Oooh, some signs of spring. Pretty daffs…a surprise in our new front yard. I mentioned the kids being home on Spring Break this week…we’ve had a good time with the ideas on Cassi’s new site, The Crafty Crow, a collective of kids crafts. Every morning the boys ran into my studio asking to look on the computer to see the new “thing of the day”. Thanks Cassi, for making Spring Break not so “booooorrrring” for them while keeping me from getting daffy.

Today we had paper airplane competitions (not from the Crow but from this book, which I recommend!) “Red Wing” seen here. My other son, “X-Wing 2”, made a chart to document the longest flight, the fastest plane, best design, etc. I was in charge of “judging”. It was good to get outside…away from the computer.

Plus it was a good excuse for me to wear the Best. Sneakers. Ever. These are my new Eco-Sneaks by Simple. And they aren’t just good lookin’, no ma’am. The are made with organic this and that and they’ve got the coolest outsoles made from recycled tires! (I know!)

Have you ever bought some shoes and you just knew the minute you saw them that they were so perfectly “you”? Like someone who really understood your true essence designed them with you in mind? And every time you wear them you smile and think that you are being the coolest possible you????

Ok, so maybe I did get a little daffy this week. It’s ok, I love my shoes….they complete me.