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As promised, I’ve written up a quick tutorial to make a mini hat and scarf for Poppy and Pip Penguins from Wildlife with Love™!

Aren’t they dapper fellows? All you’ll need to make these are some felted wool sweater scraps (or fleece would do) and a bit of ribbing. Plus some tools: scissors, needle and thread, an iron.

 I’ll start with the scarf since it couldn’t be simpler:

Wrap a tape measure around the neck of the penguin as you would tie a scarf. That will give you the measurement you need. (Poppy = 18″, Pip = 16″) Cut a strip of felted sweater that same length x about an inch wide. Then just snip the ends to make fringe. Done! The green scarf on Poppy is a thick piece of felted ribbing.

Now for the hat instructions:

Measure the penguin’s head circumference with the tape measure then add 1/2″. (Pip: 8″ + 1/2″ = 8 1/2″ total length) For the main hat, cut a rectangle of sweater felt: total length x 3″ tall. Cut a piece of ribbing the same length x 1 1/2″ tall. (Note: I would normally cut out a hat cross-grain when sewing for a human being so that the stretch goes around the head, but for a head full of stuffing it’s not that important!)

Place the ribbing onto the wrong side of the main hat rectangle. Align, pin and sew the edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Press the seam open.

Fold the ribbing toward the right side of the main hat and press again.

Fold the hat in half, right sides together, matching the short ends. Pin and sew the ends, sandwiching the cuff in between layers.

With a double threaded needle, sew a gathering stitch around the top edge of the hat. Cinch it up tight to gather it into the center, closing the top of the hat. Take a few stitches across the gathers to secure, then knot the thread.

Turn the hat right side out and press the gathers to shape the hat.

To make a pom-pom, cut another piece of ribbing or sweater felt about 2″ x 4″. Sew a gathering stitch up the center then snip the long sides into fringe, stopping 1/4″ from the center.

Cinch up the thread, gathering the ribbing in the center. Take stitches through the center to secure then tie off the thread. Leaving the thread attached, sew the pom-pom to the top of the hat. Done!

Place it on your penguin’s noggin and admire!  For ultimate cuteness, add a matching scarf!

Do you think I am completely bonkers for accessorizing stuffed animals? I hope you find them as adorable as I do! For pdf patterns of the penguins, visit my Etsy or Craftsy shop. Next week I will share another mini cold weather accessory tutorial. In the meantime have a great Thanksgiving!

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  • Joyful

    You’re a genius. The tutorials are great. I would never accessorize toy animals myself but they do look adorable ;-)

  • Ludo braille

    Merci pour cette belle création.

  • Tracy Altieri

    Thanks for the tutorial – Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Sue A

    I love them! They are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  • Laura Zarrin

    You are killing me with the cuteness here!

  • La Chapa

    Adorable and very clever! Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

  • Adi

    Quero ser sua seguidora, lindo seu trabalho. Feliz Ano 2013. Abçs

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