to use organic fabric for everything!! Clothes first, then bedding, then furnishings (upholstery, curtains, etc), then decoration! When in doubt, make a quilt! I have a long hallway waiting for the right colors to piece for a wall quilt to brighten it, and getting bright colors of organic fabric is tough!

  • Quilts & skirt!

  • I think organic fabric would be perfect for summer dresses. Oooh how soft it would be!

    Thank you Betz!

  • quilt… and pj pants to wear while i am quilting. :0)

  • I use organic fabric for everything! First clothes. Then bedding. Then furnishings (curtains, slipcovers, etc). And with bright colors like yours, I can see a beautiful quilt to brighten a long hallway we have, which is waiting for some color! It’s hard to find organic fabric in bright colors, and I appreciate it when I do.

  • Wow, what a geat giveaway! I would use these great fabrics for my twins who are turning ONE! next weekend.

  • These rich, saturated colors of fabric would be the “bees knees” in tote bags and BIG pillows for outdoor living – to cozy up to !

  • what lovely prints!! i am expecting a brand new baby in the next couple weeks and would love to use organic fabrics and fibers to make wonderful things for him/her :) thank you for the fun earth day giveaway!

  • These beautiful fabrics would look great as hats for my grandaughters!

  • Oh I would love to make my youngest daughter something special. She is my miracle baby. She’s been out of the hospital almost 5 months now and it’s been such a great blessing. She is growing healthy like no one ever expected. She is really in need of a special blanket. her older sisters both have one but she does not as I have spent alot of time sunk into her medical care and the last 2 months have been so busy I’ve not been able to get around to it. I definitely think that is what she needs. A blankie and matching dress.

  • Are you kidding, 549 comments!!??!! I would use organic fabrics for anything I sew, but yours in particular I would use for summer bags and your bucket hat pattern. Some cushions for my deck chairs would be good, too! Thanks!!

  • Napkins for my kitchen and maybe some pillows!

  • Beautiful fabrics! Congratulations on your success! I just love seeing organic fabric designers do well :)

  • Lisa

    I love to sew clothing for my children. Your organic prints are beautiful and would be so much fun to outfit my kids in!

  • Beautiful fabrics! I would make some jewelry pouches to give as gifts.

  • I’d use them for products for my daughter and husband. Sandwich wraps, lunch totes and the like.
    Thank you so much!


  • happy earth day!
    i would use your fabric for home decor.

  • I love the fabrics…………I feel something fabu for the kitchen maybe……covers for my toaster and coffee maker combined with linen……oooooooohhhhh!

    Thanks for the chance to enjoy some fantastic fabric treats. Fabric always makes a girls day! :)

  • I’m just learning how to sew and my BFF just had her first baby!

  • for my studiomate. we’re grad students, and she just finished her first year and deserves something extra sweet.

    her work focuses on ecology and environmental awareness, so organic fabrics are a natural choice!

  • Earth Day is like my Christmas!

    I just recieved a sewing machine for my birthday along with the Carefree Clothes for Girls book ~ I cannot wait to dress my little crumb in organic frocks made with love by ME!

  • Hooray for textile designers with a social conscience. If I won this succulent fabric I’d do what I always do: add it to my stash of extremely divine fabric that is the first place I go when inspiration strikes!

  • I would make mah-velous little reversible dresses for my two year old daughter.

    Wow, that would be so amazing…

    Thank you so much for this glorious giveaway!!

    Sara Sophia

  • Michelle

    I would love to make pretty buntings from the fabrics to hang around our garden for summer suppers outside, and maybe placemats and chair cushions to go with them.

  • Thanks for the generous giveaway. The fabric is beautiful and love that it’s organic. I would use it to make a bag or clothing.

  • Such beautiful fabrics! I’d honestly want to use organic fabric for all my sewing projects, if I could.

  • home decor!

  • I’ve just recently taken up sewing, so my skills are very limited. But I’d like to make some kids items and a bag for myself.

  • I’d like to say for pillows and quilts but I really want to say clothing for myself…!

  • I have a 11 year old daughter who loves to wear cotton dresses and skirts and for myself a hat for gardening and on the beach.

  • Oh i would love to win this fabrics, I would use it for the planned baby quilts for my cousins children.

  • M.

    ooh so beautifull!!! Usually organic cotton is baby clothing in a nanosecond for me, but this time I already see myself in a wrap skirt, I wanted to make ine for ages….

  • I’m not sure, because I don’t sew (yet). Probably home decor, though!

  • I’d love to sew everything with organic fabric…it just feels so much better.

  • Being that your fabrics are organic if I won them I would use them to make a quilt for my daughter, who at 19 represented the youth of our country (New Zealand) at the recent Copenhagen Climate Conference.

    She is passionate about the environment and it would be really fitting!

    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway

  • Using organic fabrics means more respect towards environment and sustainable developement. So They are the best choice

  • these are gorgeous!!
    i would love to make a tank top or pillows maybe.. but above all purses!! i’m mad at them

    fedechica85AThotmailDOTcom (italy)

  • I think I would definately make some super cute baby items, baby booties, pinafore dresses, blankets and quilts.
    Love them!!

  • I would make a set of eco-friendly cloth napkins. Your fabric would look great in my living/dining room!!

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Happy Earth day!

    The color and patterns of these beautiful fabrics caught my eyes. I would make lots of things with them like patchwork bags, bookmarks and some patchwork blankets!!!

    Thanks for this special day giveaway.

  • Oh, what gorgeous fabric! I’m on a reusable shopping bag kick right now – trying to outfit myself and family and friends with pretty, coordinated shopping bags so they’ll WANT to use them! So, I would make bags!

  • My guest bedroom ( or maybe my guest!) is crying for a spruce up with these fabulous fabrics.

  • ahhhh Indian Summer – what more could we ask for. Something to transport us…
    I’m loving the idea of using these fab fabrics to embellish onesies for babies, maybe a blanket or two and bibs which upcycled flannel on the reverse.

  • Bec

    I just signed an ethical clothing pledge on my blog, some of this fabric would be super fab for some accents on the clothes I’m starting to make for myself and my family! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • barbara

    Your beautiful fabrics make me think of the great outdoors…the best place to appreciate Mother Earth! I would use these wonderful prints for outdoor pillows. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I would use the material to create some curtains for my house!

  • Happy Earth day!!
    Clothing, I think! I would love to make one for myself :)

  • Happy Earth day!
    I love organic cotton and try to be as environmentally aware as possible, I am always preaching to others too! lol!
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    I would make a lap quilt for my lounge! xx

  • Swoon! I would probably sew something for the kids but maybe myself too. I love organic cottona and as more people buy it there will be a greater range of prints to choose from.

  • Baby items, most certainly – that would be my priority for using beautiful organic fabrics such as these!

  • When it comes to using organic fabrics, I like to take care of all of us. So I like to make my babies items, my clothes, and household items in organic fabrics. But, I would love to use this collection to make a bag or some of your super cute sun hats.

  • A skirt for sure. Such beautiful fabric

  • Wonderful fabrics!! I would like to make some new slip cover for my sofa pillows…

  • Perfect for some summer shorts and dresses for my two year old!

  • Such pretty fabrics, I would use them to make some new summer place mats and napkins. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Super cute! I immediately thought of pillow cases but my pup is in need of another bed and doesn’t he deserve the best, too?

  • I’d like to make some home decor stuff!

  • What a great treat in honor of Earth. I love making baby items, and my boy would love some new pajamas

  • Paula L.

    I think I’d make a bag for myself. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  • I would use the fabrics for clothes for my kids.

  • Great Fabric! I’d love to make something for my daughter with it

  • Beautiful! I’d love to make some pillows – home decor. Thank you for the chance.
    june_spirit2628 at hotmail dot com

  • I like to do a beatifull dress for my baby first birthday.
    What a beatifull fabrics.

  • ann

    for me and for the home – I think your fabrics would look amazing mixed together in one project – one alone would not do them justice!

  • What comes to mind is baby clothes – so pure for the most delicate one!

  • I would make a table runner and matching wallhanging for my kitchen with these beautiful fabrics!
    Happy Earth Day!

  • I’m thinking picnic placemats complete with reusable napkins. Maybe a tote bag, too!

  • i love it. props to you all. cheers.

  • I would pair it with my knitting for linings. I think it would be very cool to peek on the other side of some hand knits and see fabulous fabric.

  • As the mother of a 2 year old and a 3 week old, definitely baby clothes!

  • I love these fabrics! I would want to show them off some probably some project bags for my knitting.

  • Hooray for Earth Day!
    Patchwork skirt for toddler girl! Great giveaway.

  • So glad to have found your fabrics — beautiful colors — and thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway.

    Love that fabrics can be beautiful and have a low environmental impact!

    I would make something multipurpose and reuseable — either bags, or shawl/wraps.

  • I’m so excited! What beautiful fabrics! I’ve been a funk lately and I’m thinking there’s nothing like amazing fabric to inspire your next project. Not to mention I’m having our first baby girl in August! After two boys, I have projects lined up for a girl it’s insane!!!!

  • Betz Hello, I’d be very happy to win. If I win I would use to make clothes for my children, who are 14 years of Karen, Takashi 10 years, 6 years and Kenzo Ayumi 3 ½ years. I’m learning to sew for a year and they get very excited when I do have them, like a shirt, dress, handbags, pillows, etc.. You’re a love partilhar their wonderful creations with the world. Kisses and up.

  • I would love to try some of your yummy fabric… bags and home items – pillows, a hamper liner, those are on my list first. Thanks for the generous offer!

  • I would say kids clothes and toys. Thanks!

  • Love the fabric. I am making a lot of baby stuff these days!

  • What wonderful fabrics. I would use them to make a bag.

  • How beautiful! I would use them for either my kids clothes or some something special for myself!

  • I think I’d use the fabric for clothes for my daughters … or me.

  • I would use the wonderful fabric to make skirts for my wonderful granddaughters.

  • We are buying a new home and want to spruce up antique furniture to make our new place our own.



  • Amy

    I like using them for baby items – specifically for my own baby due 8/31!!

  • Hi! I am planning a vintage country wedding in Lithuania in August, where I try to keep as much as I can to earth-friendly decor, food etc. I would use these fabrics to hand-make decorations for the wedding. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • definitely something for my son….quilt? shirts? toys?

  • Dear Betz,

    If I won this beautiful fabric I would make a tote or a pocketbook or both from it. In addition to using them to carry stuff, I would also show them (and the leftover material) to the college students I teach in my upcoming Fall class “Organic Crop Science.” at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA. I’d then go on to lecture about the differences in organic vs. conventional cotton production (which takes a multitude of pesticides) and manufacturing. I discussed “repurposing” in my sustainability class this week too, and mentioned felting sweaters!

  • Is not easy to find organic fabric here in Italy … I’m planning to make a mei-tai baby sling and organic fabric is just the right answer! Also backpack-tote bags or some new placemats could be a possible use, these materials are just so beautiful there’s no end to what they could become :-). Thanks for the great opportunity!!!

  • I would love to make some kitchen decor items. Placemats, napkins and a table runner. These fabrics are beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful give-away. Take care and God bless, Cory

  • Mel

    I think organic is great for everything! I’m happy to see such lovely designs becoming more widely available. Thanks for the chance!

  • WHat awesomely CUTE fabrics!
    I would sew a skirt, or bibs, or quilt…the possibilities are endless!


  • Oh! Those fabrics are incredibly yummy! I like organic fabric for anything baby and kid-related – clothes, diapers, toys, nursing pillow, blankets, etc. I also use organic for all bed linens – even my mattress and pillows are organic, and my bed furniture is all natural, non-toxic (my husband makes all our furniture with FSC wood and natural finishes). I’d like for our (adults) clothes to be all organic too, but it can get expensive!

  • I think these bright colorful fabrics would be good for home decor accents!

  • I would make a quilt. I love to quilt and I bet these fabrics would make a fabulous one!

  • A lovely giveaway – those colors are a perfect palate for colors for my preschooler!

  • I’d love to make a dress from organic fabric! Thanks for the giveaway

  • I’d love to use the fabric for potholders, dish towels, placemats and napkins. Gorgeous.

  • I would love to use these for housewares — I make handmade napkins, coasters, potholders, and I use every scrap that I have in some way. I love making super scrappy items, so I love collecting lots of fabrics!

  • Definitely for baby items and clothing! Also kitchen and table linens are nice for organic fabrics!

  • Happy Earth Day Every Day!

    Beautiful fabrics, I’d love to cover kitchen chairs or make a bag!

    I’m sorry if this is a double comment, my computer wigged out after I hit enter on the last one and I don’t see my original. :)

  • I would love to make a cute bag with these wonderful fabrics!

  • Laura

    I just love these fabrics. I have use organic fabrics for baby items and also for pillow cases and throw pillows.

  • Angela Z.

    hmm…curtains? tablecloth? it’s so hard to choose…

  • Quilts for Haiti

  • I’m thinking a new patchwork scarf for myself.

    Thank you for making such beautiful organic fabric.

  • I adore to do toys and beautiful summer bags! Your drawings inspire, I would be happy to receive this gift!!

  • We should be using organic fabric for EVERYTHING. Home Decor, clothing…you name it!

  • I’m thinking these would prints would be fun to make into pillows.
    [email protected](DOT)com

  • My little one needs a pillowcase and he deserves to sleep on organic fabric. Don’t they all???

  • I am absolutely determined to make some beautiful totes this summer, and this would definitely give me something beautiful to work with!

  • Thanks for the opportunity…
    I’m currently renovating a home.. and am always on the lookout for fantastic fabrics to decorate with!

  • Would love to use organic cotton for baby items mostly.

  • I’ve been making lots of baby quilts lately. I’ve never tried using organic fabrics. Would definitely love to try.

  • Melanie

    I would make a lovely little apron for my daughter!

  • I’m working on the summer wardrobe right now.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I LOVE, love, love this collection. It is so gorgeous.
    I made baby items and accessories, so I would be so happy to use these for something baby related.

  • kim

    Oh, yes baby items! Maybe a quilt or playmat!

  • I’d use this for baby clothes! The fabric looks lovely.

  • Kids clothes, definitely.

  • I would use it to sew my Mi-ju cats for children :D Beatiful colors and patterns.

  • Love these – would be a great set to add to the quilt I’m working on for my best friend’s first baby.

  • I would seriously use organic cotton for every project I make if I could! I do feel most compelled to use organic materials in baby items, though. Thanks for this generous giveaway!

  • What a wonderful giveaway! Your fabrics are beautiful. I would love to make something for me…I’m just a beginning sewer, so I wouldn’t want to give anyone else my mistakes :)

  • Well now that’s a good quesion.. I’d use it for my kids’ clothes and my own – it seems to precious to use for anything else, but maybe that is the wrong attitude..?

  • i would love to make shopping bags, napkins, and place mats!!!

  • Your fabric is gorgeous! I would make baby items, clothing for my kids and myself, and maybe some pretty little napkins or washcloths.

  • I would use the fabric for baby clothes or children’s clothes most likely. Though If the print was right I might use them for a purse or home dec. I see a super nice pillow.

  • I would love to use the fabric to make some dresses my little girl.


  • Yolanda Y.

    Good afternoon. Happy Earth Day. Love your fabric colors.

  • I love organic cotton for everything, but being on a limited budget, I tend to use it for special projects. Definitely baby things (recieving blankets and clothes) and also on bedding (pillow covers). Your line is amazing, keep on shouting from the mountain top: you’re coming in loud and clear here!

  • Beautiful fabric – makes me think bags, kitchen accents, pillows!

  • Happy Earth Day..yes we must be more conscious of loving this earth everyday…Would love to use this organic cotten for my new grandbaby-to-be…thank you..

  • What an awesome & generous giveaway :)
    I prefer my home deco stuff – pillows & quilts mostly – to be organic fabrics…I am in contact with these the most :)

  • I would use these lovely fabrics to make some earth friendly welcome baby presents for the newest addition to our wider family due in August – her mummy doesn’t sew but has asked if her Auntie could provide her with just a few handmade items to treasure as a momento of her arrival …these fabrics would be just perfect !

  • I would make some baby booties and clothes for my two cute kidoos : )

  • Ashley

    I would use the organic cotton to sew myself a sling so that I can carry my baby around with me while I cook and work in our garden.

  • Pretty Pretty! I’d love to make a quilt with these.

  • I would use it for home decor, knowing I was keeping my home green as much as I can.

  • I would probably use the fabric to make something for one of my daughters. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • I would use the fabrics to make beautiful market totes to help cut down on plastic bag usage.

  • Clothes for my little girl, softies or a colourful quilt.

  • I would very likely make something for myself for the first time! I have been making skirts and dresses for my girls but nothing yet for me. Absolutely beautiful fabrics!

  • I’d use organic fabrics for most things I make, but I especially love the colors of these for quilts and baby items. And bags!

  • Baby toys and softies for my 6 month old son!

  • I have been looking back at your beautiful Indian summer for so many times! ..and would love to make a bag..I think..or mabe a jacket for my little girl…or…It is so nice! I love it!

  • I have been a quilter for over 10 years, but lately have been totally “into” creating clothing. So, I’m thinking what better use for organic cotton than maybe a new skirt for summer!

  • EG

    I’m learning to quilt!

  • The fabrics are lovely. I would use them to make aprons because I’m going through an apron phase right now.

    Thank you for the link to the organic vs. conventional cotton comparison. But what about with the finished product — have you noticed differences in wear, drape or fading? Do organic cottons require special care in washing? I really don’t know anything about organic fabrics, so I’d be interested to hear what your experience has been.

  • Decorating my new home. And sandwich bags. Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for this give away opportunity, I would love to use some of your fabric to make myself some gorgeous skirts. Thanks again.

  • i just know the random number will be >700! ; )

  • Oh -gorgeous fabrics. I love organic fabrics. I’m happy to use them for anything and everything, but I think they would be lovely in a quilt.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty Please!! I heart the Earth.

  • I’d have to say me, me, me! I don’t have any kids and I’m pretty lame in the home department… so me it is. :)

  • SO pretty! I wonder, do you have to choose where to use organic fabrics? It seems like we should be working them in wherever possible. :) But these would be particularly stunning in a living room …. I’m thinking a new set of mix and match throw pillows!

  • a fabulous quilt is in my future!

  • Hmmm…let’s see, a summer dress for my niece and maybe shorts for her younger brothers? Such pretty fabric and even better because it’s organic!

  • Thank you for the great giveaway! Would love these fabrics to make some cute clothes for my girls!

  • Oooh thanks you for sharing!

    I try to find organic fabric options when sewing things for kids especially blankets or stuffies that end up in their mouths.

  • I am an aspiring designer and I love your fabrics! The use of bold colors and pattern are something not used enough in our industry! I would LOVE to use your fabrics as the main jumping off point for a living room- front and centre
    of the home! I can picture upolstered arm chairs or perhaps a large scale ottoman. Gets me so excited!!!

  • It varies for me, but most often it is childrens items. Clothing, dolls and blankets. Love the line!

  • Great designs! I’d like to use organic fabric on anything! Right now I’m into sewing clothes (for me) and accessories, like bags. :)

  • What beautiful fabrics! I love them and earth day! I hope to teach my new son (5 months old) the importance of caring for the earth! I would make a lovely quilt :)

  • Gosh, I would just like to hoard these fabrics! No seriously, I think I’d try a purse or some other accessory.

  • This fabric would be absolutely perfect for some family room throw pillows! My toddler spends a lot of time playing with our pillows and I would love for them to be organic. Thanks so much for sharing and happy Earth Day! :-)

  • Happy Earth Day!

    I use fabrics mainly for clothing for myself and for making quilts! My newest hobby!


  • Happy Earth Day!
    I would make some fun pillows! thanks!

  • Thanks for the chance! I need to make more clothes for myself right now.

  • I love these fabrics! I think I’d make a bag or purse, but I also like quilts and clothes and baby things . . . Thanks for doing this and for your part in protecting Mother Nature.

  • I not sure if your fabrics would end up in a quilt or as a bag, both would be wonderful.

  • Martha

    Wow what would i use the fabric for? I think the answers is d-all of the above :-) What are great giveaway.

  • home decor, for sure. looking to make some colorful additions in the kitchen (chair covers, curtains, placemats, etc.).

  • AMM

    I think we should use organic fabric for as much as possible but I would start with clothing and napery.

  • What wonderful fabrics! I would probably use them to make WIP knitting bags or some other type of bag or maybe pillows.

  • The preference would probably be for ALL sewing projects, but to prioritize baby/children’s sewing projects would get first pick for organic.

  • LOVE your patterns! I think I’d make a nice flowy skirt for my dance classes – where bold stuff is appreciated!

  • The fabrics look lovely. I think I would use them to make these cute totes I’ve got my eyes on.

  • Probably clothing for me. I love cotton!

  • Everyday *should* be Earth Day. I try to use a lot of recycled textiles, so I haven’t used a lot of organic fabric. If I had to pick, I’d use them for baby items. It would be nice to use them for everything, though, wouldn’t it? Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  • With their oh-so gentle skin, I would definitely use the fabrics for baby items! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  • Wonderful! I would use it for everything I use fabrics for– everything deserves to be swathed in organics, right!?! :)

  • Happy Earth Day Everyone!!
    Lovely fabrics, and earth friendly too. I would use them for my clothes, because I really need new clothes with that colour.
    Thank You for this giveaway.

  • I’d love to make an aprons for my roommates!

  • I like to use organic fabrics for clothing or diapers for my toddler. But not these fabrics you are giving away–he’s a boy! For these, I would have to make a bag or something for myself.

  • Things you snuggle… I’m thinking blankets, pillowcases, and other bed linens.

  • Personally I’d be happy to use them for anything and everything :)

  • I would use the fabric for just about anything. I love making quilts, but also simple comfortable clothes for my son, nieces and nephew!

  • Organic is for everyone and everything – I don’t have babies anymore, but clothing would be lovely for me and my growing kids – the less chemicals in our environment can only be a good thing!

  • Jen

    I prefer to only use organic fabrics for anything I do. I mostly make bags so I’d likely use them for bags though I’m planning to learn to make clothes for myself.

  • At the moment I’m totally hooked on making eco-friendly fabric jewellery … So I’d love to make wearable art from your fabrics!
    Thnaks so much for your generosity :)

  • Happy Earth Day, shame it is only a day for most people. With these fabrics I would be making some storage baskets for the lounge and nursery… and I would hope to squeeze a few pairs of booties from the edges. What joyful prints to look at every day.

  • Hi there how fabulous! I would no doubt use it to make my girls some clothes. thank you so very much for this opportunity.

  • Hello,

    What a fantastic giveaway!

    If I won, I’d use the fabric as part of the quilt I’m going to be making for my friends wedding present.


  • Happy Earth Day. I would use it to make new shopping totes. How flash would I be at the grocery store?.
    Any left over would go into cushion covers.

  • I think I would use those fabrics to make a nice throw for my sister. Those colours are exactly her.

  • Great idea and great for the earth too. I would love to make a bag I am undecided whetehr it would be for myself or a gift for someone else.

  • I would love that my mother would again sew some clothes for me,even if i am not a little girl…and i would sew something for my little nephew Beatrice!!
    Thank you Betz and i wish you a very happy life with all of your family,that is the most important thing in the world..

  • I want Betz White’s fabric everywhere in my house… I want pillows, curtains, runners, apron! I love the colors, there are really inspiring. Have a beautiful day!

  • Anonymous

    I am thinking napkins and placemats, or a cute bag!

  • WOW!! I found your blog when I typed in Pillowcase Apron~~which, I found (May 2009) and I LOVE IT!! I am making some for my daughters!! :) and then I found this fabric!! OH! LAA LAA!! It is beautiful and then I read you were giving some away!! I found a gold mine!! Thanks!! I want some to make a nice bag or bagS!! You just got put on my “favorites” list!!
    Thank you!!

  • I would like to make all the things you mentioned, I want to sew the world around me!
    At the moment I am making clothes and items for my baby and having the most fun doing it :)

  • With these fabrics, I’d made a purse (as I love fun purses) and probably some cute baby dresses. I love that you’re giving away Organic fabrics… it makes the giveaway have that much more punch!

  • Since these are some of my very favorite colors, I might just have to be selfish and make a skirt or top for myself. These are beautiful, and thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  • I would love to make pillowslips and sheets for my son who has allergies and eczema. His skin is so sensitive to everything and finding affordable organic 100% cotton toddler bed sheets and pillowslips is a challenge.

  • Happy (belated) Earth Day! I would probably opt for something for my home or a hand-crafted gift for a friend.

  • I would love to make an apron out of your fabric!

  • Hello, I found this blog by chance and by luck I guess. With these beautiful fabrics and since they are organic, I’d make a set for the bed of my baby I do not think we are better than these tissues. I’d also do more for my child to play the game soft.
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I very much hope to win.

  • What project would I not want to use gorgeous organic cottons for? But right now I’m working on some baby gifts so that will be my answer.

  • Thank you for the chance to win ! I would use these to make skirts for friends & for myself.

  • Amy

    I would use this for clothing for all ages…babies, big kids, even me and my old self ;)

  • I would make cute pillows for my apartment!

  • Art Quilts! Unique fabrics are a must!

  • Jackie

    GORGEOUS!!! So many ideas, where to start? I would love to use it for a boho kimono pattern I just got. Or maybe a gardening apron? Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would make handbound books! I love working with new textiles to make book covers. Your fabrics would look faaaabuuulouss.

  • Oh the possibilities! I definitely see a grocery tote in the future for this fabric, and one of those lovely scarves you had the article about, the Spot On scarf. So many other ideas too!

  • I would love to make my sister (my very generous sister) a beautiful bag.

    Beautiful fabrics!!!

  • OMG! You’ve almost 800 comments! That’s wonderful! For you and for mother earth that so many people love organic fabrics. Now I’d have to say I’d use them to make clothes for my granddaughters. Nothing but the best for them. Gilli

  • I already make baby items out of organic cotton. I think baby items are most important, but also like to make household items out of org cotton.

  • love the colours! i would use organic fabrics for children’s/baby clothes and blankets. :)

  • Right now most of the sewing that I do is for my kids, but I try to make things for myself or for our home every once in a while. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I would love to make some gorgeous big fat belts for women and kids!!

  • I would make clothing for myself, because I don’t have any eco-clothing! :(

  • Beautiful fabrics! I’d like to use them for my home decor!

  • I’d use the organic cotton for my soon-to-be new baby great niece! What a fabulous product for a brand-new baby!

  • Lauren Kaminski

    Im going to make my mom some cute things for her birthday:)and some pillow covers…
    By Lauren K ,age;10

  • I like to use organic fabrics most for baby items. They are pure just like the children!

  • Nic

    Home decor! We are moving to a new home in a new state. What a great way to start decorating that new place.

  • I will make wee baby shoes, with contrast piping, foldover, no buttons for safety.

  • I’m wanting to make children’s clothing or totes…I just acquired a second hand sewing machine and haven’t sewn in years but looking forward to getting back at it.

  • I think organic cottons are best used for clothing that will be right next to the skin.

  • Pam

    I think pillows would be great made out of organic fabric. Nice and soft. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Oh I think I’d use it for home decor- I’d love to make my first quilt!

  • I’d make pillows or napkins. Beautiful!

  • I would just be so happy trying any project using your new line! Thanks for the beautiful giveaway!

  • Great giveaway!!

    I make mainly items for babies and children, so I think this is what I would use this fabric for.


  • I would use the fabric for baby clothes and tote bags. The colors are beautiful!

  • I would love to make some handbags, skirts and maybe even some home dec. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  • My 2nd baby is DUE May 30th, a baby girl!! I would LOVE to use your beautiful organic cottons to create some adorable ruffle covered bunz for our little Nola Grace.

  • well you had me at organic, i would do a little of all, but if i had to choose i would prefer my little one since i care so much to have everything perfect for her!

  • Most of my recent sewing has been for my baby niece and toddler nephew but I just splurged on some organic cotton for a summer top for myself! Can’t wait to feel the difference.

  • These fabrics would be awesome for so many things but I’d probably make my granddaughters some clothes! Thanks for the chance!!

  • oh, i would love to make pillow covers and other home decor items with this beautiful fabric… thanks for the opportunity!

  • I already have a lot of bags I have made and I will probably make more! I will definitely use at least some of it for a reusable bag or two! Never have too many!! Happy Earth day!

  • I would like to use organic cotton for every project if it was readily available.

  • I’d probably make a couple of reversible bags and with the scraps I would use them to make softies or yo-yo hair clips. Lovely material!

  • These are gorgeous! I can think of endless possibilities. Hope to win and then show you pics of what I come up with!