About a week ago I finished knitting my lovely Vaya shrug. You may remember it from my *I love green* post. This light little sweater will be my defense against over-air conditioned buildings during these last hot weeks of summer. I’ll just toss it into my bag and be set, wherever I go. I made a few changes to the original instructions. I opted out of the scallopy edgings and substituted a few rows of garter stitch. You can find all of the details about it on my Ravelry page.

And do you recall this beautiful beginning?

Yes! I finished my Lanesplitter skirt! Crazy bright yarn and all…and I love it! You will have to wait until full fledged fall weather for me to photograph it being worn though. It is just too dang hot out. (or I could just throw this in my purse too, right? Like for when I’m in the frozen food section of the grocery store. I’ll bring my camera and ask the butcher to take a pic for me. Ha!)

This also has an alteration from the original pattern on Knitty. I decided to sew in a waistband facing rather than pick up stitches (choke) and knit one. I used a strip of jersey fabric I cut off the bottom of a t-shirt I no longer wore. It looks pretty woodgie, but I assure you, it is soft, smooth and comfy when it’s on. Again, more deets on my Ravelry page.

Next I plan to knit the Coquille shawl and then I’ll be ready to jump into some sweater knitting! I’ve got my eye on the Oatmeal Pullover and the Cozy Bolero by Jane Richmond. Any other fave sweater patterns I should know about?

I’d love to knit for my boys, but I’m just not sure they’d go for it. When my oldest was 5, I knit him a beautiful top-down raglan rollneck sweater. He did wear it a few times, but only after I stitched a custom Batman label in the back of the neck! I do like this sporty track jacket from Spud and Chloe…should I go for it? So hard to know. Those little people sure do have minds of their own.

Any cool boy knits out there for ages 8-10? I’d love to know!