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Got some more knitting to share with you! I needed a new pair of slippers and I found this free pattern called “Duffers” on Ravelry. I’ve had these skeins of orange and brown Cascade 220 Wool in my stash for a few years, waiting to become slippers. This yarn had been knit into half a slipper several times but I always ended up ripping them out for one reason or another.

Fortunately for my feet, I shall rip no more! They are toasty warm in these babies. This pattern was fast and fun and I love how they turned out. They are knit with a double strand of yarn and there is minimal seaming (just one down the center of the sole!). After knitting, I tossed them into the washer for a hot bath and out they came, felted just perfectly.

I love the 2 color option. I call them my *keen slippers* because the toe looks like Keen shoes to me. I’ve worn them so much (hmm, all day, every day) that my big toe started to wear through the sole of one…oops! No worries, they are easy enough to mend with a little yarn or needle felting.

Ahh, nothing beats toasty warm toes. Hope you are keeping cozy!

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  • Leslie

    Cute! My first thought was that they looked like Keen’s, too!

  • hkpowerstudio

    I love them and the colors you choose! They do look like Keens. I really need a new pair of felted slippers as mine had a hole in the toe (which I needle felted to repair but it was just a short term fix). These look perfect, thanks for sharing!

  • Joyful

    I love the slippers. I don’t know if they are too advanced for me to make but I will look at the pattern. Thanks so much!

  • ColorSlut

    Wow those are really cool. I’m going to have to add them to the list!

  • Alicia

    They are great!

  • Scrapiana

    Wow! Those are amazing, Betz! I’m just not a knitter so couldn’t aspire to these beauties. Am experiencing warmth vicariously, though. Enjoy!

  • random Cindy

    Too funny, I just finished a pair of these for my daughter in brown and hot heathery cherry pink. I had to resort to fulling by hand though.

  • El Panal de la Abejita


  • Lisa

    I have this pattern ready to go. I made everyone in the house Fuzzy Feet a few years ago and they have all worn out. I need to stock up on some wool and get knitting. I love the way yours turned out!

  • Annie

    I like those! I thought they looked like keens as well. I’m working on the french press slippers currently but now I’ll have to make these too. Thanks for the pattern link.

  • Leah

    Love them! My all-time favorite pair of slippers was a very similar pair that I picked up in Norway at a small shop that carried lots of locally made wool items. I wore them thin, mended them and wore them thin again… I have tried to make replacements a few times, but somehow, they have never been so perfect as the originals!

  • annielizabeth

    Wow, Betz those are just too cute. I saw them last night on Ravelry and thought I’d come say hi and letcha know they are so unique looking!

  • PumpkinGirl

    I gotta try that!!!! Love how those turned out!

  • Pam

    Your felting projects are beautiful! I’ve been wanting to felt my flower broaches and you just might have inspired me.


  • Kerri

    those look cozy and warm. i know for you they were fast and fun, but that is way beyond my knitting ablities. so far, i can only knit scarves. ;(

  • Gretchen

    Adorable! I love them!

  • Cristina

    Those look wonderful! I’m thinking about doing them but not quite sure how to adjust the pattern for a larger foot :)

  • Paula Rodrigues

    Good afternoon.

    First time I spend here, but I loved your blog and I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

    I loved the slippers that did.

    Sorry for my english


  • Francie O

    I love those slippers. I’ve just printed the pattern and will make a pair soon. I recently needle felted the holes in my Felted Clogs (which I’m wearing now) and was wondering what to do when they finally wear out. Thanks for the link!

  • Nicola

    LOVE these slippers!

    I paint about 4 layers of liquid latex (leaving 24 hours between each) on the bottom of my wet felted slippers and this makes them much more durable as well as adding a waterproof sole. If you sprinkle a layer of coarsly ground maize flour over the last layer when it is still wet they will also be slip resistant as well!

  • nurks

    they look absolutely cozy!! and great colors!! ^^

  • EG

    I agree, my first thought was “Keens!”

  • tamdoll

    Those look fantastic. Thanks for the link! My daughter has been asking for slippers and with a snow day today and tomorrow…. so hopefully I’ll have a chance to whip them up quickly.

  • Anonymous

    Do you still have the pattern? I would love to have a copy!

  • Betz White

    Hi Anonymous,
    Just click on the link “Duffers” above, and it will take you to the pattern on Ravelry!

  • Anonymous

    Nope, no free pattern :(

  • Betz White

    Hi Anonymous,
    Looks like it used to be free, but now it is 1 UK$ which is about $1.58 in USD. Not bad for a cute pattern!

  • Sharon May

    How do I get the pattern?

    • Betz White

      Click on the duffers link in the post. It’s available on Ravelry for less than $2.

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