Sadly, only one lucky person could win my Sew Hip Magazine give-away. But as a consolation to the rest of you, I offer you cookies! (I try not to be the kind of mom that offers sweets to console my children when things don’t go their way…but I’m not your mom, ha ha!)

I made these cookies using a special gingersnap recipe. My sister-in-law, Kris, had a very dear aunt that made the best ever gingersnaps. In her Aunt Patty’s memory, Kris carries on the recipe and shares it on her blog, Krisapolis.

She knows her stuff, too. I am not a foodie like Kris, but I sure appreciate a good thing when I taste it. You have to give this recipe a try. Super easy and I didn’t even have to shop for anything unusual to make them, which is a big plus for me.