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My new friend, Carrie, of SUCH Designs, recently posted a very clever tutorial showing how to make a sweet little Lego Sewing Machine. Inspired, I showed it to my in-house Lego experts. My 10 year old came up with his own version, just for me!

Complete with spinning fly wheel, cord and plug, real thread and a “special foot for quilting”. Shown here stitching the Mariachi Minifigure’s poncho…

My son was particularly proud of the window that lights up when the button is pressed (which is a little hard to see in the photo).

He was dissatisfied with the spool, because the scale was not quite right, yet shrugged when I gently mentioned that this is a mirror image of my machine. Artistic license, of course.

I’m in love with the scene he built with it. Genie at the helm, magically sewing the tiny garment. Gosh, who wouldn’t want a tiny sewing genie? And the struggling farmer up top, tangled thread around his pitchfork….

…with the Warrior below, ready to cut the thread with his mighty sword. It’s all too good! So much imagination.

Happy Monday…have an imaginative week!

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  • Cody

    That is wonderful! So cute!!

  • Erin Bassett

    Ohmygoodness!!! Adorable! Kudos to him, he did a fabulous job!!!

  • Céline

    so cool ! well done !

  • such

    Yay! What an incredible job he did. Incredible. I love the pitch-fork wielding dude, the sword thread-cutter…the magical genie helper. Awesome.

  • shez

    that is so cool,well done little man.xx

  • luvinthemommyhood


  • Dara Weyna

    Oh my…that is so cute, especially the knights. They must be fighting over fabric choices.

  • Tracy VT

    I’ve just found this too on Such Designs’ blog…I’m off to the Lego box now too! Yours is wonderful. Points to the Lego experts at your house!

  • doodlebugmom


  • Anonymous

    I love how it looks to be for a left handed sewer.

  • kristilpow

    Awww, how precious! I miss my boys being little doing those things for me! Stuff like that you remember for a lifetime! And, it looks like he got Mom’s talent, yet shrugs. So cute!

  • mjb

    Such a great gift!

  • The Yellow Door Paperie

    So awesome and imaginative!!

  • Martyso

    I am amazed by such creativity. You have a wonderful child.;-)

  • MsStitcher

    This is awsome!!!!!you must tell your ten year old that is incredible.

  • patricia

    OMG!! LOVE it! Showing my DS too.

  • Holly U

    That is awesome! What a clever and creative young mind!

  • Kelly Smith

    What a great imagination! I love it!

  • Rachel

    So cute! Wonderful imagination and LEGO proficiency.

  • Heather Bailey

    Legos are the best. Too fun.

  • FireHorse3

    Cute! Love the thread cutter: I could do with one of those ;o)

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