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Do you all know the young and sassy shop Fred Flare? What a fun website. This time of year they have a contest followed by a “big reveal” of their top pics for the best indie designers. It’s called The Next Big Thing. This is the second year I’ve submitted a design. Last year’s entry wasn’t chosen and neither was my entry this year. Hmm, guess they weren’t feelin’ the love for my caterpillar eyeglass case!

Yeah, I’m a little bummed. It would have been great to get a big order, have my stuff sold on that super cute website, get some PR, share the spotlight with some crafty superstars…

But, rather than letting a good idea (well, I liked it anyway) go to waste, I decided to make you all some lemonade out of my lemon!

If you’re interested, next week I will whip together a little tutorial on this so you can make your own. Meanwhile, I’ll maintain my little Fred Flare crush from afar and try again next year! :)

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  • kristina

    Well, poo on them! I think it’s fabulous! Can’t wait to see how to make it! :) Thanks for always inspiring me, Betz!

  • Anonymous

    I think it is darling, too. What were they thinking? I’d love to try my hand at that little project as well.

    Anna (I’m from Baltimore. An early welcome to our neck of the woods, by the way.)

  • stickchick

    I second Kristina’s Poo on them!! You’re stuff is just too GOOD! What do they know?!?

    I love all your things, always such luscious creations.

    What about posting your tutorial here AND on or Craft? Then loads of folks would feel your craft love instead of Fred Flare

  • Mendy

    They are crazy! That caterpillar is completely cute!

  • stela

    dont worry be happy betz, there’s always another chance :)
    i’m still your biggest fans of your works. it’s so cuteee and i really love them all, never seen like this be4, and cant wait for your book, i have to order it from my friend in US i guess. my place is too far :( i’m from asia, u see. but internet wont make me too far from your lovely works :) cheers!

  • Rosy pink

    This is just great looking, I love everything about it, color, shape everything, keep on the good work.

  • michelle b

    What a really cute idea for a teachers gift (female, of course). This is one I’d love for the next school year!

  • LeeAnn

    I think it is adorable! You can’t go wrong with red. I always wanted a necklace out of felted wool beads. I have to learn how to do that sometime. You know like faux pearls? Maybe another tutorial in the future?

  • Mom2fur

    Awww, I’m sorry you weren’t chosen. Maybe next year?
    I would love to learn how to make an eyeglass case. I think I’d have to make one for every room in my house, because I’m constantly taking off my glasses…and forgetting where I put them. If I had a bright, bright case in each room–problem solved, LOL!


    I just want you to know that your blog is wonderful and your projects just amazing. You are a very inspirational person and very talented as well. Thansk for sharing all those wonderful handmade items you make on your blog.

  • Quirk

    For what it is worth–I think your stuff is GREAT! I love both of your submissions! :)

  • gray la gran

    i went to the fred flare website, and i think your aesthetic is just too sophisticated for them … your stuff is too good !

    so, yay! i can’t wait to drink up the lemonade :)

  • susan b anderson

    I’m feeling the love, Betz. That case is adorable just like all of your designs are. Is that editing over yet?

  • Jill

    I totally thought you were going to say they picked your submission – it’s totally cute! And it’s super cool of you to share a tutorial – thanks in advance!

    If your interested Design Sponge has a fun podcast with Fred Flare here:

  • deb

    Well I think it’s a-dor-a-ble! Fred Flare hmph!!

  • Jenni-Raie

    you’re so kind to share the tutorial. you are a big name though – HELLO MARTHA!?

  • Carol Rose Parker

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. Your design is so perfect, and I really needed new cases for my reading glasses!

    Good luck on your move! I’ve moved 3 times in the last 4 years, but it was only Me and My Three Kitties… so not nearly as big a thing as for you. I wish your kids well during the process. Looks like you have a good head start on making it “not so traumatic” for them! Well done!


    no i don’t like the Fred Flare yours creations are so much lovely and use european style,we like yours you know the magazine Marieclaireidees??i think your creations are just for this magazine..come in France and Italy and Europe and you will have more success!!

  • cruststation

    It’s a shame Fred Flare did not recognise the talent, I wonder if Modish would consider your products? ( I love your eyeglass case!

  • The Worsted Witch

    They’re nuts not to take yoU!

  • grinouille

    excellent ces etuis à lunettes, ça donne envie de porter des lunettes rien que pour avoir l’étui !!

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