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There was lots of homemade Valentine making here over the weekend. Son #2 made these double hearts (based on this idea) for all of his 3rd grade classmates. He wrote the names on the red strips before stapling them together. I was trying to figure out how to staple a piece of candy inside the heart, but it got too complicated. Plus, who needs more candy? I’m sure they will get a ton of it today at their school parties!

Hope you enjoy the day with your Sweethearts! Mwah! xoxoxo

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  • Gabriela Delworth

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  • Rachel


    I made a felt garland from your tutorial. It turned out very cute. You can take a look at it:

    (post should appear shortly)

  • Pamela

    A package of fruit by the foot could be stapled in these since the package has a sealed end. Sounds like an experiment for the weekend!

  • Pattygloria

    They are so cute! Thanks for sharing this.
    Gloria x

  • miri

    oh so pretty!

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