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I spent the past week in San Francisco shooting video for some upcoming workshops (Exciting! But more on that later!). As always, I needed just the right travel knitting to keep me occupied during the long flights. I brought along the socks I’ve been knitting and when I finished them I began this tiny turtle.

This sweet little turtle was designed by my friend, Susan Anderson. She has a fresh new book hot of the presses called Topsy-Turvy Inside Out Toys. She’s the master of adorable knitted toys and her book showcases 12 magical 2-in-1 toys to knit. Her Egg to Turtle is a bonus design (not in the book) but if you catch Susan on her book tour or classes she’ll give you a free copy of the pattern!

Here it is in egg form. Look! An egg! I wonder what will hatch out of it? A bird? A lizard?…

…it’s an adorable baby turtle, of course! I used scrap yarn leftover from a few different projects. It was a fun knit on the plane and it kept people guessing what I was making. I just love the reversible toy concept. I made this for my wildlife-loving boy who was head over heels when I gave this to him.

If you’d like to see the projects from Susan’s book you can find them here in the Topsy Turvy Ravelry Group. I can’t wait to knit more!

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  • Susan B. Anderson

    It’s wonderful!!! You are a wonderful toy knitter, Betz!

    Can’t wait to take your new classes for CreativeBug. I need help with my sewing.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Betz White

      Aww, thanks, Susan! That means a lot coming from you. :)

  • Simo

    ma è dolcissima!!!!! Complimenti, sempre più brava!

  • JD

    The topsy-turvy items look like they would be so much fun! I may have to start making some of these wonderful toys and putting them in my grandma hope chest for the grandchildren I hope to have some day.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Betz White

      Aww, the grandma hope chest! What a lovely idea!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Betz! It was so nice to meet you this past weekend at the barbeque. I look forward to following your latest designs and will look for you at local shops.


    • Betz White

      Hi Wendy,
      It was great to meet you too! Hope to see you around!

  • I had never seen a two in one knitted toy before. I am very interested in seeing more and sharing them with my family. There are a few young children in my life who would really enjoy being surprised by the reversible nature of this knitting. The designs seem very child-friendly as well.

    Lucy James | Online PhD UK Programs

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