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In a new year it’s easy to get caught up in the should-do’s and the need-to-do’s…like organizing, planning, evaluating, etc. It is important to do those things and it feels good to analyze and get one’s ducks in a row. Balance your life. Calm the chaos.

But what about the want-to do’s? And the love-to do’s? Do they get bumped to the end of the long list of to-do’s, because we think of them as not reeaally necessary in the grand scheme of life/business/future plans?

Life is now, it’s precious and it’s short. I’m reminding myself to
Stitch more. Play more. Sketch more.
Do what I need to do. Do what I should do.
Do what I want to do. Do what I love to do.
In no particular order. For no particular reason.
Just for the love of it.

What do you want to do more of this year? Are you going to do more of what you love? Even in the busiest of days, if we do at least one small thing that brings us joy, wouldn’t that be amazing?

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  • craftyb

    Yes yes yes yes! I need to make more things, just for me and more often!

  • Kristen

    I just posted that same thing on my blog the other day. I realized if I just take 15 minutes a day and do something I love to do, rather than constantly pushing it off, I’m a much happier person. :) Your drawings are amazing!

  • ferne

    What a great and healthy outlook! I hope it is contagious!!!

  • Lu Holthausen

    Linda teu blog é muito fofo, delicadinho e gracioso.

  • Susan B. Anderson

    Okay, I LOVE all of that!!! Keep going with it!

  • Cook Clean Craft

    This is exactly what my word of the year is about (measured). I want to think about what I’m doing and if it isn’t important/have to do or making me happy, well, just don’t do it. I’m already feeling more focused and happier.

  • The Hobbit

    My days are pretty full of must do,but,when the clock strikes 9pm I’m in my little corner doing exactly what I want to do.Might not be enough for some ,but,EVERY 9pm of everyday is mine mine mine…..and I feel satisfied.

  • Tracy Altieri

    I have determined that the “wants to do’s” are what calm the chaos!

  • Hannah

    I agree, and as for this new year as much as the boys may hate it. I am moving “the things I love to do” to the top of the list. Even if it is just for a little while!

  • nanana

    A group of friends reports daily to each other via email that we have completed “15 minutes” of sewing. We all love to sew but don’t seem to find the time. Now it is a challenge to each of us to do it and I remember how much I love to sew!

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