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Psst…the beginnings of my new organic print line, a work in progress! I’ve only gotten sample yardage of one of my designs so far, but I’m so excited about it, I had to share. 100% organic cotton and hemp canvas. Yummy.

Snip snip, saving every scrap. I’m working on a special project with it right now that involves television. Eep. (No, it’s not Martha) I’m flying out next week to shoot some craft segments for a show that won’t air until next summer!

Luckily my fabric will be available way sooner than that. I’m hoping for a mini-launch late July (fingers crossed) and a big Ta-Da! launch in September.

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  • bari

    So happy and smiley! Love it, Betz. It’s so you!

  • Cicada Studio

    It’s so much FUN! (like you!). I love it- so fresh and happy. Loving the fabrication. I want to see MORE.

    Will you be going to the market, prey tell??!

  • Heather

    oh! SO PRETTY! love the colors & canvas. good luck with your “special project!”

  • lesley

    beautiful! i love that floral, gorgeous colours and fun shape. i can envision projects in my head already ;)

  • Meghan Berney

    ::GASP:: Ooooo, that is just gorgeous and the colors just LOOK like summer. Can’t wait to see more!!

  • blair

    OK, this is really really good! I’m excited to see more.

  • Meg

    I can’t wait!! I’m interested to know what you’d make with tiny pieces of canvas…

  • Susan

    I’m in!!!!!

    Love it. Have fun on the t and v spots.

  • FiberOrganics

    Great news! We definitely need more organic prints on the market. Can’t wait to see the new line!

  • Bonniedoo

    love that fabric!!!!!

  • Carrie

    Oh! Those flowers are to die for. Awesome work.

  • Home Sweet

    Ooh! Pretty colors and boldness. Can’t wait to see more!

    I’ve heard of people saving itty bitty scraps as stuffing for softies, but maybe they were even itty bittier than yours…

  • Julie

    Very exciting! The fabric looks bright and cheery!

  • Betz White

    I don’t know what I’d make with those dinky scraps either, I just can’t bear to toss them! :)

  • Red Fish Circle

    How exciting! Good luck with your taping and mid summer mini launch… It is so great to see fun organic fabrics!

  • Astrid

    Absolutely gorgeous! Will we be able to purchase the fabric too?

  • Betz White

    Absolutely! I hope to have it available for purchase this summer!

  • Kelly O.

    BEAUTIFUL! can not wait!

  • Hibler House

    I love the colors of that fabric! I can’t wait to see it in person.

  • Andrea

    Wow I just love it!!! Thanks for the sneak peak and the heads up. Now I will start saving my spending money now. ;)

  • Suzy-Homemaker

    OH WOW

  • Dianne

    Canvas!! Great! That will make fabulous study bags. I love the patterns and colors. Can’t wait to own some.

  • oooh Betz!!! It’s fabulous!!!!!!

  • Kari

    I have a project coming in in July and I need fresh fabric for it. Looks like I’ll be waiting to see what you have for sale! Looks great Betz!

  • Meagan

    Betz, these fabrics are so great! I don’t blame you at all for giving a sneaky peaky! I would be way too excited to not share. Awesome job!!!

  • Always Inspire

    Very yummy indeed!!!! Gorgeous!

  • Kellie

    I am IN.LOVE!

  • LindaSonia

    Sounds like fun – could it be ‘That’s Clever’ on HGTV?? ;-)


  • Wendy

    That looks yummy!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE that fabric! Great colors and designs!

  • Krista

    It’s so thrilling to know there will be some organic FUNKY fabric available!! Way to go you for taking this on. I am sure your new line will be incredibly successful and have my fingers crossed that someone will carry it in Canada (and if not, thank goodness for online shopping). I’m loving Sewing Green and collecting pillow cases like crazy; with all the new ideas floating around in blogland I’m sure they’ll be even harder to find soon….K

  • ellie

    Yah! Now I can buy fabric again. Have had to start up my own organic fabric company just so I can have designer fabric, now I can use someone else’s fabric too. So exciting. Can’t wait to see them whole range. Great colours.

    Ellie :: Red Seed Studio :: Petalplum

  • Jenna

    LOVE IT! can’t wait to get my hands on some! :)

  • Georgia

    Gorgeous! Love the colours and the heaviness of the canvas. And I save all my little scraps-if you put ironon fusible “stuff”(sorry, it’s early- brain not functioning yet) on the back you can cut them into all kinds of shapes and iron them onto bags etc. birds, leaves, dots…

  • mayaluna

    Congratulations, Betz!! It’s gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! The colors and print feel so true to YOU, and I love that! Can’t wait for July… I’m ready to place my order:)!!

  • Pamela Kirkpatrick

    beautiful betz! just beautiful! I already have a million ideas to use it!

  • slpstanley

    Bless your heart! Beautiful AND green…the color combination is lovely and the design so unique…can’t wait to see the up close and personal

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! Love the design!!! Can’t wait.

  • Mer

    Congrats! It looks great, nice bright colours!

  • [email protected]

    YAY! Oooh…so exciting. It looks GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see the whole line! Congratulations, Betz!

  • restitcherator

    Pattern is simple, yet elegant, feminine yet bold. The texture looks just delicious! Cannot wait to see more of the line. What WONDERFUL projects this will make. So well done…

  • Gretchen

    can’t wait to see the whole thing. loving what i see now! so exciting!

  • jaybird

    congrats! i look forward to getting my hands on some and making a bunch of stuff… no idea what but i’m sure inspiration will come! i dream of the day when my name ends up on a selvage!

  • 47cats

    It’s gorgeous. I can’t wait. Lynn

  • kirsten schueler

    oh, a fabric line!!! so awesome! its a secret dream of mine to have a line of fabric. so jealous…

  • Janele

    Betz, how did you get started in designing your own line? I think your new designs are really beautiful-way to Go!

  • Felt-o-rama

    Congratulations on your upcoming television appearance and new fabric line! It’s gorgeous!

  • blablette

    What lovely patterns!!!!

  • Heather Bailey

    What fun news! Congratulations.

  • Annie

    wow! I’m so excited about this fabric!!! it’s BEAUTIFUL and looks like a fantastic weight!! :)

    good luck with the tv thing :)

  • Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

    The fabric looks delicious and I love canvas too.

  • Annie

    Love these colors! Can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  • Ashlee

    We NEED more organic fabrics available, so excited about yours!

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