Is it too soon for a Halloween project? Didn’t think so.

I’ve been wanting to make this since I thought of it about a year ago. I whipped it together last week when I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, preparing for my trip to TCCE. It seemed like a good idea to drop everything to sit on the floor of my closet and dig for doilies. (sometimes it’s wise to abandon the tyranny of the urgent)

So: Doily. Embroidery hoop (spray paint black, if desired). Black ribbon. Spider (I like fake ones).

I hung mine with a thumbtack in our entryway. I love that it’s beautiful yet creepy at the same time.

It’s equally at home hanging in a dirty window. Spooky.

Do you remember Jack? He’s my Halloween Hoop Project from last year.

I am so ready for fall!


  • Ooh–the web is great! I’m going to have to dig through my rag bag and see if I have any doilies. Maybe certain kinds of lace or loose crochet would work, too… you’ve got me thinking!

  • i love doilies! cute idea. love your pumpkin friend, too. seasonal projects never get old in my book.

    hope you are well, betz.
    susan b anderson

  • oh my i love that spider’s web! thank you.

  • I love your doilie idea! Creative and pretty.

  • I like this idea..thank you..

  • It’s never too early for HALLOWEEN!

  • Both are sooo great betz!! you are so creative!

  • Fabulous! If only real spider webs were so lovely…

  • Its Never too early for such a super creative project like this one

  • I agree–it’s never too early to for Halloween projects! This is an excellent use of a doily. So cute…I highlighted your post on my blog today:)

  • What a cute idea! I love it! This is so random but whenever I’m reading your blog I can see those blue eggs on the top right out of the corner of my eye and it feels like two eyes looking at me. haha, anyway, love all of your ideas.

  • These are fantastic! Thanks for the post!

  • I LOVE the doily spider. I would love to have just 1/8th of your creativeness. :)

  • ooh i love the doily spider web – and lucky for my doilies hoops and spiders are something i have in abundance!

    *runs off to craft room*

  • The perfect combo of creepy and lovely!

  • How beautiful. And I agree, it’s never too early for Halloween projects.

  • i love that. and altho it’s clearly halloween looking, it’s different and pretty too!

  • I’m so trying this project! I dug out my plastic spiders from the attic this morning! :) In the meantime, we love your blog and have given it an award at Green Phone Booth ( Thanks for the inspiration!

  • i really really love this (and last year’s too!). i have kids now and am always looking for seasonal decorating ideas that please both them and me… i.e. no cheap plastic junk!

  • I love this idea. I have a stack of dollies just sitting in my craft room. What a fun way to make use of a couple of them. I’ll be linking on Facebook. Thank you.

  • I hoop dance for fun. When I read “my hoop project from last year” my heart beat a little faster. Suddenly, I really want to make this project!

  • Neat way to reuse a crocheted doily for Halloweeen. I can see it also being used for Christmas if the frame was in red or green – easy to do.

  • Just saw your crochet spider web on Re-Nest and why not? It is the cutest scary spider! Congrats!

  • Gracias por compartir las fotos de sus labores, son muy bonitas. Saludos desde México

  • I love this idea! Fantastic!

    I just found it via The Long Thread.

    ~ Jennifer

  • This is a great idea! I may take it a step further and instead of attaching a spider, make a butterfly or add beads and/or embroidered flowers to the design. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Love this!! Will do tommorrow. Posting on my blog about your fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing!

  • awesomeness! i made this and am posting about your idea on my blog! thank you!!!