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I finished my first sock! Here it is in it’s fresh-off-the-needles unblocked zany glory. I started it on vacation. This was actually my second sock attempt (the first was coming out gianormous!).

I was getting worried about running out of yarn, so I switched out colors for the toe. That little ball is all I have left…I hope it’s enough.

Since I’d love to be more like Jane*, I thought I’d share some flowers to celebrate my sock moment…

I read in our local paper about a huge sunflower field planted in a nearby state park to attract birds. I took the boys there last week to check it out. It was so cool! Lots of bees, butterflies and big beautiful blossoms. Next year we will visit it earlier in July, as it was definitely “past-peak”…but amazing none the less!

*call me “jane” as in Jane Brocket of the famed yarnstorm blog. She has a way with yarn, color, beautiful flowers, and painted toenails!

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  • Susan

    That is some sock. It turned out great and your toes are every bit as beautiful as Jane’s:)

    Lovely sunflowers, too, they are one of my favorites.

  • Inspired Tokens

    Love the orange toes. I’m addicted to knitting socks …I have so much sock yarn! Your new socks look like lemonade!

  • Georgia

    Don’t we all just want to be like Jane. I knitted a pair of socks when I was 18 and that was it. I’ve knit one sock since then, but I really haven’t been bitten by that bug. I always worry that if I start one, I won’t knit the other.
    This though is very cool. Hope you have enough wool for the next one…

  • Mary Ellen

    If your nervous about having enough yarn, get out ye olde kitchen scale and weigh the remaining yarn and the finished sock. It’s really nerve-wracking to not know if you have enough yarn to finish. The first sock is beautiful!

  • TLC

    Congratulations! Now maybe you will become addicted to sock knitting like the rest of us! Love the yarn!

  • Christy

    That’s the cutest happiest sock in the universe! Congrats on project well done.

    Those sunflowers, they make me smile!

  • Diane

    Cute sock[s]. Sunflowers have such personality, don’t they?

  • Tif

    Perfect Sunflower/Sky colors on the sock. Adorable!!

  • babelfish

    Love the yarn, looks so great as knitted socks! Congrats on making your first sock + love painted toe nails.

  • Kate

    Congratulations on your first sock…..satisfying isn’t it? The colors are wonderful! It took me many attempts at sock knitting till it finally started to make sense. Now socks are my favorite thing to knit. You too will become obsessed :)



    These are going to be the coolest socks!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  • Renee

    That colorway is fabulous!

    Mary Ellen had a really good idea. I will keep that for future use.

  • Sabii Wabii

    If you were me the next one would never get done!….Congratulations on the one and best of luck on two! By the way very brave on the bare toe photos!

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