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Who wouldn’t love a friend like these? Yesterday I abandoned (most) of my usual work to make these little fellas for my little fellas while they were at school. I knew these would be the perfect Valentines gifts. I used the Night Friend Owl PDF Pattern by Mimi Kirchner. Do you remember the fabulous fish I made for my brother? That was from Mimi, too.

Unbeknownst to me, the personalities that emerged from these scraps of felted wool are somewhat similar to the boys that now love them.

Sweet, quirky, tells a good joke. Conscientious and orderly.

Impulsive, free spirit, messy. Feels deep empathy.

Different in many ways, but cut from similar cloth. They are true brothers and the best of buddies.

What characters, huh? I had the best time picking out scraps and deciding on colors. You should’ve seen my studio while I was making these, what a disaster. I had to dump out bins and bins of felt just to see everything and find the perfect scraps. I was under a tight time constraint so the felt was flying!

One change I think I’d make is to put a small bean bag type weight in the bottom of these and maybe sew the base flat. That way they could stand on their own, since my boys are more likely to play with them vs. sleep with them. I might reduce the pattern (these are about 10″ tall) and make a few baby sized owls with the boys sometime. With my help, this would be a great project to teach some hand sewing techniques to the kiddos. Wouldn’t that be adorable!

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  • Lu Holthausen

    this is beautiful,beautiful.

  • Kathy

    Betz..adorable owlies! Touched by personalities you have given them & how well you know your boys.

  • Саша - девочка

    Very, very, very nice!!! Super! :))

  • Jenn's Crafty World

    Very sweet; and what lovely sentiments about your boys.

  • sol'ka

    they are so sweet! :))

  • Anne | flax and twine

    These guys are so cute. I have two boys (7 & 8) so I know just what you’re talking about – such buddies and yet so different. And, family, all the same.

  • Elsa

    oh, they are lovely ~ I am pleased to say that I bought one of Mimi’s owls and I have the pattern too. Looking forward to making my own little ‘Parliament’.

  • Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

    Oh my goodness, they turned out great!

  • Momichka

    oh, my, these look amazing!!! how beautfully made – congrats on yet another amazing project!!!

  • Sharon

    oh my goodness these are a whole lotta cute and then some! i love them and i know your boys do too…thanks for showing these cuties.

  • kikiverde

    Those turned out so cute! I’m sure your boys definitely felt very loved getting those from you!

  • Pia

    Che belli! Così teneri e simpatici! Un caro saluto! Ciaooo

  • melissa

    Truer words have never been spoken! What a great way to celebrate love!

  • Dagmar

    Hi Btez…I bought this pattern as well..I was thinking of filling a plastic bottle with sand or stones and using it on the inside so it would be sturdy enough to stand on it’s a bookend or door stop? Do you think that might work..I love yours and I have downloaded and made several of your great projects and well as your books.
    Thanks so much for sharing what you made..I have just finished felting a cashmere shawl and a wonderful white wool sweater..Snowy Owl here I come.

  • crazypatch

    So cute. I love it… very very nice….
    Si cela ne vous ennuie pas, je mettrai le lien vers votre blog sur le mien… j’aime trop vos chouettes et ce que vous faites.

  • JennyTheArtist

    these owls are just wonderful! if you ever wanted to do a trade of some sort, please let me know!

  • aurorafedora

    i am SEW loving these!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love these little owls so much I just bought the PDF. Can’t wait to make my little owl :)

  • Laura Zarrin

    These guys are wonderful! Your boys are so lucky to have you as a mom! I’ll have to try this. Wish I had your felt storehouse:)

  • Marianne

    Super cute owls!

  • Mena


  • Lisette

    Those are so cool! Love the fabrics you used.

  • Leah

    I’ve been thinking about these owls for weeks! My sewing room is being painted and re-purposed a bit so everything is packed up, but the minute I’m organized and back up and running, these will be one of the first projects I tackle. I’ve already got some sweaters picked out and wool jackets set aside…Can’t wait!

  • charlotte

    o, I love these! so much personality!
    for interior weights, try a small plumbing joint or elbow from the hardware store. inexpensive and heavy enough. easy to drop in.

  • Beedubya

    In. Credible. Thanks for posting these works of art!!


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