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Hey there! I’m back from Houston and Quilt Market where I debuted my organic Stitch Collection for Robert Kaufman! It was a great trip and a wonderful experience.

Here’s a photo taken first thing Saturday morning. We’re all set up and ready to go. My husband came a long with me and was a great help making and putting up the embroidery hoop signage, talking to customers, taking photos, getting coffee and just about a million other things.

Me with the Robert Kaufman marketing team: Aurelia, Emmie and Kyle

The marketing folks at Robert Kaufman were responsible for the furniture, the sign on the left and having some of the samples made (ok…so mostly everything!). They are a dream to work with! We felt very lucky to be a little part of their team.

When we showed up late Thursday, this is how the booth looked. Everyone in the convention center was moving, lifting, schlepping, and making it all come together!

Then by Saturday morning…Ta Da! The booth looked amazing! But it’s a little hard to see all of the detail in the photo so I took the liberty of labeling it for you. :)

Starting at the top left going clockwise:
Free “Ravel” Quilt pattern: The folded quilts hanging at the right and left of the booth will be available shortly on the Robert Kaufman site. I designed the pattern, Angela Walters quilted them and Heidi Pridemore wrote up the pattern instructions. They turned out so fun, I love them!

• Our big hooped sign: This was a hit! We had a lot of people stop by and take photos of our sign. I designed and made the components of the sign and my husband engineered it. That baby was solid! All of the hoops were mounted on gator board, supported by back beams and hung from cable. It may not look big in the photo but it is 8 feet long!

• Tired Face: I really was happy to be there. I do look a little out of it in this photo…not enough coffee yet, maybe?

• A Missoni of my Owny: I wore my Missoni for Target dress the first day. You can never have too many chevrons, you know. :)

• Patterns: My new sewing patterns were displayed on the coffee table. We used cones of yarn (to tie into the Stitch theme) with alligator clips to hold them up. Cute!

• Fun Yarn Basket: In the center of the table was a big basket full of yarn balls and some fabric balls made with the knit stitch print. Then we added some super big knitting needles and crochet hooks!

• New Bags: Here are the large and small versions of my new Stitch-along Tote pattern. Full of yarn and needles to show how versatile they are for toting around your needle work projects. The back corners of the booth also have bags/patterns on display. More about those later this week!

Pleated Pillow: You saw this last week on the blog. This pillow got a lot of people to stop and take a second look! I plan on writing up a pattern for it and the Hexagon pillow on the other chair soon.

• “Melly” Quilt: In the center of the booth is the Melly quilt designed and made by Rachel Griffith. It uses all of the Stitch prints from both colorways and it really helped pull the whole booth together!

Not all of my time was spent in that glorious booth. I did get to show off Stitch to shop owners during a Schoolhouse presentation on Friday afternoon. And Sunday I shot an internet TV segment with QNN, Quilter’s News Network with Dana Jones.

And of course connecting and re-connecting with people is a big part of the event. Charlotte Lyons (left) and Jules Davis (right) stopped by. They are both designing fabrics with Anna Griffin’s new range, Blend.

Here I am with the fabulous Khristian Howell at the popular Fabric 2.0 party. She’s always so full of energy and fun to talk to!

…and me with my longtime buddy, Jan DiCintio of Daisy Janie Fabrics. Jan gave an awesome Schoolhouse presentation (about an hour before this photo) on organic fabrics and GOTS certification. She knows her stuff!

There is so much more to Quilt Market and this post doesn’t even scratch the surface of the enormous event. I’m sure this week the blogosphere will be full of market recaps if you’d like to read more. Kim Kight’s blog True Up is a great place to start!

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  • Cherie

    Thank you for sharing! As a crafter and fabric lover it is a treat to see these exciting photos from Quilt Market.

  • modkidboutique

    I can’t believe I never made it to your booth, Betz. But so glad you did such a thorough recap. It looked fantastic! Many congrats for all your accomplishments! It was great seeing you at Fabric 2.0. :)


  • Jodie / Lova Revolutionary

    Congrats Betz! I adore your work and look forward to browsing your fabrics! Looking fab in your Missoni for Target!

  • Jan | Daisy Janie

    Just took a big sigh. Lots of work, lots of risks, lots of rewards! S’all good! The Stitch collection is one of my absolute favorites these days, and your booth really conveyed the versatility, inspiration and incredible saturation of color!!! Well done by you, D and RK!!! Thank you for the shout out – and so, so much more!!!

  • greenbabydesigns

    Your booth was beautiful! Congrats on the show! The sign would be interesting to see how it was made–would be cute for a baby nursery perhaps?

  • Joyful

    Wow! I really like your signage and the display looks amazing.

  • Jen

    Your booth is beautiful. Well done! I would love to attend this someday. Congratulations.

  • Kathy Weller

    What a fabulous post! I read through it but I need a twice-through to absorb all of the lovely details.

    I want to let you know that I posted about your Beautiful Booth to my blog:

    I loved your booth!!

    Take care,

  • Jenean

    Betz, your booth was so beautiful! So many things to love about it, but I have to say my favorite part was the signage! Ok, and the gorgeous colors! Great job!

  • patricia

    It was great to see you again Betz and your work shone very brightly in your great looking booth. Congratulations!

  • anne

    Your booth looks incredible. Congratultions on an amazing job. You can tell how much time, thought and effort went into it! I’m sure lots of opportunities are popping up as a result! xo Anne

  • Lori

    Fab looking both. I love the hoop signage. Love your missony of your owny too! Very creative!

  • Laurie Wisbrun | Scarlet Fig

    Loved having neighboring booths at Market Betz! Your new line is gorgeous and your booth looked amazing. It was so much fun to meet you!

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