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I hope you had a glorious weekend! The weather has been fantastic here…although I hope summer isn’t here to stay quite yet. I love my spring…

Yesterday we had family over for Easter Dinner. My #2 son decided the night before that we must make place setting/favors for each person. I love this about him. This project was his own spontaneous idea: Carrot Candy Pouches! I did have to dissuade him from the construction requiring zippers, though. Phew…

Each cone shaped pouch is made from a 1/4 circle of orange felt with a curved border of green felt zigzagged to the edge and snipped into fringe. I sewed one seam into a cone shape then snipped a row of slits for the ribbon tie. Simple! (I think if I were to do them again I might make the green border wider and snip the slits in the green part. Hmm)

As usual, my son played Design Director and I was Pattern Maker/Seamstress. Now that he’s 8 years old, I think that I should’ve taught him to sew these. I often forget to encourage these kinds of things, especially when there is a time crunch. But we’ve got two more days of Spring Break so there is still time for a sewing lesson!

By the way…I’ve got a few *new to you* remnants listed in the Betz Bitz shop!

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  • Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

    Totally adorable and clever little carrots.

  • growfamilygrow

    Those are fabulous!

  • Helsbells

    Sooooo sweet, what an amazing idea, you have a very talented little boy. I hope you had a lovely easter, and enjoy the days you have left.

  • Scented Sweetpeas

    I love those carrots, such a fab idea :-) Well done to your little boy for his creative ideas :-)

  • A

    Those carrots are sweet! (Inside and out…)
    Enjoy the last of the spring break!

  • Jen

    I do believe a lot of you has rubbed off on him. I think you must teach him to sew, just imagine what he will construct. Awesome!

  • Lisa

    These are terrific! Another thing to add to my Easter journal (things I want to remember to make well before next Easter)!

  • Windsor Grace

    Your son sounds absolutely adorable and reminds me of my brother when he was a kid.

  • suee

    this is so cool! carrot candy pouches! great idea!

  • Laura Zarrin

    Love those carrot pouches! Love that he thought of that idea. I, too, have an 8yo Design Director. He can sew himself, but knows his limitations, so I’m his official sewer for important projects.

  • Who you callin' housewife?

    I’m not usually a fan of cute, but I do LOVE these carrots.

    And yes, teach that boy to sew! At least a little bit.

  • Jana @ Weekend Vintage

    I love these carrots! So clever!!

  • Mindful Momma

    Awwwww…those are so adorable. I love that your boys are creative! My son #2 is a bit more into ‘crafts’ than his older brother so I’m always trying stuff out with him. I’ll have to remember these for next year. :)

  • Launi

    Perfect project for another snowy afternoon. Love your blossoms–lucky lady. :}

  • Staci

    What a cute, simple idea! I’m including these in my Friday Favorites feature tomorrow!

  • Carrie

    Your carrot bags are WONDERFUL! I can’t wait to stitch some up! :)

  • S. Reiblin

    Thanks so much for this! I made some too last night, although the slits made the carrot tops look funny. Here’s my result!

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