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Hello sweet bloggie friends! We are home now from our week long vacation at our favorite place on earth! You regular readers know that each year we spend time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins at our family’s cottage in New Hampshire. We had amazing weather. It only rained once and that was at night, so it doesn’t count. The kids must’ve been in the lake 99% of the time…at least it seemed that way.

I was able to get my share of knitting done, yay! I finished my Waterfall scarf in Silk Noros Lite. You just can’t go wrong with theses colors, can you? Deee-lish. And you almost can’t go wrong with photography up here. The lighting is just magical.

I haven’t blocked it yet, but maybe I won’t, I rather like the wiggliness of the yarn between rows.

The texture is bumpy and rough looking yet light and lacey and soft to the touch. I can’t wait for the weather to wear it.

I also made great strides with my Lanesplitter skirt. I knit in the cottage at night, sitting in the lawn chairs while “life guarding” the kids…

…and out on the dock with my sister-in-law. (She even decided to knit her own Waterfall after seeing me knit mine!) I’m almost done with the skirt now, just a little more and I tackle the waistband. More on that later…

Aside from knitting there was plenty of napping, hammocking and Calvin and Hobbs reading…

Vintage soda drinking and bottle cap collecting…

Excavating and sandcastle making with new friends….

and intricate bridge building…

There was bicycle riding and wild blueberry picking…but most of all reconnecting with family. It’s always so so hard to leave this place but we’ll hold onto this summer’s memory in our hearts until next summer when we’ll be back again.

P.S. If you’d like to see how this magical place inspired my first organic fabric collection, Family Cottage, (launched just one year ago this month!) Go to this post from last year to enjoy the slide show.

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  • corvustristis

    What a beautiful scarf! There’s nothing quite like noro for color, and I can’t wait for the day I can afford tons.

    I also love the bridge. Just sayin’.

  • mayaluna

    What a wonderful place to get away and be close to those you love. That bridge was just phenomenal… and your scarf beautiful. Welcome back!

  • quinn

    Love the hammock picture :)

  • Annie

    picture perfect!

  • allertadele

    What a wonderful setting and I love the scarf!

  • greenrabbitdesigns

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! The hammock photo is lovely and the bridge is excellent (engineers in the making!).
    Great knitting too, love the scarf pattern. :)
    Vivienne x

  • Kim

    It sounds and looks like a lovely vacation! The scarf is beautiful, well done ;-) That hammock sure looks inviting to take a nap in…

  • [email protected]

    Your lake looks so much like the lake my family goes to in the Adirindacks. My grandparents bought a cabin there 60 years ago, and now my children are the 4th generation to love the place. Aside from the beautiful scenery, there are activities like canoeing, square dancing, bingo, and horseshoes. Lots of old-timey fun. We’re headed up on Saturday and your photos have definitely gotten me excited.

  • BoogaJ

    Pretty scarf! My daughter collects soda bottle caps too — and with all the microbrew soda companies popping up, she is getting quite a collection. I’m wondering what you do with all the caps, as I’m trying to figure out a way to display them other than the traditional shadow box type thing.

  • Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

    The scarf is gorgeous! I love NH. We didn’t go this year, but drove over for just a day to take our nephew out to lunch on the change day at his summer camp. It made me so sad that we hadn’t made plans to spend an entire week. One little daytrip was not enough! So, next year.

  • Tiff

    That brings back memories. As a child we would go to the cabin at Hume Lake in California. Love the smell of the woods and the breeze off the lake, walking to the general store and swinging on the tire swing. Sounds like you guys had a blast!

  • Melissa

    Love the scarf and mix of colours… That wool is so nice to work with… Looks like a great spot for a break too.!

  • Creative Flair

    beautiful colors in those scarves. Makes me want to go knit.

  • Karen L.

    Betz, I am not really a knitter (crochet mostly) but I love your scarf so much that I think I will have to make another attempt at it. Also, love all the photos. We spent Summer weekends at my Grandfather’s house down the shore in southern NJ with family all around so this all brought back fond memories. Thanks for that!!!

  • Marilyn a.k.a. Merry

    Is this Lake Winnepesaukee? If so, that’s my favorite place in the world too! Unfortunately the cabins I rented in the past are now sitting derelict with a for sale sign on the land they sit on. But going there is a long shot now that I live in the midwest. I can dream of those happy times though.

  • Betz White

    It’s just south of Winnepesaukee! It is a long drive from the midwest, we did it when I was growing up and lived in Ohio.

  • pedalpower

    Life at the lake…there’s nothin’ better! Love your scarf.

  • patricia

    It all looks awesome but the hammock + Calvin & Hobbes has to me my favorite = perfect!

  • Erin

    Glad you had a great vacation here in my home state! We love the lakes here and spend many nights on our boat, sunset on the water, nothing better! Love the scarf – I have trouble knitting with any multi-colored yarn – I always feel like it’s not what I expect it to turn out like, your scarf may motivate me to try again! Thanks.

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